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Hinduism is replete with many gods and many superstitions. It has a deep-rooted tendency toward mysticism, and derives much of its power from demonic activity. Some of the Holiest men of Hinduism are deranged men who run around on all fours like animals. This Author has personally seen the total demonic degradation of the human by Hinduism all in the disguise of making the person spiritual.

Primitive religions are as a rule full of magic and the worship of evil spirits. These evil spirits are feared, ceaselessly placated, and slavishly worshipped.

The polytheism of the Mesopotameans, the Sumerians, Assyrians, the Persians, the Babylonians are full of demons from the earliest of historical records. Demonism is the dynamic behind the magic and spiritual powers of these groups' religion.8 The Caananite, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman gods relate to the Babylonian gods in character and nature, and are also demonic. All kinds of magic, immorality, human sacrifice, astrology, etc. came to be practiced

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BASIS FOR CHART: This chart has been developed from charts by Ex-Satanists, it also is colloborated by information received from many historical sources. Historical information describing the hierarchies and power structure of demonology are worldwide. Although differing in details, it is clear that multiple levels of demonic authority have been experienced by people.

LEVEL A. SATAN AND RULING SPIRIT PRINCES- The ruling spirit princes are widely known among Satanists. Many of the ruling princes go by several names, as do many of the Satanists. Some of the ruling princes are still referred to by names they used in ancient Babylon and ancient Egypt.

LEVEL B. DEMONS- The highest ranking Satanists teach their children that the demons are aliens from other planets. Within the Satanic covens one variety of demons looks like E.T. (but also can have more hair) are common and they serve as guardians. Also a grey type of demon with almond eyes associated with UFOs is also working closely with the high ranking Satanic Illuminati. The first rumblings of Satanic plans to use a mock alien invasion from outer space to unite the world under Satan's rule were given to the Satanists in the 19th century, perhaps at a Feast of the Beast in possibly 1868. After the next Feast of the Beast 28 years later, UFOs began appearing in large numbers in the USA esp. Calif. H.G. Wells novel War of the Worlds was published in serial form the following year too. By 1917, the secret occult fraternities show signs of working toward creating this artificial alien invasion. The UFO phenomena is accompanied with a. repeated accounts by abductees and contactees that man has failed to advance morally as rapidly as he has technologically, and that these aliens will give mankind or the elite of mankind both advanced technology and advanced morality. The secrets of the galaxies- not just ancient mysteries but the mysteries of the ages- will be given to our elite free by these aliens (actually demons), b. mankind is on the verge of a great evolutionary leap forward, but also faces an Armageddon. Demons which appear manage to come in all sizes and shapes. There is a munchkin variety called elves, lepricans, or menihunis. There is a large giant variety too. The spirits are assigned various tasks, and are often grouped in 4's, 7's, or 13's.

LEVEL C. PRINCIPALITIES & POWERS- These forces are akin to "school spirit" or the power that a rampaging crowd has within itself. These powers of synergy are carefully manipulated by the Satanic forces. These energies produce a Zeitgeist -a spirit or fad of the times. Peer pressure is a form of such power. These power structures are known and manipulated by the Satanic forces.

LEVEL D. GUARDIANS - These Nephalim (half men - half demon) are to be found distributed throughout all the levels. They are the goon squads, the enforcers, the Sargeant-at-arms, and have rank according to the level they operate on.

LEVEL E. ILLUMINATI - Illuminati members depending upon their groups have various levels themselves. Their knowledge of Satan's organization depends upon which group they are in and which level they are at, most usually they may have only that knowledge needed to function at their level. Illuminati members have their name written in blood by a quill pen into a book. The various factions of Illuminati rule the world as the Kingpins in politics, finance, porn, drugs, communications, and religion in preparation for the Anti-Christ (Kashema) to take his throne, and rule with rest of the Satanic trinity of the Beast, and the False Prophet. This level includes the Grande Druid Council, and the 13 highest Satanic families. Various branches have their own terminology and rules for their lower levels which are the following pattern.

LEVEL F. BRIGADES- SISTERS OF LIGHT/ ASMODEUS -These are the Mothers of light, the overseers of power. Training for these Illuminati begins at age 11. Coronations for a Queen in the Mother of Light is at 14 years old.

LEVEL G. REGIMENT- This level is led by a Grande Master/Matriarch. Regiments are divided up into various levels of groupings of covens into companies and sub-regiments led by captain and major-types. Rings are worn by various levels.

LEVEL H. COVENS- Basic low level group (similar to an Army platoon) containing 13+ witches with a Priest or Priestess as an officer. Most covens are extremely well kept secrets. A few show temples like Anton LeVey's Temple of Satan are put on for the public's consumption.


Alan K. Russell put together The Collector's Book of Science Fiction by H.G. Wells which gives the information about the Pearson's Magazine serial publication of H.G. Well's War of the Worlds.

Interestingly not only do Masonic publications indicate a Satanic trinity, and Occult and Magic publications describe this, but the Christian Scripture's book of Revelation 20:10 (et. al.) also refers to the Satanic trinity of the Beast, False Prophet, and Satan.

According to the Masonic book An Interpretation of Freemasonry by Mason Martin Wagner, p. 97, the name Solomon which is used by Masons so frequently is actually a Sun-God trinity, "This name Solomon is not the Israelitish king. It is name in form, but different in its meaning. It is a substitute which is externally like the royal name. This name is a composite. Sol-om-on, the names of the sun in Latin, Indian, and Egyptian, and is designed to show the unity of several god-ideas in the ancient religions, as well as with those of Freemasonry." If Wagner, and ex-Mason McQuaig who also claims this is the case are accurate, and this view was known in Elizabethan England, then Solomon's temple that the Masons are building ends up to be nothing other than Lucifer, the light-bearer's temple. [end of Satanic Hierarchy Chart]

under these systems. Another example from another angle, the cloven hoofed Greek god Pan from who was derived the English word "panic" is a carbon copy of what ex-Satanists claim Satan looks like.

In Shintoism all kinds of deities and spirits are conjured up, and all kinds of occult practices including divination, fortune-telling, spiritism, magic, and conjuring are practiced.

In Taoism, which is polytheistic, all kinds of magic, divination, charms, dealings with demons, geomancy, and fortune-telling are practiced.

Buddhism exists in many forms. This Author lived in Nepal and can personally testify that Buddhists in Nepal and Tibet as well as other Asian lands have many superstitions, do practice all the occult practices, and they live in fear of demons which are placated.

Confucianism was started strictly as a philosophy, not as a religion and does not concern itself with the spirit realm. By default then most Confucists must learn of the supernatural from Taoism which most of them practice. Taoism is very demonic.

Rabbinic Judaism is based on the religions of Babylon, not the Old Testament as most people especially Christians incorrectly assume. The Kabballa and the Zohar of the Jews are the fundamental books that most occult, magic, and Satanic groups base their actities on. One of the leading well-known Satanists and a magician E. Levi wrote in his book Transcendental Magic, "All truly dogmatic religions have issued from the Kabalah and return therein. Whatsoever is grand or scientific in the religious dreams of the illuminated, of Jacob Bohme, Swedenborg, Saint-Martin and the rest, is borrowed from the Kabalah; all Masonic Associations owe to it their secrets and their symbols."9 (Bold added)

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Fundamentals of Magick

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