Reject Their Gnostic Hierarchies

Remember, how the nation of Israel wanted a powerful ruler? Many today, including the Jews, want a powerful international ruler. But where did Israel's desire for a powerful ruler lead to? "Let us be like the nations...and worship wood and stone." Ez 20:32 The world today including religion is enthralled with their building projects and idols. It is like in the days of Genesis, when God observed how the nations of the world were unified under one rulership. God said, "Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they purpose to do will be withheld from them."

That was the problem. There was no longer any limits to the power evil could do. We are faced with the same thing. If the New World Order takes control, nothing will be withheld from them. The limits to the evil they can do will be gone. Even Hitler had his limitations. This New World Order will know no limits. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. They will retain for themselves the power to know God. They will want men to come to their Gnostic varieties of religion.

As long as people do not buy this clap-trap, and realize God is assessible to all mankind, they will score a victory against the One-World-Order. In response to the Gnostic religions holding the people in bondage, John the Baptist and Christ preached a message calling the people to A COMPLETE CHANGE OF MIND (Metanoia). That is the message of this book. This book suggests we change our mind completely. We should not look to Satan's New World Order for truth. They have lied to us in almost every aspect of life.

Nor can we continue going along with the way the crowd does things, so we can be popular. Christ told his disciples "Do not be like them." This echoes the Levites call to holiness, "You shall not do as they do." Lev 18:3 Those who want friendship evangelism, should remind themselves that the world can befriend itself, but it doesn't have a faith in their Creator. It is fine to be friends, it is even better to allow them to witness the beauty of faith.

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