Regular Lodges

Cardinal Baggio, Monsignor de Bonis(type of lodge unknown), Cardinal Villot, Monsignor Agostino Casaroli (Vat. foreign minister).

Subchapter 7 JOHN PAUL I

In a home partly converted from a barn at Canale d'Agordo north of Venice, Albino Luciani came into the world on Oct. 17, 1912. The young man grew up in poverty. The book The Five Wounds of the Church by Antonio Rosmini deeply influenced Albino Luciano. These two items, his compassion for the poor (due to his roots) and his desire to return the Catholic Church to its Christian roots (brought on by men like Rosmini) go a long way in explaining how he acted when he was elected Pope. As pro-vicar-general of Belluno, he enjoyed reading, cycling, and climbing mountains.

He was a man of real character. When saw corruption he in the church he brought it to Pope Paul VI' s attention. When the Pope did nothing about his complaint, Luciani accepted this out of a deep sense of obedience. Pope Paul VI misinterpreted Luciani's acceptance of his decision as perhaps suggestive of Luciani's acceptance of the corruption. Luciani's father had been an outspoken Socialist and Albino Luciani had maintained good working relations with the communists.97 This explains in part how Luciani, a man of genuine sincere character ended up Pope.

In 1958, he was made a Bishop by Pope John XXIII. He was made Patriarch of Venice on Dec. 15, 1969.

It was while he was patriarch in 1972 that he learned from Giovanni Benelli (second in command under the Vatican's Secretary of State about the Masonic Financial intrigues with the Vatican Bank. Albino Luciani with others were disgusted with the shameful money-making schemes of the P2 Masons Calvi and Bishop Marcinkus. (Luciani at this point didn't know they were Masons.) Luciani and others in his diocese that were disgusted moved their accounts from Banco Cattolica to the small Banco San Marco.

The book In God's Name is a masterpiece of research into what happened to Luciani after he became Pope John Paul I. This book is highly recommended. This subchapter is drawn to a large extent from the book.

Pope John Paul I set out to reform the Catholic church. He refused to be coronated. He set out to remove the trappings of royalty that surround the pope. He tried to replace those men around him who were Freemasons with honest men. He started to divest the church of its wealth, and to open an investigation in the Church's scandalous financial dealings carried out by P2. The men in the Vatican censored his statements, issued false statements in his name, limited his phone calls, failed to send his letters, and censored his remarks in his speeches out of the official records of his speeches. Finally, he was murdered on only the 33rd day (a number ripe with Masonic symbology) that he had been Pope. In good Mafia style, the morticians were called to embalm him, before the body had been discovered by Father McGee.(p. 254) His will disappeared. The world was fed lies, and in general the world swallowed the lies. But there were many people in the Vatican who loved the Pope and who knew the Vatican was lying profusely about his death.

Pope John Paul I told a friend in northern Italy his observation, "I have noticed two things that appear to be in very short supply in the Vatican. Honesty and a good cup of coffee." On the 33rd day of his papacy, Pope John Paul I was apparently poisoned. And just knowing some of the dishonest people Pope John Paul I had to deal with when he came to the Vatican explains a lot.

Let's introduce some of the characters that John Paul I dealt with:

Licio Gelli- the Grand Master of P2, nicknamed Il Burattinaio (the Puppetmaster) because so many people were his puppets. He had been part of Mussolini's feared Black Shirts, an SS officer during W.W. II, then a communist spy, besides serving the CIA and and the Italian SID.

Bishop Paul Marcinkus- a P2 Freemason and President of the Vatican Bank, nicknamed the Gorilla, he had grown up in Al Capone' s Cicero,Il. around the Mafia and was street smart. He was 6'3" and 224 lbs. His nickname "Gorilla" was appropriate in several ways.

Michele Sidona- a P2 Freemason, worked for the CIA, the Mafia, and Interpol. He was the Vatican's financial advisor. He was also a Sicilian banker. He was adept at stealing other people's money, and had the appropriate nickname "the Shark."

Cardinal Jean Villot- a P2 Freemason and raised in a regular Lodge both, the Vatican's Secretary of State. Yallup considers Villot one of if not the prime suspects of the murder of the Pope. Yallup describes Villot's destruction of evidence, coverup and lies concerning the Pope's murder, "If Luciani died naturally, Villot's actions and instructions are completely inexplicable. His behavior becomes understandable only when related to one specific conclusion: Either Cardinal Jean Villot was part of a conspiracy to murder the pope, or he saw clear evidence in the papal bedroom indicating the pope had been murdered, and he promptly determined that to protect the Church that evidence must be destroyed."(p. 220)

Cardinal John Cody- in charge of Chicago's archdiocese, the man was considered by many to be the worst character possible in about every way. Some have called him Captain Queeg of The Caine Mutiny, with apologees to Captain Queeg. He claimed to have worked for the FBI and CIA. While in charge of Chicago he closed Catholic schools down without consulting anyone.(p.189) He had total control of several large parishes during his lifetime. No one knows how many millions or billions of church dollars he siphoned off for himself. John Paul I tried to remove him one week before John Paul's murder. Cody worked with members of P2.

Branches of P2 Masonry are in Argentina, Venezuela, Paraguay, Bolivia, France, Portugal, and Nicaragua. Members are also active in the United States, the U.K., and Switzerland. Peter Thompkins has been a researcher into P2. P2 Masonry interlocks with the CIA, the Mafia, and the Vatican. It also has close ties with the NeoNazis and members of the Fourth Reich in South America. It likes to recruit priests, bishops and cardinals.

Lesson from John Paul I.

Even though John Paul had made statements in favor of Vatican II and a stronger 1-world-government, it is clear he had only bought into their program for his own reasons and without subscribing to its end result. His election shows that men of good character can even slip through the cracks in the One-World-Order's screening process and wind up as part of that Power's rulership. Many people, who didn't pay attention to the P2 Banking scandals that destroyed an Italian government and shook America's FDIC, did pay attention when a Pope in excellent health mysteriously died after 33 days in office. It may be too late for whoever killed the Pope to repent. Villot died shortly after the Pope died, as did a number of other important people.

P2 Mason Sindona, and drug dealer, involved in the collapse of the Franklin National Bank in New York went to prison. Before dying in an American prison he told an interviewer how America's leaders were giving America to the Russians. When the USSR supposedly bought wheat from the U.S. "The Soviet Union was allowed to pay for its purchases in the following manner: the central bank of Hungary, acting for the Soviet Union, placed an order to sell the dollar short for $20 billion; Secretary of the Treasury John Connally then devalued the dollar by 10%; the Soviet Union made $4 billion on its short selling operation, and paid for the grain; they had $2 billion profit from the short selling operation and $2 billion from the 10% devaluation of the dollar." Sindona said, "In its fathomless naivete, the United States has provided the Soviets with $4 billion, money that has since doubtless been invested in the destruction of its benefactors; I began to see that America was the consort of her own ruin." (The Curse of Canaan, p.62)

Subchapter 8 John Paul II

The Catholic Pope today is John Paul II, a Polish Jew and a Freemason. Under his papacy all the corruption of the P2 lodges within the Vatican finances and the infiltration of the Masons in all positions of the Catholic hierarchy continues.

As a result of this, we now find the Rockefellers spending vast sums of money on various Catholic schools and projects. Laurence Rockefeller, multimillionaire gave the New Age Catholic Priest Matthew Fox a grant so that he could write the Satanic book The

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