Recapping The Chapter

One of the ways this chapter can be recapped is to quote part a letter written in 1822 by a Jewish Mason Piccolo Tigre to the Italian Piedmontese lodges of the Carbonari (forest Masons).

" has been judged good and useful to propogate the light everywhere, and to set in motion all that aspires to move. For this reason we do not cease to recommend to you, to affiliate persons of every class to every manner of association, no matter of what kind, only provided that mystery and secrecy should be the dominant characteristics. All Italy is covered with religious confraternities, and with penitents of divers colours. Do not fear to slip in some of your people into the very midst of these flocks, led as they are by stupid devotion. Let our agents study with care the personnel of these..."<#58. Dillon, George E. Grand Orient Freemasonry Unmasked. London: Britons Pub. Society, 1950, p. 58.>

The letter goes on to show how to create societies and associations, how to separate men from their families, and to use secrets as bait to lead men where you want them. Masons continue even today creating new societies and associations and infiltrating those that they haven't created.


1358- The Sufis go underground with their religion, are reported to have extended into Scotland as a trade guild in the 14th century and developed into Freemasonry. 1700's- Druidism and the worship of Tara come with the activation of the llluminati. May 1, 1776- Birth of the Bavarian llluminati

1781- United Ancient Order of Druids formed in London with Masonic rites. 1871- H.P.B. formed the Spiritist Society.

1875- H.P.B. formed the Theosophical Society, she writes that preparatory work for Lord Maitreya will begin in 1975.

1890- Ghulam Ahmad who claims to be the Promised One of all Religions appears, organizes the worldwide Sufi movement.

1891 - Annie Besant takes over T.S. after H.P.B. and begins talking of a coming Avatar, a "great world teacher" to take the world into its next stage of evolution Spring, 1908- Ghulam Ahmad dies, his Master evil Spirit leaves Ahmad for Krishnamurti 1909- Order of the Star formed by Besant to promote Krishnamurti as the Lord Maitreya 1919- Alice Bailey says she was appproached by Djwal Khul (D.K.-a Master) who showed her the plan which included Lord Maitreya coming. Meditation groups were set up to channel energy from the Masters.

1925- Besant announces Krishnamurti is the Christ, trip to America ends in failure.

1931- Krishnamurti renounces that he is the Christ.

1932- Nicolas Roerich's Maitreya published.

1948- Bailey publishes The Reappearance of the Christ, she suggests that 1975 is the year for preparatory work to begin for Lord Maitreya.

1959 - Benjamin Creme says he received telepathic messages from the Hierarchy. Feb.,1962- Rahmat Ahmad is born in Pakistan. He is in line to become the fifth Khalifah-ul-Masih (Caliph -Successor- of the Messiah).

1975- Benjamin Creme (Scotsman and part Jewish) announces to his wife and others that he is Lord Maitreya's John the Baptist.

July 8, 1977- Rahmat Ahmad (Lord Maitreya) flew into Karachi.

July 19, 1977- Rahmat Ahmad (Lord Maitreya) flew into London, England, takes control of the London Mission of the Ahmadiyya community.<#59. Lawrence, Troy. New Age

Messiah Identified. Lafayette, LA: Huntington House, 1991. This book was written under an assumed name by someone who became a Christian while working for the Tara

Center. After much secret work, and access to much confidential information, the book's author was able to identify who Lord Maitreya is.>

April 25, 1982- Creme spends $250,000 on ads in 20 major papers worldwide announcing Lord Maitreya.

May 14, 1982- Benjamin Creme gives the press the clue that Lord Maitreya lives in the

Indian-Pakistani community of London and invites them to look for him.

June 21, 1982- Lord Maitreya has failed to show as predicted.

July 31, 1985- 22 journalist from 12 countries discuss how to make Maitreya's "Day of

Declaration" possible.

1986- Top executives of British Media agree to stage the Maitreya's "Day of Declaration", but higher authorities in British government veto it.

June 11, 1988- Maitreya appears in person in Nairobi, Kenya and is worshipped by thousands.

Apr. 21-22, 1990- 200 dignitaries including royalty from around the world attended a conference with Lord Maitreya in London.

1991-George Bush, Mikael Gorbechov meet with Lord Maitreya off of Malta.

YET TO COME- "The Day of Declaration" when Rahmat Ahmad is presented to the world as Lord Maitreya.

Rahmat Ahmad is to be the next leader of the Sufi Moslems. The Sufis have secret societies around the world and rule in most of the Arab states. There are now about 14 million Ahmadis who give total allegience to whoever holds the position that Rahmat Ahmad is to inherit. His title translates "Successor of Messiah." Why might the New World Order pick Rahmat Ahmad to be their King/Priest? The Sufi Moslems are tied to Freemasonry, the Knights Templars, and the Theosophic Society. A visit to a Theosophical Society Library will allow the reader to see that they have a good selection of books on Sufism. Sufism is a mysticism that holds that man can become illuminated and divine. Although it is called Moslem, it has no more to do with the Moslem religion than the Rosicrucians have to do with Christianity. Sufism is New Age mysticism, similar to Hinduism.

It is reported that Col. Quaddafi of Libya is a Sufi or a Sufi supporter. When Quaddafi when came to power, he repressed the Moslem clergy, even shut down a few mosques and made the moslem clergy subservient to him. This may help explain why CIA agents with ties to Freemasonry would help him. Although he puts out loud speeches threatening the United States, he appears to be working in close cooperation with the New World Order; at the least he is unwittingly helping carry out some of their goals. It further explains why when travel to Libya was supposedly prohibited to all Americans, Knight of Malta and U.S. diplomat to the Vatican William Wilson was visiting Sufi Quaddafi. One of the American oil companies that continued operating quietly in Libya during all the big press releases of tensions and the U.S. air attack, was headed by J. Peter Grace, who is the head of the Knights of Malta in the United States.<#60 Cooper, William. Behold A Pale Horse. Sedona, AZ: Light Technology Pub., 1991, pp. 87-88.> Quaddafi proposes in his Green Book a synthesis of Communism and Capitalism.

The Buddhists are looking for a Lord Maitreya (the fifth Buddha) to return. Some of the Jews are looking for a Messiah, and the Shiite Muslims are looking for Imman Madhi. The Hindus are expecting the Bodhisattva (Kalki) or Krishna. The Tara Center, which promotes the Lord Maitreya, hopes to play upon all these various expectations.

Great expense and great plans are to be used to convince the world of his divinity. The Establishment media is ready to be used for promoting Lord Maitreya. A number of indicators seemed to indicated that the new messiah would have a Jewish Lineage of the House of David. If Rhamat Ahmad is not of the House of David, and it appears he isn't, then it may well be that Ahmad is not the prized leader that they plan to set up as a King/Priest.

The Tara Center often uses the pyramid with the all-seeing eye which is a masonic symbol. The Tara Center has ties to Freemasonry. Tara worship is linked to Freemasonry, and has been practiced by the Druids and the Hindus. Tara Hill in Ireland is a worship center for Druid worship.

The Tara center believes in a One-World-Socialist government with revitalized Freemasonry as the world's religion. People are being told man will become divine under this New World Order. (Sadly, the truth is they will become slaves. And slaves of Satanists have been the most pitilessly abused slaves of all.)

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