Read The Secret History of the Jesuits and Avro Manhattans The Vatican Billions

43. Hitler agreed that the Catholic church could send missionaries into the Soviet Union, as long as they were sent "through the German Catholic Hierarchy." Manhattan, Avro. The Vatican In World Politics. NY: Gaer Associates, pp. 348-49, and others.

44. Read Stalin's War, excellent research on how Stalin manipulated Hitler to go to war. Also read Eustace Mullins' The World Order pp. 62-64 on how the International Financiers manipulated Hitler toward war. Also read about the British Intelligence operations and about how deep British Intelligence pervaded the Nazi command structure. Not only did the British secretly manipulated Hitler toward war, but their intelligence and knowledge of the German codes, made the war much more of a Turkey Shoot than is imagined or disclosed by the history books. It is documented how they allowed the Germans some success in order to keep secret their intelligence sources, for instance the German air raid on Coventry. The British allowed many civilians to die, rather than tip the Germans off. Hitler was aware that all his plans were showing up in Allied hands, that is why he personally did the planning for the offensive known as the Battle of the Bulge. For the role that Allied intelligence played in deceiving Hitler, note how Hitler's chief-of-intelligence Gehlen went to work immediately for U.S. intelligence after the war. Note in the book The Secret of Stalingrad how Gehlen helped by Soviet intell. misled (or deceived) Hitler into the disaster at Stalingrad.

45. The benefits for the Illuminati from their W.W. II included such things as the creation of the United Nations, accumulation of vast wealth by the financiers, the creation of stronger intelligence services (secretly under their control), the transfer of vast amounts of material and technology to Russia incl. the material and technology from the U.S. to build an atomic bomb. And finally they were able to create the roots for another war, the Cold War, which would be essential as a cover to further consolidate their control and give them the excuse for much of the nefarious actions done in the name of the Cold War, that actually were to aid the New World-State.

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End of Days Apocalypse

End of Days Apocalypse

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