Prominent Theosophical Leaders

Two prominent leaders that were involved with the Theosophical Society were Mahatma Gandhi and Adolf Hitler. Mahatma Gandhi was interested in learning about Christianity until H.P.B., who pretended to be a Christian convinced him Hinduism had more to offer. Gandhi joined the Theosophical Society. The impetus for India's independence to a large degree came from the Theosophical Society. Ann Besant the second Theosophical President was instrumental in changing British attitudes. India's political leadership has been closely connected with the Theosophical Society ever since independence, including several Gandhis and Jawaharlal Nehru.

Hitler learned much of his occult knowledge from the Theosophical Society, although credit needs to be given to his occult mentors at the Benedictine monastery school who got him off onto the occult trail. Hitler spent much of his time in occult bookstores learning metaphysics. He also had several adepts in white and black magic instruct him. In Vienna, Hitler joined a modern German version of the Knights Templars, a German Masonic group called "The Order of the New Templars." The swastika was their emblem. The Theosophical Society even today continues to use the swastika as one of their emblems.

The Theosophical Society has also included such genius inventors as the co-workers Thomas Edison and Nichola Tesla. It has included such writers as George Bernard Shaw and William Butler Yeats.

It is possible that the Dalai Lama is also associated with them.

Elvis Presley was a Theosophist. For a discussion on how the New World Order has promoted the New Age religion through musicians see chapter 2.10.

Theosophist John H. Dewey wrote, "It is not proposed, be it observed, to replace Christianity by Buddhism, nor Buddhism by Mohammedism, nor both by Judaism, nor yet all three by Spiritism, but to bring each of the old religions back to its esoteric origin, meaning and purity, and if they are found to be in essence one, shall we not have found the TRUE RELIGION OF HUMANITY?"<#57. Dewey, John H., The Way The Truth and The Life. Buffalo, NY: 1888, pp.11-12.>

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End of Days Apocalypse

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