Principle Catholic Strongholds Weakened

Poland, because it was such a geopolitical asset of the Catholic church, was destroyed as a nation by the Masons.28

The French Revolution, planned by the Illuminati through several secret societies like the Jacobins wiped out the Catholic clergy without mercy. After the French Revolution, Napoleon and his four brothers, who were also Freemasons,29 continued to break the Roman Catholic Church's power. Napoleon broke the temporal power of the Pope. Napoleon also seized and carted off to Paris almost all the Vatican's archieves, where fraternal scholars from several secret orders began examining them. (More about this later. ) If this wasn't enough the Masons Mazzini and Garibaldi led a revolution in Italy and installed a Masonic government.

After Masonry conquered France, Grand Master and Illuminatus Lafayette directed the Mason Bernardo O'Higgins and Simon Bolivar to revolt in South America against Catholic Spain. Likewise he encouraged Juarez to revolt against Spain in Mexico. Since then the Masons like Mason and President Diaz of Mexico30 have held sway over Catholic Mexico. The Mexican government has often been anti-

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