Potency And Influence

How came men to find the seed for the inestimable Institution of Freemasonry, and the inspiration to generate it to a practical fruition? What gave them the perspective that in its ameliorating cement was to be found the ultimate hope of the world ? What made them, when humanity was still wearing its swaddling clothes, provide the measure for its beneficent bounty? At every hand we come in contact with the workings of the silent potency and expanding influence of its invigorating leaven. Everywhere we behold the magnificent edifices it has in the building, so that the imagination is taxed with wonder and admiration.

With its origin wrapped in the pro-foundest secrecy, it should not surprise anyone that Freemasonry still is as much of an enigma to many of its initiates as it was in olden times. While the modern mind has become capable of penetrating some of the veils of its deepest mysteries, the fact that it not yet has fully come into the possession of the Grand Arcanum—how its philosophy laid hold on the human and in spite of strenuous persecution maintained an almost unbroken sway of perpetuity during the now silently slumbering ages—should encourage and stimulate in the initiate a thorough mastery of the truths of its scientific formula.

Wisdom to Be Gained

While many students of Freemasonry pride themselves of being possessed of the secrets of their Brotherhood, the genuine adept is not so sanguine about having found the kernel of its fundamental philosophy and still is groping for more Light. The true Mason feels that the Institution yet holds unlocked in its majestic bosom from mortal the key to the magnetic charm and suasion that has led so many to and is holding them in contentment at its Altars. The true Mason feels that, in accordance with its Ancient Formula, Freemasonry only from time to time unlocks as it sees fit, from its storehouse of Wisdom, the Truths required for the human needs and not more of them than can be borne. He has an abiding assurance that its Great Founder never intended that mortality should see Freemasonry in the luster of its full splendor and glory. Has Freemasonry, then, a spiritual conception only?_Is its objective but the solidifying into a beautiful Utopia the wonderful Infinity of the First Cause and the kaleidoscopic finiteness of its mortal, human creatures? Is. its mission solely directed to the establishment of the long-heralded and hoped-for Kingdom of the Brotherhood of Man? And has its Founder for these reasons but allowed the human occasional glimpses of some of the inner beauties that ever are sweeping it onward and upward; that ever are dazzling the physical vision from its distant snowcapped elevations; that ever is compel-

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