Post World War Ii

The Catholic Church after the war naturally continued her crusade against communism. This was fine because the Illumined Ones wanted a Cold War. The final step was when the Cold War was to be dismantled and a New World Order created, they would have to step in and actually control the Catholic Church rather than manipulate it. By using the fear of Communism, the CIA was able to infiltrate the Catholic Church. An outlawed Masonic Lodge system called P2 working with the CIA gained control of Italy and the Vatican, although the regular Masonic lodges have also gained large power within the Catholic hierarchy.49

It is at this point that this book will now zoom in and focus in on, to cover the details of how the great Roman Catholic Church became another New Age religion.

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End of Days Apocalypse

End of Days Apocalypse

This work on 2012 will attempt to note them allfrom the concepts andinvolvement by the authors of the Bible and its interpreters and theprophecies depicted in both the Hopi petroglyphs and the Mayan calendarto the prophetic uttering of such psychics, mediums, and prophets asNostradamus, Madame Blavatsky, Edgar Cayce, and Jean Dixon.

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