The WT Society has pushed their people hard to get out in field service, that is the door to door sales work. In order to squeeze more time out of their people the Society ordered the JWs not to have children. This was done in WT 11/1/1938 pp.323-324; in the Children book 1941, and could be seen in the Awake! magazine of 11/8/1974 p. 11.

About Christians the WT Society said, "Do not confuse Christianity with the so-called "Christian religion". The latter operates in the name of God and Christ but is wholly against Christ and his kingdom, which is the only hope of the human race. Religion labeled "the Christian religion" is a racket invented by the Devil to defame the name of Almighty God. "--Enemies, p. 14 6.

About democracy the Society says, "Democracy is the perverted form of the third form of government. . .God's Holy Word says nothing about democracy...God is not the Author of any other ocracy than theocracy." The origin of democracy is demons.--The New World, pp. 69-70

Dr. L.W. Jones (of Jewish heritage) gave an address in a lodge building to the IBSA in 1911, "I was much impressed on looking around to see all of these beautiful mottoes. All of them seem to speak of the one word, "Loyalty, " which we have on our badge...friends, the key...is "obedience." And surely, now is the time we must be loyal, and we will not be loyal if we are not obedient. "--Convention Report for Convention at Seattle, Wash. July 2-3, 1911.

How To Survive The End Of The World

How To Survive The End Of The World

Preparing for Armageddon, Natural Disasters, Nuclear Strikes, the Zombie Apocalypse, and Every Other Threat to Human Life on Earth. Most of us have thought about how we would handle various types of scenarios that could signal the end of the world. There are plenty of movies on the subject, psychological papers, and even survivalists that are part of reality TV shows. Perhaps you have had dreams about being one of the few left and what you would do in order to survive.

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