Who makes the plans for the various New Order Religious groups? How do these plans compare? How much of their plans do we know about? How firm are their plans?

There are basically two levels of plans—the esoteric and the exoteric. The insiders have the real plans, the public is given through various channels the plans in slightly altered form. The various groups adjust the esoteric plans to match what they can pragmatically give their own audience.

The key then is to decide what has been added for the "benefit" of some particular audience.

For the Jehovah's Witnesses they will be told that they are the only ones who will be saved when the revolution for the Golden Age comes. The terminology for this has changed to "the battle of Armaggeddon." But in the older WT publications both the words revolution and Golden Age have been associated with these events. For the New Agers they will be promised that every one will become gods.

For the Industrialists they will be promised that a great age of prosperity will arrive from a global economy without any tariff barriers. (As a person who has lived in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America, my opinion is that this is a big lie. It might seem like an interesting theory to someone deluded by their propoganda sitting in an ivory tower at the Rockefeller Center. But it ignores realities. A socialist world government will signal poverty for the masses on the scale Russia and Red China have. The New World Order has been killing the goose that laid the golden egg—they have been draining America of its wealth and resources for their wild global schemes. There are mutually beneficial system of trade but the globalism rhetoric of the One-Worlders is propoganda. First the globalism is built on principles that are opposite of about every economic principle that the Bible gives us. I tend to believe the Bible's age old wisdom rather than Rockefeller and Kissinger. Can Americans really think that becoming one-nation economically with Mexico is going to benefit them? If hordes of poor people destroy what others have cared for like the serfs did in Russia to the belongings of the middle class, and American industry moves to where the people will allow themselves to work for slave wages, will this really benefit Americans? Our leaders are reducing the American people to a nation of serfs. And comrade I don't care to be a serf if I have a choice, how about you?)

In the next pages, plans and stategies of the various groups will be looked at. MASONIC PLANS

The best sources of Masonic plans are the plans that were discovered long ago and have been written about for centuries. These include the Bavarian Illuminati plans, the plans that Robison, the Scottish Mason revealed in his expose, and the Protocols of Sion originating from a Mizraim Masonic Lodge.

Because these are so well known, and the reader may have already formed an opinion on these, this chapter will cover other sources.

SOURCE A- 33° Manly P. Hall's writings

SOURCE B- La Franc-maconnerie dans sa veritable signification along with La Franc -maconnerie en elle-meme et dans sa rapport avec les autres Societes Secretes de L'Europe. Both were printed at Liege, 1854 and 1855), torn. i.,pp. 28,29 ff. SOURCE C- Adams. Real Wealth, Financial Poverty. London, 1925.

SOURCE D- Descamps. (ed. by Claudio Janet) Les Societes Secretes et la Societe, vol. i, (4th ed.) Paris, France, 1881, pp. lxx-lxxi, and lxxviii and cf. Appendix III.

SOURCE A- Masonry's greatest philosopher according to the Scottish Rite Journal was Manly P. Hall. In Hall's book America's Assignment With Destiny he puts forth his belief that Columbus worked with Lorenzo de Medici and an esoteric society related to the Masons to "discover" America. What he is attempting to show is that America has always played a role in esoteric plans, even before its public discovery by Columbus. His other book The Secret Destiny of America comes out and states repeatedly that the Masons have big plans for America and these are to create Plato's Republic, aka Bacon's New Atlantis in this nation. Manly P. Hall in his other books repeatedly shows us that Masonry intends a Universal religion, that this universal religion will be eclectic like the Hindu religion or the New Age movement and will be a continuation of the mysteries.

Although the specific tactics and other details like the names of modern day people carrying out the Masonic plans are not given, Hall does provide a portrait of the basic framework of what they are up to.

SOURCE B- This source gives us the details of a pattern that has repeatedly been used successfully by the Masonic Lodge. One Masonic researcher claims every Masonic inspired revolution (such as Europe's and Latin America's for the last 200 years) has used this. It appears his claim is correct.

What is done is to create two movements—one that promotes Pacifism, the other to promote overzealous nationalism. The Pacifist group attacks, enfeebles, and undermines existing authorities of various kinds. This allows the second group to attack those remaining authorities. In all cases it is hard to show a conspiracy between the two apparently different opposing and covertly cooperating groups. The cooperation is more visible after the nationalistic group succeeds, because then they place the surviving Pacifistic party into administrative positions.

SOURCE C- The Mason Adams writes that credit can be used to control a. the press, b. international news-agencies, c. and the book market.

SOURCE D- Two types of groups are created—Masonic and non-Masonic. The Masonic groups are what are called Masonic External Activity Committees. They function to provide a. instruction (to lay schools, through training and seminars) b. benevolence (hospitals, burn centers, and support of groups not tied to any Christian group —that are ecumenical in nature) c. propoganda to promote the separation of church and state, to promote the secularization of society, to promote civil marriage, and the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity.

The second group are non-Masonic groups who in some way promote some aspect of the Masonic plan. Descamps describes these, "Along with this is the creation of non-Masonic bodies, often secretive, controlled by Masons that are at least partially identical with the Freemasons' goals. These groups work for the realization of some special aspect of the overall Masonic plan."

"The lodges do not form the complete framework of the army of the Revolution...Under them are numberless popular organizations, circles and associations of all kinds, which are nothing else simplified forms of Freemasonry...These reach the classes which Freemasonry cannot admit into the lodges."

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