General William P. Hall of the U.S. army and General Alexander P. Stewart were early supporters of Charles T. Russell. Although JWs are typically thought of as anti-military such was not the case in the early WT Society. Some early IBS were members of the military for years after joining the society.1 General Hall was a West Pointer and a decorated sharpshooter. His family had associations with the Masons. General Hall was on the IBSA Committee of which Russell was the Chairman. General Hall was chosen to accompany C.T. Russell on his world-wide tour.2

Fred H. Robison was one of the seven WT leaders sentenced in June 1918 for violating the espionage act. A NY District Court sentenced him to many years of imprisonment, but he was released after only a short time in prison. Papers were introduced at the trial "showing their connection with German agents in the United States of America and Mexico."3 At his sedition trial, Robison disclosed that his religious experience before joining the WT Society consisted entirely of several years service for the Christian Endeavor groups. He was not a member of any church prior to joining the International Bible Students. The Christian Endeavor groups were known to have departed from the Christian faith.4 The President of the Christian Endeavor Society of America (and Sec. of the World Chapter) was Dr. Stanley B. Vandersall, who was a high ranking and active Freemason.5

William E. Van Amburgh was treasurer of the WT Society. Some of the older International Bible Students didn't trust him. If one considers what the Society was teaching is it any surprise? In court during the Sedition trial in 1918, he told the court that the Millenium of God had started in October, 1874.6

Van Amburgh was one of the suspected ringleaders by those who suspected foul play in the death of C.T. Russell. Before joining the WT Society, Van Amburgh had been active in the YMCA, and the Methodist church. He served on the editorial staff of the Watch Tower, along with the Jew R.H. Hirsh, Robison, and Rutherford.7

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End of Days Apocalypse

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