Persona Vitae

The number of people that have been involved in one way or the other in this book's events is like the sands of the sea. The following is a partial list of major actors for the New World Order you will encounter in this book.

Sir Francis Bacon-

Alice Bailey-

Rosicrucian and founder of some of modern Masonry's ritual. This genius of royal Tudor blood, helped plan and organize a society based on Plato's wise men to rule the world. (See chapter 1.2)

New Age leader with Lucis Trust. Important in founding many new groups, wrote many books, and wrote educational goals for U. S. Health, Education and Welfare in 1958. (See chapters 1.2 and 3.4)

Hosea Ballon

King Bulan

U niversalism in New England in the early 1800's. (See chapter 2.3) Khazar king who converted his Asian nation to Judaism, thereby creating the forefathers of about 80% of the today's Jews. (See chapter 1.1)

John Dewey-

Father of the U.S. public educational system, and part of the socialist New World Order. Ties to the Illuminati.

John Foster Dulles-

Mary Baker Eddy-


Descendant of prominent early Masons of the Mallet Prevost Swiss intelligence f a m i l i e s who had b e e n prominent in bringing the Scottish Rite to the U.S. He was an important figure for the FCCC, to Freemasonry and witchcraft, she started Christian Science. Her descendants today are prominent witches.

Benjamin Franklin

Leader of several secret societies. A Mason and Rosicrucian. A leader in

Masonic goals to establish a republic in the New World.

Frederick Franz- Evidence reports his Masonic membership.

Major doctrinal leader of the WT Society after Russell and Rutherford.

Manley P. Hall- (1901-1990) Perhaps the greatest Masonic philosopher, author of around 200 books, covert co-leader of many religious groups. Illuminatus.

Albert Pike- Supreme pontiff of Freemasonry. An important figure in Freemasonry, the Illuminati, and the plans to establish a one world government. Author of Morals and Dogma. a book given to 32° Masons. (See chapter 1.2)

Pope John Paul II- Jewish Freemason leading Catholic church into One-World-Religion of the New Age. Rockefeller family- Members of this family have been prominent in the Bilderbergers, CFR; they have been one-worlders and have funded countless projects and groups to further the New Order's goals. (See appendix)

F. Delano Roosevelt A 33° Mason. A key player for the New

Order. Gave America the New Deal, and gave America to the New Order. His wife was in the Communist party, and numerous other socialist/communist groups.

Rothschilds- The most powerful family in the world for the last 2 centuries. They are at the center of power. (See chapter 3.3)

Russell family- Members of this family have prominent

Masons, Fabian Socialists, One-Worlders, lluminati and religious leaders. (See appendix)


Robert Schuler-

Joseph Smith, Jr.

Associated with secret occult fraternal groups. Laid the groundwork for Marx, revolution and communism.

33° Mason, leading Christian minister who is helping lead the Christians toward a one-wor l d-re1igion. Has knowingly taught people taking Luciferian

Arch-Mason, prophet, initiations founder of a superrite of Freemasonry called Mormonism, a restoration of the Masonic mysteries.

Rabbi Stephen Wise-

Prophet of the New World Order. British Fabian Socialist whose plans and books have been important in lending credibility to their goals. (See chapter 3.1 and other parts) Arch-Mason, leader in the B'nai Brith, communist, friend of C.T. Russell. This man has played a leading role in Judaism and the New Order.

Just as there always seems a willing soul to offer himself to the New Order - there always will be men and women who have the courage to stand for goodness and truth. This list is but the tip of the iceberg and in no way indicates that these people contributed more than others, but rather they have been selected here for the part they have in this book's manuscript.

Constance Cumbey-

Charles Finney-

Christian lawyer whose book and research was a major expose of the New Age Movement and its links to the 1-World-Dictatorship.

An ex-Mason Christian evangelist who exposed and denounced Freemasonry.

Henry H. Klein-

Jewish lawyer who tried warning the world of a Jewish world conspiracy.


Ex CIA agent, has CIA and its power.

tried to expose the

Edith Star Miller

(Lady Queenborough)- She compiled the first serious comprehensive study of the occult network of the New World Order. Her book is still a classic.

Brig.Gen. G. Mohr- One of the leading challengers to the

New World Order today.

John Robison- An intelligent professor and Mason who exp osed the Masonic/Illuminati plot to rule the world. His efforts may have saved the U.S. from an overt take over.

Menno Simons- A prominent example of an Anabaptist minister. An example for Christians today. Anabaptists consisted of various groups that practiced a Christianity based on Jesus' teachings, such as nonresistance to evil, and loving your enemies.

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