Otto Rahm On His Mission In The Grottoes Of Ornolac

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Otto Rahm may have suceeded in his quest. Apparently, a German castle was restored with slave labor for the Grail. But like the Nazi religion, the Grail has remained a well-kept secret for many years.

Strange? Yes. But even more so, is the coverup of the Nazi's gnostic religion. One of the first items done at the Nuremburg trials was to forbid mention of the Nazi religion. It was inadmissible.

"One of the best kept secrets of the twentieth century is the occultic roots and nature of the religious philosophy at the heart of the Third Reich."1

Because of the disinformation about the Nazis, the public is unable to grasp the connections of Nazism with the modern day New Age movement and the Masonic Lodges.


W.W. II was staged. The allies were led by three Masons Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill. The Germans were led by men who were from an off-shoot of the Masons. II Duce in Italy had also been associated with the occult and the Masons, but like Hitler had broken away and gone in the direction of Fascism. Stalin encouraged Hitler to strike the West. Knowing that Hitler wouldn't attack, Stalin made a pact with Hitler, so that Hitler could rest assured that his rear would be safe. There is a book which goes into detail about the machinations that Stalin went through to get Hitler to attack Poland. Roosevelt knew that the Pearl Harbor attack was coming. Roosevelt

The Words And From The Viewpoint

was looking for a way to get the U.S. into the war. The war was costly to the world in general, but looking at it from the viewpoint of the one-world-conspiracy it was a brilliant. They were able to profit greatly. Russia was able to conquer half of Europe. They were able to use the threat of Russia to create a de facto united Europe. The U.S. was able to use the W.W. II to allow a massive exchange of material and technology to Russia, including the technology and materials to build the atomic bomb. The United Nations was set up, as a testing ground for the New World Order.

This background information is intended as an introduction for the reader to the multifaceted gnostic religion and the one-world-government conspiracy it is married to. You will now learn that the basic ingredients are the same for the various gnostic hierarchical religions, they just have a different flavor to them. They operate off of the same principles. There is even a book How to Start your own Religion. As you progress through this book Be Wise As Serpents you'll learn how they cooperate and function together. What we have been viewing as separate independent religious groups are actually at the very top working together.

This chapter is meant to be a tool to enable the reader to see that those basic ingredients of gnosticism make up all the gnostic religions, and that the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Nazi's, the Mormons, the Masons, Wicca, etc. are simply different flavors of the same thing. If you want Moslem flavor be a Sufi, if you want a Jewish flavor join a Jewish New Age synagogue, if you want a Buddhist flavor join Nichiren Shoshu or Lamaism, if you want American Indian flavor join the Earth Circle or the Bear Tribe Medicene Circle, if you want a Christian flavor join the Moravians, or Jehovah's Witnesses, or the LDS church, or the I AM. The Gnostic New Age movement has other flavors too, Egyptian, Aryan, Witchcraft, Sun Worship, Satan Worship, and New Thought. This Author has drawn a diagram to show the reader his choice of Gnostic poisons. What flavor do you want?

Let's say your religious tastes are like the Neopalitan Icecream (a combination of three) lover. There are groups to accomodate you. For example, Annalee Skarin has an offshoot from Mormonism which is a small metaphysical religion. In 1948 she published Ye are Gods. Another of the many Mormon offshoots called the Aryan Christian Church combines the philosophies of Mormonism and Nazism. They use the Hitler salute and the swastika. Basic ingredients to create a gnostic religion.

1. Hidden knowledge.

2. A heirarchy, generally divided in 3 basic tiers, the general initiates, the elect, the enlightened top 1,2 or 3 leaders

3. The higher one goes up the hierarchy the more hidden knowledge is dished out.

Let's pause and define esoteric. Esoteric means- intended to be understood by only a select small group. Exoteric means- intended for general consumption.

Ingredient 1. The knowledge given is mystical and esoteric knowledge. A great emphasis is placed on secrecy. It's salvation rests on man controling himself and working out his own destiny. Only initiates at special occult centers learn the power and symbols. The word Gnosis means the ultimate knowledge transmitted by an elite hierarchy of initiates. Another trademark is that there are recurrent cycles of cataclysisms and an earthly paradise, often called the Golden Age.

Ingredient 2. The hierarchy has a ternary classification system. The Theosophical Society informs

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