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There have been other Masons and ex-Masons that have given similar testimony. John G. Stevens, an ex-Mason testifies, "If the lodge went unchecked, the United States would have a Masonic monarchy for its government, a Masonic church, a Masonic way to a Masonic heaven...Masonry was a state within a state and that one day Masons would overthrow the democratic government of the United States and would crown one of their 'grand kings' as ruler of this nation."4 As the reader continues into Unit 2 he will see in detail how the Masons have done what these witnesses have warned us about.

Freemasonry has repeatedly told the public that it doesn't keep its memberships secret. For instance, in an article entitled "What Can I Tell My Non-Masonic Friends???" in the Scottish Rite's New Age Magazine it says, "You can explain that Freemasonry is not a

"secret society." A secret society is one that keeps its existence a secret and whose members do not make known their affiliation with the group. Freemasonry is not a secret society because it does not hide its existence nor do members hide their membership."

Dear friends, any Mason saying that ought to have his nose grow long. That is simply a boldfaced lie. Repeatedly, the Masons have created secret groups within secret groups. They seem to have a ceaseless urge to create new organizations, and many like the Pallidium Rite are secret. That is why they do not keep written records, and why the Pallidium Rite's finances are separate from the regular lodges. The Highest Masonic authorities have repeatedly lied to keep secret their memberships.

Gary Blevins has a letter received from Grand Executive Director William G. Sizemore, 33°, of the Supreme Council at the House of the Temple in Washington, D.C. which denies that Ronald Reagon is a Mason.5 The April, 1988 New Age Magazine shows on its front page cover President Reagon receiving the honorary 33rd degree of Masonry.

When friends of this Author have called Billy Graham's ministry to ask if he has been or is a Freemason, they were told that his ministry chose not to comment on the matter. And yet on the authority of a number of several very reliable sources his membership has been confirmed to this Author. (See chapter 2.1 for a discussion and an explanation of the meaning of this.)

When President George Bush became president, by law he was required to place in the Library of Congress information about himself. That information included his 33° membership in the Scottish Rite, but after a few months the information disappeared from the Library of Congress. (George Bush by the way took his presidential oath on a Masonic Bible.)

These are just some of the examples I am aware of where the Masonic Lodge is covering up prominent memberships. They are covering up the memberships of Congressmen and religious leaders too.


This chapter up to this point has only scratched the surface of two organizations who are front organizations for the Power. If the Masonic Lodge and the Watchtower Society have been screened in such secrecy, what about the organization that controls both the Watchtower Society and the Masonic Lodge?

Indeed, Satan's closest worshippers have been shrouded in the deepest secrecy. Each of the top Satanists have at least one cover. That cover is a life that they live in the public's view. They may be a mayor of a town, a business leader, or a Christian evangelist. The primary goal is that the cover makes them look good to the public, or at least too powerful for people to believe criticism of them. For instance, George Bush is nicknamed the teflon president because no criticism of him seems to stick, even though the proof is abundant that the man is a very dangerous servant of the New World Order.

Perhaps one of the most sucessful covers of the New World Order has been the one Adolf Hitler with the help of Satanists world-wide has foistered on the history books. Hitler's cover was to be an anti-Judeo-Masonic crusader. Hitler pretended to be the ultimate crusader against the One World Power, while he really was a powerful Satanist and descendent of the llluminati family of the Rothschilds. Stalin was a co-conspirator in the Satanic llluminati's plans. Bear in mind England according to Satanists is the Satanic mother of all nations—the center for llluminism.7 Hitler personally intervened to prevent his tanks from destroying the British Expeditionary Force at Dunkirk. Hitler personally intervened to prevent the German invasion force from capturing Leningrad, and Stalin personally intervened to prevent the Soviet military from protecting itself when many intelligence sources were warning them of a German invasion. The llluminati got exactly the war they had planned and exactly the results they wanted, and Hitler's Satanic role for the llluminati is still basicly secret. The fictions revolving around W.W. II are too numerous to try to clear up, the reader's mind would simply not accept them. Perhaps after reading this book, enough of a thinking process will have occured to get the reader to initiate his or her own investigation. Part of what really went on behind the cover of killing Jews, was the elimination of all devout Christians and the placement of Satanists into leading offices. The U.S. Army and the Soviet army facilitated this after Germany surrendered.

Information about the top level of Satan's organization are hard to get because:

A. Much of the activities are committed to memory.

B. Informants or people who know too much are murdered.

C. High level Satanists from the time of birth have been psycologically worked over by mind programming to commit suicide if they think about things that they are not to reveal.

Information that has come out of the Satanic cults is so unbelievable that most people dismiss it. Why is the information unbelievable? Because the majority of people in this nation have been programmed by the Satanists. Chapter 3.3 documents how the leading Satanists control the mass media. Over a period of decades they have subtly brainwashed the people, in such a subtle way that people do not even know they have had their behavior modified and controlled. This author has repeatedly witnessed that buzz words when told to the masses cause them to respond like Pavlov's dog. (Part of the reason that this Author can write this book is that I was spared from watching Television until age 11, and since then have only seen small amounts of Television and Movies since, in part what little has been viewed was done to understand the American people and the Power.) A program of kidnapping and implanting of control devices within the heads of people has also been going on, without the people knowing what has happened to them when they return to society.

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