1. I have tried to leave these introductory paragraphs without footnotes to help the flow of reading. Alice Bailey is so well known that these things really don't need footnotes. However, the question can be asked, "How much would her husband and her have talked about things, considering Masons do not talk or tell the truth to their wives about the Lodge?" This is a legitimate question, some wives have found out that their honest husbands lied for decades about the lodge. There are some rites which are designed for both sexes like the Palladium Rite and the Order of the Magi which admit women. Also for women is Co-masonry, Order of the Eastern Star, and Daughters of the Nile. The high level of importance that Alice Bailey held indicates she was in communication with whoever in Masonry she needed to cooperate with.

2. The Watchtower June 15, 1963, p. 377 says the Rosicrucians go back to Great White Brotherhood of Egypt.

3. Benjamin Creme, a student of Freemasonry, the occult, and Bailey believes the Hierarchy has assigned him the job of John the Baptist to announce the new messiah named Lord Maitreya. (See chapter 1.4) Benjamin Creme in describing the One-World-Religion that is coming in the Age of Aquarius states, "The Ancient Mysteries [Freemasonry] will be restored, the Mystery Schools reopened, and a great expansion of man's awareness of himself and his purpose and destiny will become possible."(Creme, Benjamin. The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom. London :Tara Press, 1980, p. 182) "The Mystery schools will be reopened and men will go to them as they now go to University, to learn and to take the disciplines that will prepare them for initiation, and so into the Hierarchy."(ibid.,p.190 ) "The new religion will manifest itself through organizations like Masonry." (ibid.,p. 28) (bold added.)

4. Found and originally published in the Unita Catholica. Later the Constitution was reprinted in the Irish Ecclesiastical Record, Nov. 1865.

5. Kleinknecht, C. Fred. The House of the Temple of the Supreme Council. Wash. D.C.: The Supreme Council, 33 degree, 1988, p. 23. "Albert Pike remains today an inspiration for Masons everywhere. His great book Morals and Dogma endures as the most complete exposition of Scottish Rite Philosophy. He will always be remembered and revered as the Master Builder of the Scottish Rite." (emphasis added.)

6. Because parts of Pike's Morals and Dogma are openly Luciferian, Masons are reluctant to admit to profane people that Pike is still important to Masonry. Church going Masons have said that they don't know who Albert Pike is. For the sake of the non-Masonic world the following are a sampling of how important Pike is to Masonry. The New Age Magazine, Official organ of the Supreme Council 33° Scottish Rite, Apr. 1964, pp.13-19 has a eulogy of Albert Pike where the following items are said about Pike, "Although Albert Pike was a master in many lines of endeavor, his brethren recognize him as the world's most renowned Scottish Rite Mason and will be forever grateful for his work in behalf of Freemasonry and the Scottish Rite."(p.19) "Not only Masonry, but all Protestantism is deeply indepted to Albert Pike..."(p.19) "...Albert Pike, the man whose memory we recall with deep reverence..." As an example that Pike's Morals and Dogma are considered valid today The New Age, Nov. 1958, p. 680 quotes Morals and Dogma as an authoritative writing. The New Age Magazine (Sept. 1959) has an article about "six very great men" (p.518) -Lincoln, Darwin, Albert Pike, Holmes, Tennyson, and Jewish Prime Minister of Britain Gladstone. The New Age Magazine (Oct. 1959) carries Pike's picture, and an article on his philosophy. Pike's Morals and Dogma, p. 321 et. al. reveals Masons worship Lucifer, who Pike says is the Light-bearer.

7. The New Age, (Sept. 1921) the official organ of the Scottish Rite Supreme Council 33°, Washington, D.C., p. 404.

8. art. "Spacecraft played vital role in Gulf War victory." Aviation Week & Space Technology, (Apr. 2-2, 1991), p. 91

9. Television special that showed how the Patriots work and the underground Colorado facility tracking scuds.

10. Wilson, Andrew, art. "Eyes in the sky," Interavia (Sept. '88) p. 924.

11. Telephone interview with Dr. Morey, 8/3/91

12. Wells, H.G. The Shape of Things To Come. NY: The Macmillan Co., p.336.

13. This is known to this Author by his research, confidential interviews, and from other researchers. For instance, both Eustice Mullins, and Prof. Quigley were aware of it. Prof. Quigley (member CFR) was one of the insiders to the New World Order. He wrote Tragedy and Hope. The book deals with how this group of men shaped history. In the book, he describes studying the Power. He "was permitted for two years in the early 1960s" to study the "papers and secret records" of an international anglophile network." (Emphasis mine.) Freemasonry is one of the primary parts of that network.

14. An expose of the Order of Antelope fraternal group was in the 7/28/91 Oregonian, p. A-16+ If only our media would expose some serious wrongdoing by Fraternal organizations, and not just their lewd drinking parties.

15. Erzberger, Mathias. Experience in the Great War.

16. Lobineau, Henri. Dossiers secrets d' Henri Lobineau. Paris, 1967, planche no. 4, Ordre de Sion.

19. This is well known from various Masonic histories.

20. Warvelle, George W., 33 degree, History of Scottish Rite Masonry in Chicago, Chicago, IL: Scottish Rite, 1907, p.4.

23. Chaumeil, Jean-Loc. Le Tre'sor du triangle d'or (The Treasure of the Golden Triangle), Paris, 1979, p.136.

24. BBC interview with J.L. Chaumeil as mentioned about by Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln in Holy Blood, Holy Grail, p. 223.

25. The refered to paragraph is a compilation from many sources. The Pope is Jewish through his mother. That the Prieure de Sion has control of the Catholic Church is the conclusion of those that have researched the Prieure de Sion, and their own guarded statements.

26. Mackey, Albert G.,33°, An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, pp 7 98, 804.

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30. Roth, Cecil, ed. The Standard Jewish Encyclopedia. Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Co., 1959, p. 706.

31. Rob is on, John. Proofs of a Conspiracy Against All the Religions and Governments of Europe Carried on in the Secret Meetings of the Freemasons, Illuminati, and Reading Societies Collected From Good Authorities, orig. pub. in 17 98 republished by Western Islands, Boston, 1967, p.6.

34. The New Age, The Scottish Rite (Dec. 1962), p. 39.

35. Friedman, Lee M. Jewish Pioneers & Patriots. NY: The MacMillan Co., 1943, p.203.

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38. Harris, Ray Baker (33°), History of The Supreme Council, 33°, Ancient and A. Scottish Rite of F. Southern Jurisdiction, USA 18011861. Wash.D.C.,The Supreme Council, 33°, 1964, pp.10-12.

39. Stevens, Cyclopaedia of Fraternities as quoted in Miller, Occult Theocracy, p. 215.

40. Denslow, William R.(33°?) 1 0,000 Famous Freemasons. Richmond, VA: Macoy Pub. & Masonic Supply Co., Vol. I, p.12.

41. This is based on the South Carolina Gazette and Public Advertizer (July 3, 1784)-as quoted in Harris's official history. See Harris, 33°, op. cit.

43. Lady Queensborough. Occult Theocracy, pp. 18 9-190.

44. Mullins, The Curse of Canaan, p.145

45. Lady Queensborough (Miller) op. cit., p. 190-191.

49. Information taken from Harris, 33 , op. cit.

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