1. The following are three dependable witnesses to Billy Graham's 33rd degree membership. WITNESS

1. Billy Graham took part in Rev. Jim Shaw's 33° Masonic initiation. This was before Shaw left the lodge for Christ. Only 33° degree Masons and candidates participate in that initiation. Jim Shaw refers to Billy Graham's presence at this Masonic initiation on p. 104 of his book co-authored with Tom McKenney, The Deadly Deception. Lafayette, LA: Huntington House, Inc., 1988. Jim Shaw has verbally confirmed that p. 104 refers to Billy Graham. WITNESS 2. A recent book (advertised in a Masonic periodical) The History of Freemasonry written by Episcopalian Dr. Robert Morey refers to Billy Graham being a 33° Mason. A telephone interview with Dr. Morey, who has examined Billy Graham's 33° degree Scottish Rite file in the Scottish Rite's House of the Temple, confirmed that his book's reference that "one of the most well known evangelists in the a 33rd degree Mason..." (p. 11) refers to Billy Graham. WITNESS 3. Kurt Billings, an ex-New Age leader now Christian, warns Christians in a talk entitled "New Age and Occult Influences in Public Schools" that some of their big leaders are selling the Christians down the tubes as fast as they can. In person, Kurt noted that his comments refered to men like 33° Freemason Billy Graham. OTHER WITNESSES. Ralph Epperson who is giving public talks and is the author of The New World Order (1990) and Fritz Springmeier author of Be Wise As Serpents (1991).

2. Recent books exposing the hidden Satanic side of Freemasonry are The Deadly Deception by Shaw & McKenney, The Secret Teachings of the Masonic Lodge by Ankerberg and Weldon, The Hidden Power Behind Freemasonry by Mohr, Should A Christian Be A Mason? by Storms, and Be Wise As Serpents by Springmeier. Free The Masons, P.O. Box 1077, Issaquah, WA 98027 has a good proclamation that was the Free The Masons Newsletter Jan 1991 which summarizes the serious problems that make Christianity and Freemasonry incompatible.

3. Just one example of the type of results that Graham's Crusades get is the results of the New York Crusade. Almost all that came forward were Christian. 64% were referred to churches they were already members of. Graham himself admitted that 40 to 70% of the decision cards were from people of sponsoring churches and almost all the rest were from people who had been members of non-sponsoring churches. See Billy Graham A Parable of American Righteousness (1979) by Marshall Frady, pp. 291-315.

4. Statement made in 1969. Quoted in Why We Cannot Support The Billy Graham Crusade by E.L. Bynum.

5. At a press conference in Los Angeles Graham said, "There is a great need for an ecumenical Christian body much broader in scope than either the World Council of Churches or the National Council of

Churches." -F.E.A. Nov. 1972 Graham wants the WCC and the NCC more broader. The NCC already includes The Church of Satan (Anton LaVey's) and has long included such groups as the Unitarian-Universalist Church. The WCC is as broad as it can be, as it already has anti-Christian groups, and it has some conservative elements that have been dragged into it by their liberal denominational leaders. The only way to take Graham seriously is that Graham has in mind that the World Council of Churches will add to it New Age churches and other world religions. That Graham wants to see a One-World-Religion modeled after Freemasonry would be consistent with the views of those who he has as close friends.

6. Speech by Billy Graham at Belmont Abbey College when receiving his honorary doctorate from the Catholics. Graham said, "The gospel that built this school and the gospel that brings me here tonight is still the way to salvation."

7. Numerous instances confirming this can be cited. Here are a sampling. In the San Francisco Crusade 1,300 Catholics came forward, "practically all remained Catholic." Sword of the Lord 7/2/64. The Catholic Voice of Oakland, the official diocesan paper of the Catholic Church said that if a person makes a decision at a Crusade, "If he is Catholic, he is referred to a Catholic Church." The National Catholic Reporter, 12/21/90 tells its readers that the Billy Graham Crusade will help them "to become active again" in their Catholic parishes.

8. American-born reporter Maureen D'Honau recorded an interview with Billy Graham which was used for an article in the Mainichi Daily News, (May 28, 1973). In the interview, and reported in the article was Graham's statement that Mao Tse-tung's eight precepts are basically the same as the Ten Commandments.

9. article "Billy and the U.S. Presidency", Journal of Church and State. Vol. 22, Winter 1980, p. 126.

10. Billy Graham A Parable of American Righteousness, p. 335.

11. Interview with Bill Steiger a New Age leader.

12. Billy Graham A Parable of American Righteousness, p. 343.

13. Jewish author Gerald S. Strober in his book American Jews Community in Crisis, p. 110, states that after a resolution in Feb. 1973 at Pittsburgh by the NCC failed to declare the NCC against converting the Jews Graham came out with his statement. Strober also notes that Graham has privately assured Jewish leaders he is against converting the Jews to Christianity. Strober then on p. 111 informs his readers that many Christian organizations that are "Jewish Missions" take their marching orders from Billy Graham. Christians should investigate where their money is really going.

14. Why We Cannot Support The Billy Graham Crusade, by E.L. Bynun.

15. 20 Hot Potatoes Christians Are Afraid To Touch (1988) by Tony Campolo, p. 74.

The following photocopies are included in order to lend some documentation to Billy Graham's involvement in the New World Order.

Exhibit A. Pages from a Masonic book showing Billy Graham's endorsement of the Masonic Youth Program.

Exhibit B. When the personal secretary to Jeanne Dixon, Alice Braemer became a Christian, Alice photocopied this letter that Billy Graham sent Jeanne Dixon. This letter sent by Billy Graham to Jeanne Dixon calls her a "woman of God". Also enclosed are items concerning Alice Braemer and her knowledge that the New World Order funnelled money to Billy Graham through Jeanne Dixon. His staff picked up a check monthly.

Exhibit C. Copy of a page indicating what kind of tactics P2 Masonry uses to recruit members. Other Masonic groups and parts of the New World Order use the same tactics, which to some extent according to what Billy Graham told a friend were used to recruit him.

Exhibit A. Pages from a Masonic book showing Billy Graham's endorsement of the Masonic Youth Program.

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Forrest DeLoss Haggard

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