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Nathan Knorr took over the WT Presidency soon after Rutherford died. He was born in Bethlehem, PA. Apparently he had been baptized as a baby into the reformed church, although he possibly was of Jewish heritage. When he joined the International Bible Students at age 16, he had his name removed from their rolls.36 He graduated from Allentown, PA. Nathan served the Society as an administrator and was not important in terms of their doctrinal gymnastics. He was important in seeing their plans put into action. However, statements made by a relative of Knorr's indicate that Knorr was aware of how the Watchtower Society is part of a world-wide conspiracy.37

Some of the other Governing Body members who may possibly be of Jewish extract may include Albert D. Schroeder, Karl F. Klein, and William Jackson.38

The Cult of the Double-Sexed God Jehovah

The WT magazine was forced to admit to some degree that problems of morality reached to the very top of the Watchtower Society, including homosexuality.39

The leaders of the WT Society belong to a group called the Governing Body. Even the names of this Governing Body are kept secret. For instance, when this Author called headquarter to try and get any information at all about the Governing Body the spokesperson at Headquarters refused to reveal anything, not even how many men served on the Governing Body.40

The following paragraph may offend some readers, however it is not included to embarrass any individual but to develop a point about the occult connections of the WT Society.

A number of men on the Governing Body have been bachelors all their life, and are believed by people who worked at headquarters to have been homosexuals.41 Leo K. Greenlees was forced to resign when his homosexuality became public. He then moved to New Orleans. Governing Body member Ewart C. Chitty, was in the middle of a sexual act with a seventeen year old male Bethelite when some unexpected guests arrived and opened the door. The boy committed suicide. An unconfirmed report says that Chitty was forced to resign later. Ex-Bethelites also report strange behavior by the "oracle" of the Society—the principle light of the Society on religious matters, the

President Frederick Franz. It used to transpire that all the young boys would sit at Frederick's table, and that at other times he would discuss scriptures with them in the nude. That's passed, Frederick is now 97 years old. Other examples have been reported. Anyway, these specific examples are mentioned only to give some credence to the next discussion.

There may be a definite occult link between the homosexual activity of the WT leaders and witchcraft. It turns out that "Homosexual rites, which were most foreign to later religionists, and disturbing to Christian ideas, were associated most strongly with all that the Christian religion hated, notably occult powers."42 For instance," In the Congo it was not unusual for a priest to dress as a women and be affectionately spoken of as 'the Grand Mother'.43 " Further, "It is possible to link homosexuality with religion and magical practices all through the world."44

Several items might lead one to the conclusion that the homosexuality of the WT leadership is related to the occult.

1. Their relationship with the channeler Johannes Greber who lived in NY (later NJ) indicates a. that the leadership has occult connections and b. that they are willing to cover and lie about any occult connections.

2. Their belief going back to C.T. Russell that the perfect state of man is to have the sexual organs of both sexes. This androgenous belief goes back to Baal, to Mithras, Aphrodite, and the Hindu's Siva who are all depicted as double-sexed in some of their statues. It also relates to the Jewish Midrash. Rabbi Samuel-bar-Nachman (third century) says, "Adam when God created him was a man-woman androgune." Maimonides, a later Jewish scholar also believed this. The singular account of the creation of Brahm and Adam led various Jewish scholars to suggest that Jehovah, like Baal and the Syrian gods, was double-sexed.45 The two words that make up the word Jehovah were composed with the male-female idea.46 The Hebrew letter Hod (or J) was the virile organ, and Hovah was Eve, the mother of all living things, the procreator. This interpretation of Jehovah as bi-sexual has been preserved by the Cabbala and the mysteries of the Masons.

At first it may seem like jumping somewhat to connect a belief in an androgenous God to homosexuality, but after studying the lives of several homosexual religious leaders/witches that's exactly the connection they themselves make. For instance, Manly P. Hall, the great Masonic philosopher was homosexual. He makes this connection between it all, "These holy persons seldom took part in war, and frequently were distinguished by a costume combining elements of male and female attire. This practice has been common throughout the religious world and has influenced the dress of pagan priests and Christian clergy alike. The androgynous human being, in whom there is a spiritual union of male and female attributes, has been widely accepted as personifying a superior type capable of a greater understanding of the Father-wisdom and Mother-love potencies of Divinity. Such symbolism existed in all the great Esoteric Orders of the past."47

This leading 33rd degree Mason Manly P. Hall reports, "Philosophically, Adam may be regarded as representative of the full spiritual nature of man—androgynous and not subject to decay."48 He suggests that Elohim may have been androgynous. From these it can be seen that Hall believes homosexuals are on a higher spiritual level.

3. Wicca, black witchcraft believes that Jesus is a great teacher, but not God.49

4. The use of the word Jehovah by Caballists and Masons has meant a double-sexed God.

This Author in researching the Occult noticed that there was a connection between homosexuality and the New Age. For instance, upon entering a New Age store called the Third Eye (see the chapter on the Mark of the Beast), he found that free Homosexual literature was being given out.

The whole idea of such connections seem bizarre to those of us who have had little to do with the occult or homosexuality. Yet, in trying to understand others, say for instance, Catholic nuns who openly flaunt their lesbianism, and who are also into the New Age, the possibility that witchcraft and homosexuality play a role with each other may be a worthwhile explanation.

As one climbs the ladder of the Watchtower Society's hierarchy he becomes more immune to any censor of immoral behavior. "Witnesses are resentful of the fact that it seems that Elders commit 'the same wrong over and over, and little is done—and yet if a publisher is caught sinning once, he or she is disfellowshipped almost on the spot!"50 This Author has witnessed that double-standard. This is one more reason why it is possible that widespread homosexuality may have been practiced so long at Headquarters.

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