More Smokescreens

They have carefully concealed their power by making you think Russia and the U.S. carry out seperate policies and hate each other. Actually Russia and United States have served as the hammer and anvil that work together to crush all the little people between them. The KGB and the CIA work together. Proof?

Many accusations that different CIA operatives are KGB agents, which accusations have been backed up with proof, have surfaced. Many other accusations that numerous CIA agents are communists, also documented, have been raised. To shut people up and close the cases, the CIA merely claims that these KGB agents are really double agents— and that national security demands nothing more be said. They have a harder time explaining why Americans who are known to be socialists and pro-communists get hired by the CIA.

But we in the public are supposed to believe that many agents are easily converted to the other side. But if that is true, then obviously the Russians must know almost all there is to know about Ml 6 and the CIA from their triple agents. If the Russians know so much about these agencies and other intelligence agencies, why is the secrecy around these agencies so thick? The British government tries not to admit to its own people that MI6 even exists.

Forget for a moment the details of what you know about these intelligence agencies, and look at the process involving these acronym monsters. The process is that these acronym monsters are in close communication with each other, and are shrouded in almost total secrecy to the people from their own nations.

And what kind of men are in charge of these agencies. What direction they are going can be seen in who leads them—men with all kinds of connections to the One-World-Power.

Can't you imagine that a Jewish head of the the KGB-NKVD who has more power than anyone in the U.S.S.R. would not want to cooperate with his Jewish friends in the West?

Think about it. We say this person is a German Jew, this person is a Russian Jew, or this person here is a Spanish Jew. We say "german" Jew because they are a Jew first, and their country of origin is less significant. (This does not imply all Jews feel this way in the least). Rarely does one say a Jewish German, or a Jewish Spaniard. Every Jew in the world automatically holds a dual nationality. Every Jew can get an Israeli passport and is a citizen of Israel automaticaly, no matter where he lives in the world.

The Jews Alpari and Samuely were in charge of the Red Terror that carried out the torturing and executing of the bourgeoisie, the peasants, and the counter-revolutionists in Russia. The Jew Moses Uritsky was the first head of CHEKA. And the long-feared and imfamous Lavrenti Beria, well known just by his last name Beria, was a Jew and protege of the Jewish Kaganowitsch family. Beria ran the NKVD (Soviet Secret Police). The reader will recall that the Jew Lazar Kaganovich and the Jew Litvinov were next to Stalin the two most influential men in Russia during the 1930s.

The United States immigration people have no problem with all Jews being dual nationals. However, I can remember a dual national a Canadian-American being detained at the US-Canada border. They were detaining him to try to force him to renounce one of his two citizenships. I can remember like yesterday the harsh treatment they gave him, and can contrast that in my mind to the ease I've seen all Jewish people travel. Why is it that Jewish dual nationals, whether important like Henry Kissinger and ABC's Ted Koppel or umimportant, can fly around the world with no problem even stopping in to the most anti-Israeli nations?

Pike in Israel. Our Duty...Our Dilemma does a good job in blowing away the smokescreen that Russia is anti-Jewish. He also documents how the most pronounced favoritism has been given Jews by the Russian government. Who are allowed to immigrate from the Russian police state? Jews. Practically no gentiles have been allowed out in contrast to the millions of Jews allowed to freely immigrate, the bulk of which come to the U.S.

Israel in reality follows orders that come out of Great Britain through MI6. Why would they? Because the Jews in Great Britian control MI6. I have just offered you top secret information, that is of the highest confidentiality. You can do with it what you want.

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