From the Masonic reference book 10,000 Famous Freemasons we learn of the Masonic memberships of the following Presidents of Mexico: Jose de la Cruz Porfirio Diaz, 1877-80, 1884-1911,

Manuel Gonzalez 1880-84, Miguel Aleman, 1947-52. From the Scottish Rite New Age Magazine, (June '1963) p. 53, we learn President of Mexico Cardenas Obregon was a Mason. It is clear why the Mexican governments in the past have been so anti-Catholic, they have been as Masonic controlled in Mexico as in the United States. A CONCENTRATION OF POWER

Power in America and Great Britian is concentrated within a small sphere of elites. Not only do these elites control political decisions, but they run the financial institutions, the corporations, the news, the oil companies, and other centers of power. There is a tremendous amount of interlocking directorates of the various types of institutions. For instance, an international banker might also run oil companies, transportation companies, communication companies, foundations, universities, and hold some political office. This is not a new concept for those who have studied who actually makes the decisions in our society. What may come as a surprise to some though is that this elite is not an aggregation of individuals, but in general is a group. It is a group of men who by virtue of their relationship to the New World Order have access to the institutions that will allow them to progress to prominence. In other words, people do not solely become powerful because they have sparkling personalities, valuable skills, ambition, etc. but also because of their position relative to the power structure of the New World Order.

Power is an attribute of roles within the New World Order, and is not an attribute of individuals. George Bush has power due to his role within the New World Order, not because he personally is such a powerful personality, but because he and his family play an important role.

The Rothschild family, for instance, is an institution that is acutely aware of its role and its power. The Rothschild family has been very interested in genetic engineering and the raising of superior beings through genetics. Hitler, one of their illegitimate offspring did important research for them concerning genetics. The Rothschild family raises illegitimate offspring whose parents have been genetically matched. One of the names that they like to give their illegitimate family members is Bauer (also Bower) which was their original family name before Rothschild was adopted.

Although it was the original intention of this Author to show how the power of the various institutions such as banking, television, politics, oil and gas, utilities, etc. are concentrated in the control of a small group of elites, I have opted instead to simply provide a few suggested sources for the reader to study.


Who's Running America? by Thomas R. Dye and Florida State University. This book was not the creation of some foundation grant, but developed out of a graduate seminar at FSU. This is one of the most exceptionally well-written well-researched books to instruct the public about the elite that controls their lives. Highly recommended for someone who wants more nitty-gritty details than this book provides. The book is a systematic look at the various areas of power. Don't expect any secrets to be revealed, the book's contents are not extremely controversial. Be Wise As Serpents goes beyond Who's Running America and reveals the secret groups such MJ-12 and the policy committee of the Bilderbergers who really make the decisions.

The Energy Cartel, Who Runs The American Oil Industry by Norman Medvin. This book exposes the unchecked concentration of power that allows the elite through joint ventures and interlocking directorates, insurance companies, and hugh banks, etc. to have worldwide control of energy resources. It happens that the elite that The Energy Cartel portray are not interested in the general welfare of the world's people, but for the control of the world for their New World Order. The book states that its main purpose "is to show that popularly held assumptions about vigorous competition in the oil industry are false. "(p. 3) It is clearly shown that an elite of less than a dozen members control the America's (and the world's) energy.

The Money Lenders by Anthony Sampson. This book gives a good look at the world of the International Bankers. Although this book is not an expose, its excellent information does bring the power of International Banking into clear view. It describes how the world including the communist world is in hock to the elite of the International Bankers. NOTES

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40. Examples of influential leaders today that have ties to William of Orange are: Rita Ricardo-Campbell, wife of the dir. of the Hoover Inst, and a key Reagon advisor, she is descended from David Ricardo (1772-1823) renown economist of the harsh "iron law of wages", who in turn was descended from Abraham Israel who came over to England with William III; the chairman of the

Joint Chiefs of Staff(intelligence) in W.W. II who was also dir. of Rothschild's Rio Tinto descended from Dentinck who gave assistence to William of Orange; Pam Harriman, was a leading power in the democratic party, daughter-in-law to Winston Churchill, descendent of John Churchill (aka Duke of Marlborough) who came with William; husband of J.F.K.'s dead sister Kathleen, descendent of Lord Polworth who helped William prior to his invasion and sailed with him.

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