Masonic Use Of The Wingedsundisk

Upon achieving the 32 degree, the Mason is given Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma. It is now from the Pope of Masonry, Albert Pike, that the Mason learns that Phallic worship is the true worship of Masonry. However, an examination of Phallic worship, which is the worship of the regenerative parts is the same as sun worship, the sun being the symbol of regeneration.1 The worship of the sun has often been sexual in its ritual. The Elysian fields that the Sun Trinity-the Winged Solar Disk represents are sexual rituals. Masonry itself claims to perpetuate the ancient mysteries of Isis and Osiris, Tammuz and Baal19 which are Sun religions that ultimately are derived from a single common origin.

In Albert Churchward's (30° Mason) book Signs and Symbols of Primordal Man, The Evolution of Religious Doctrines from the Eschatology of the Ancient Egyptians, he states that the Winged-Sun-Disk is used by 33 degree Masons.

The 33rd degree is the highest public level of the Scottish Rite Masons. There are both honorary and actual operative 33 degree Masons. Notable persons, such as Presidents and leading clergymen are initiated into the 33rd degree. According to Churchward they alone know its meaning. However, exposure to the symbol is almost unavoidable to those Masons reading Theosophic literature.

"That's the sun disk Ra," exclaimed an active 32 degree Mason when this Author flashed Russell's cover of the Studies in the Scriptures.

"It's a Masonic symbol," this Author chimed in.

"No, it's not a Masonic symbol," came the reply.

"How did you know what it was?"

Complete silence. He had immediately recognized the symbol but refused to talk about it, or his knowledge about it. According to the Masonic oath they aren't to talk about Masonic knowledge.


Some will object that if Russell went to Egypt he may have got the symbol from Egypt, and not from esoteric Masonic-connected groups.

It is true that it is found displayed over Egyptian temples. For instance, one of the most spetacular exhibits ever, was the King Tut artifacts, discovered seven years after

C.T. Russell died. Four oak house-like structures, called shrines, contained the body of this minor boy Pharoah. The inside of these large oak shrines were laid of gold, giving us an idea of the splendor the other Pharoahs likewise received. Visitors to the exhibit can view the Winged-Sun-Disk at the top above each door and on the far side or rear panals.

However, in drawing representations of this over their temples the Egyptians employed a variety of styles. The snakes may look like vipers or cobras, and may even be dropping down rather than looking out from the sun disk. In researching what books were available to Russell, and what live Egyptian drawings Russell could have studied of the Osirus, Isis, and Horus trinity, it is this Author's conclusion that he would have seen a variety of representations. None of which he used. However, he did follow basically the way the esoteric Masonic groups drew it, so consequently his source was most likely an esoteric source.

Illustrations from references of C.T. Russell's day showing the Winged-Sun-Disk are provided to document the variety of choice.

Some have speculated that the Winged-Sun-Disk is an angel's wing like a Cherub. This is an uninformed guess. A close look at copies of Russell's books in excellent condition will reveal that there are snakes on each side of the disk. Further, Russell passes up ways to use it as an angel. It is undoubtedly the Winged-Sun-Disk on his books.


Surprisingly, there are a number of clues that show C.T. Russell did believe in a Sun deity. Russell spoke about Zorastor as a true prophet (WT '06, p. 14). Zoroaster, was considered to be the Sun God by his followers. Cyrus the Great, who name meant the Sun, was considered by his gnostic followers to be the Sun-God. Russell thought Cyrus the Great was a prefiguring of Jesus Christ. Russell in fact believed the Resurrected Jesus was at the center of the Sun.

Russell never left himself without a scripture to explain whatever he decided to believe.

Mal. 4;2 refers to "But to you who fear My name, The Sun of Righteousness shall arise With healing in His wings; and you shall go out And grow fat like stall-fed calves."

Russell at various times gave various interpretations to Mal. 4:2. A comprehensive examination shows he said the Sun of Righteousness is


After reading thousands of pages on the Mystery religions, dozens of Masonic books on their religious symbology, various books on the mythic images of mankind globally, and the Christian scriptures it was clear that 5 concepts repeatedly have been interlinked with each other on a worldwide basis and that each of these 5 interlinked ideas has also been represented by the concept of a serpent, a snake.

[place diagram here]

It is understandable how man in various areas could see the stars, the closest star the Sun, and fire and worship these items. It is also easy to see how two internal fires within man, sexual passion and curiosity could be integrated into the worship of the Sun, stars, and fire. If one were worthy of worship, then all the rest were too. It is easy to understand how a priesthood could persuade people to give them authority in order that these items might be properly worshipped. An examination of the related Sun worships from the classical world shows that the priests reserved an esoteric worship for themselves that was hidden behind the worship of fire, sex, snakes and the sun. The Egyptian priests that taught the people sun worship in Moses' day were monotheistic. This monotheistic god was the Light-bearer.

To understand the significance of pyramids to Masons (and New Agers in general) we can show how pyramids, especially in particular the Great Pyramid of Giza, relates to these 5 interlocked concepts. The Great Pyramid is important to Masons according to Masonic sources because:

a. An initiate (then and now) after entering the Great Pyramid leaves as a god. (light— bearer/godhood on chart)

b. The Great Pyramid is said to be prophetic when its passageways are measured. (wisdom)

c. Sun worshippers built the Great Pyramid.(sun worship)

d. All pyramids are said to emit special energy.

e. Pyramids are an architectural picture of an ascended flame to heaven.(fire)

f. The pyramid's upward triangle shape stands for the male generative principle.

When the Masons Charles T. Russell and H.P. Blavatsky made their pilgrimages to the Great Pyramid and went into the King's chamber it is possible the significance of their visits included the above a through f items.

The philosophy behind the mystery religions, Freemasonry, Theosophy, Gnosticism and the New Age movement continue the idea that man should seek out the fruit of the tree of good and evil for it shall make him a god. These religious philosophies also declare that "true" Christianity (cosmic or New Age Christianity) is also this gnostic quest for enlightenment.20

Many Gnostic religions hate traditional Christianity. They have also over the years criticized biblical Christianity for holding mankind back from finding his quest for godhood.

For several upcoming paragraphs we will contrast Christianity with the gnostic quest for enlightment. We will refer to the head adversary of the Creator, what the scriptures call "...the dragon, that serpent of old, the devil, or Satan." Rv 20:1

Some readers will hold the view that Satan and demons don't exist. They are free to speculate that, but there is no way to prove their speculation. On the other hand, it is easy to substantiate an objective belief in demons by examining the countless testimonies, etc. about them. J.W. Montgomery in Principalities and Powers, written after years of research into the existence of demons, concluded, "The problem involved in determining whether demon possession occurs and whether witchcraft works is absurdly simple. The documentation is overwhelming."21

Whatever our view of demons and their reality, there is the visible behavior of humans who are so brutal that we label their behavior as "inhuman" because they exhibit a cruelty that surpasses all the animal kingdom and surpasses any purposeful depraved needs. So why are these men so "demonically" destructive? How do we explain a man like Pol Pot who cruely killed half the people (many killed were of the better half) in his beautiful country of Cambodia. These were his own people. Rational answers fall short of explaining such irrational behavior for destruction. This destructive force may be labeled demonic, whether we view demons as real or as a psychological phenomena.

"Be wise as serpents...," What were the issues at stake in the Garden of Eden? If we are to be as wise as serpents, what was it that the serpent knew that Eve didn't know?

The story of the Garden of Eden sets forth the Biblical view of this issue right from the first part of scriptures.

The serpent knew that man was man, and that it was a delusion for man to try to become god. The only way since then for man to think he has reached godhead is if he deludes himself. And the serpent is there to help him try. But why does the Serpent want man to seek godhead through taking in the fruit of good and evil?

The biblical view of God was that man should not try to determine good from evil by taking in knowledge—that is eating of the fruit of the tree of good and evil. For man to determine for himself right from wrong is called situational ethics. Rather than man pretending to be a god by declaring what is wrong by his own wisdom of situational ethics, man was to allow God to decide. The creator had laid down physical, spiritual, and moral laws. But the gift of choice was given to man. That was God's will. God's will allows for bad choices on man's part, including the option by man to reject his loving Creator and make up his own rules in contradiction to truth.

Today, we are seeing that many young people do not want the responsibility of making their own choices about what is right and wrong. They are running to Guru's, and laying their freedom of choice at the feet of these New Age "Godmen". "Tell me what to do," they ask. And then men like Jim Jones, who thought he was God,22 make their choices for these youth, often with disasterous consequences.

Why does Satan encourage man to seek divinity? Even today people are as naive as Eve concerning the issue. Satan and the demons really hate the Creator and would like to destroy his Creation. But how does seeking one's divinity aid in mankind's destruction?

The Theosophical Society tells us that "...all philosophy is an effort to apprehend Reality; but it is an effort of the intellect merely, and as such it is, and must always be a fruitless effort."23

The inability for man to find godhead by reason and logic has been repeatedly discovered by all the great minds. Man has always failed. For instance, William James the philosopher tell us in A Pluralistic Universe, p. 212, "For my own part I have finally found myself compelled to give up the logic, fairly, squarely, and irrevocably. It has an imperishable use in human life, but that use is not to make us theoretically acquainted with the essential nature of reality."

To apprehend reality as a truth seeker by using only logic and reason is a dead end street. God reveals truth to man according to the Scriptures, and man obeys.

If man chooses not to obey, and insists on seeking truth on his own, he invariably must discard logic and reason and turns to mysticism, the occult and the mystery religions including Hinduism. In order to achieve his delusion of godhead, the initiate is encouraged to leave reality by using drugs, self-hypnosis, ectastic activity such as rigorous physical and sexual activity, psycotic states of the mind and trances.

The Theosophical Society states, "Some of our modern philosophers are beginning to apprehend this fact: notably Henri Bergson, who speaks of a higher faculty which he calls intuition, and which he says must replace intellect if we would contact Reality."24 The Theosophical Society believes the world is but an illusion, Maya, an idea they have learned from Hinduism.

The reasoning that these people use is a form of reasoning not under God's authority and is consequently according to scripture not under his protection from demonic control. To step out from underneath God's authority is like stepping out from underneath an umbrella during the rain, the protection offered is lost. Although these people use reason, it is a distorted version. The dying words of atheists who exalted reason, shows that they often discovered their philosophy turned out to be a cruel hoax.

Does Satan benefit by watching men pursueing altered states of consciousness and tripping out and leaving reality? Yes. A life centered on deluding oneself is a destructive life.

Satan's Kingdom, often called the Kingdom of the World is taking advantage of man's ignorant groping for godhood. Satan is out to destroy God's creation made in his own image.

Get in touch with reality and stay there. Quit trying to "cop out" of reality. Christians are to test the spirits to see if they are of God. That means elements of logic, science, and reason must be tested to see if they are under God's authority. If they are, then embrace them. Christianity and the Scriptures are not against science, logic, and reason. No those items are powerful tools for Christianity. But when those items are used in a distorted way that must be avoided. Science and intellect are not to be used to create gods nor is their purpose to invent systems of morality.

Evolution is an example of a powerful warped way of thinking. Because it was developed intentionally as a tool to destroy belief in God, it has not been protected from demonic powers. All kinds of demonic influences have directed the evolutionists, and the list of frauds perpetrated by evolutionists is long. It is also used to teach us morality, such as, only the fit (the best) survive. This means one is superior if he survives by any means.

To use reason, science and reality to become gods is in itself a distortion of reality—a contradiction, for man is but man. In order to delude himself into thinking he is a god, mankind is turning to drugs and other escapes from reality.

The Christian NT book of Ephesians chap. 4 deals with sins of the flesh in the context of the old man (verse 22) and the new man (verse 24). In this context, suddenly Paul warns us, "Neither give place to the devil." (verse 27). By committing fleshly sins, the demons are given a place (lit. ground) for their activity in the believer's life.

But the Christian idea of God establishing right and wrong for us, is rediculed as simplistic by all the various Gnostic groups.

" 'Christianity,' so-called, lulls its devotees into a false sense of security, or "salvation"; whereas the whole history of humanity, and of religion itself, shows us that:

" The path by which to Deity we climb

Is arduous, rough, ineffable, sublime."'25

The poem is right. The path to divinity is an arduous path, because it is a path man is not to accomplish on his own. It is a cruel hoax which Lucifer as an angel of light assists.

The Masonic lodges which continue the ancient mystery religion (one religion with various names) teaches the initiate that he needs light. Masonic authority Mackey in his Encyclopaedia states, "Light. Light is an important word in the Masonic system. It conveys a far more recondite meaning than it is believed to possess by the generality of readers. It is in fact the first of all the symbols presented to the neophyte, and continues to be presented to him in various modifications throughout all his future progress in his Masonic career."

As a candidate for various degrees the Mason Will declare his need for light. For instance, the Entered Apprentice, or first degree is asked by the Worshipful Master, "In your present condition, what do you most desire?"

And C.T. Russell, Joseph Smith, Jr., Billy Graham, and Robert Schuler all answered, "Light."26

"Light is the first demand of a candidate at his initiation; and the material light is succeeded by an intellectual illumination."—Historical Landmarks, Vol. 1, p.135.

This search for light continues up through the degrees. When the candidate receives his lecture for the 32nd degree he is told, "You are here to learn, if you can learn, and to remember what you have been taught. In the Scottish Rite you will be taught that our ancient ancestors who knew all the Mysteries left enough traces so that we today with diligant labor and teaching may renew them and bring them to light for your enlightment. We now come to the great symbol of Pythagoras. Our symbols have descended to us from the Aryans, and many were invented by Pythagoras, who studied in Egypt and Babylon. In order to preserve the great truths learned from the profane, there were invented some of our symbols that represent the profoundest of truths descended to us from our white ancestors...The ancient Masters invented some of these symbols to express the result of deity. They did not attempt to name him, but rather tried to express their reverence by describing him as Ahura-Mazda, spirit of light."27

Ahura-Mazda was the god of the Mazdean religion which worshipped five types of fire. The five fires were the internal fire of the earth, the Kundalini aka as Sex-force or serpent power, the fire of lightning, the fire of vegitation, and the fire of Ahura-Mazda.

The ritual quoted above of the 32 degree lecture introduces us to two concepts worthy of note at this point. First, that symbols are used to conceal truth from the profane, and second that Masonry involves the worship of the various 5 elements of the serpent.

In Ez. 8:16, Sun worshippers are described facing the east. Generally, sun worshippers have faced east, as the Masonic rituals connected to sun worship do. Because of a number of items, it appears that Lucifer may be playing a larger role within the Masonic lodges than one is led to believe. The symbology of the lodge includes frequent use of the Sun, the serpent, and the eagle representing the sun.

In order to bait mankind into continuing to self-destruct, Lucifer and his demons have been appearing and providing enlightment for those who are on the New Age road. It should be obvious that a real angel of light (by Bible standards) is not going to appear to help men become gods. The Bible is clear from the beginning Yahweh the God of the Bible doesn't want situational ethics and man-made gods.


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