Masonic Control Over The Public Schools

Using Oregon as an example, just as this chapter has done earlier, it can be pointed out that the Masonic talk boasting of their control over education is not to dismissed lightly. The president of the Or. State Teachers Association is Tom Powers, Jr. a 32 degree Mason. A Masonic flier for the public, shows Matthew Prophet the Superintendent of Portland Public Schools working with a group of four Masons. A man's advisors can have a great influence.

art? "itJfiShtrirty in thfrtJbn to

Eidge, in the nairte of education, complete division nf religion I civil authority which our forefathers made. One is to introduce religious education and observance into the public schools. The other to obtain public funds for the aid and support of various private schools'." An eniiufnt educator has said ..the comprehensive high schools deserve the enthusiastic support of the American taxpayer. The greater the proportion of our youth who Fail to attend oui public schools and who receive their education t'lse where, the greater the threat to our democratic unity. To use taxpayers' money to assist private schools is to suggest that American society use its own hands to destroy itself,"

"It is what T lie Supreme Council long ago warned against when it announced fundamental Scottish Rite policy as follows: 'The entire separation of Church and State, and opposition 10 every attempt to appropriate puhlie monevs f ederal, State, or local directly or indirectly, for the support of sectarian or private institutions',"

Article 1 of the Bill of Rights stipulates (hat "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exorcise thereof" which has been interpreted by the Courts as a mandate for the separation of Church and Slate, . . _

quently by behalf of sectarian seek continually It) play American's sense of tolerance his desire to avoid a fight with friends. Threats of reprisal or boycott are common. More dfl than not those aclict succeed want of an answer or for dfefi of an open forum. But 3, in: of, ostrich like, closing our eyes the dangers, we expose the differences between jAlb-

lic and sectarian school«, the piibiiC would not be misled by false etance. , -i .

"For example, let us make kne

(A) The divisive impact seclariaii school, segregating cVin-*^ dren along sectarian lines, instefcd of using public schools as an Ameit» -V ican melting [*>t for a unified and enlightened citizenry;

(B) The prime purpofte of g tarian school Iwing to fasten its pdr- y tic Li la r faith upon the children tending its scliool;

(C) The lack of public contrht over sectarian schools, their teachers, school books, and what is taught, instead of the control of public schools at local levels which assures the inculcation of Americanism;

(D) The insatiable appetite (4 some of those who conduct sectar ian schools for expansion at public expense, hoping thereby tt> make their sect a supewUte ami their rc- ' • $


f, faft'tfl rt* wfiile ij^ttt fihandirt itwwc«; (Tliif competitive attacks by openly mid by sly ItraHon» With a consequent befog, downgrading, and criticism ublfc schools, so that in some Is iiur public schools already Jiecorue second rate.

fully realize that what we nfcvr said is in defiance of the s, the lightnings, and the re-; of those who have sought to '-•fifle disctission of (hose differences ai a gulf—that separate sectarian and public schools." .The report of the Committee on lUcation Was carried in the De-Wftibir

1959 issue of The New Age rine. Reprints are available to ho send a request to The Su-Couticil, 1733 16th St., j.W., Washington 9, D .C.

ftJBLIC SCHOOL COM MIT-ARE IMPORTANT-It has been found through experience that State public «chooT committees made learfthg citizens and sponsored by the Scottish Rite, have heift important in advahcing the interest of public dduaition. Our Scottish Rite Committees should Ipon^or and work closely with district and local committees rlmmgh-«it-the Orient. The chart which fallows suggests an arrangement conducive to prompt and effective Action.

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