Masonic Control Of Great Britian

The World Order controls Great Britian completely. The British monarchs have allowed themselves to be the nominal heads of the Masonry down through the years. As so much of British Royalty has been involved in Masonry, and this has been with all the pagentry that Britian is so famous for, it is public knowledge that British Royalty is part of the Masonic system. There are few exceptions, and it is questionable if the specific details are needed to relate the religious side of the story.

It is my intention to keep this section as brief as possible because it deals with politics. However, something must be offered the reader on this area, because the religious threat of a One-World-Religion seems so remote until we realize that the people of the One-World-Religion are the same group who are have control of our political/judicial systems.

In the United Kingdom (U.K.), two major political parties have been created, the Conservatives and the Labour parties. As in the U.S. both political parties are controlled by the One-World-Power.

Even more so than in the U.S. there is fundamentally little difference between the two parties.

One British authority on the British parties noted that, "Two monolithic structures now face each

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