Liberation Theology

The Pope has never officially blessed Liberation Theology and has at times not been publicly pleased with it. In a fashion reminiscent of Charles T. Russell, parts of the Catholic Church (Jesuits, Dominicans, Paulist Fathers, etc.) began to promote what is actually Judaism as a type of Christian theology called "Liberation Theology."

Liberation theology follows Jewish thought in several ways. It is revolutionary & socialist (which are definitely Jewish), it speaks only about Christ's humanity, and it strives for a socialist New Order. Yes, liberation theologians have actually called for a "New Order", which is also called the Kingdom of God, or the Millenium. Catholics are being promised a "Golden Age of Christianity." (Where have we heard this before?)

Quoting from a book on Liberation Theology by one of it's expousers entitled On Earth as it is in Heaven Jews, Christians, and Liberation Theology it says,

"Christian-Jewish dialogue has thus ceased to be the impossibility it once was Combining theory with practice, this movement attempts to use the insights of Marxist social criticism to forge a new vision of the Christian message. Most importantly for Jewish-Christian encounter, liberation theologians have gone back to their Jewish roots in the Old

Testament. Suddenly Jewish and Christian writers find themselves using the same vocabulary and motifs..."79

"The writings of these theologians [liberation theo.J express a common conviction that the rights of the poor must be upheld in a quest for the liberation of the oppressed. ... Thus the kingdom of God, contrary to what many Christians believe, does not signify something that is outside of this world. Each individual must make an effort to bring about a new order, a mission based on Jesus' actions and teachings as recorded in fin the gospels."

This Author's reaction to Liberation Theology is to be amazed at how sheeplike even Theologians are; the people of the New Order make it fashionable to believe in Liberation Theology (a Christianized Judaism) and all the sheep just follow along. Even the Catholics are forgetting tradition and going with the fads.

Further, we read under the chapter Common Ground and Shared Concerns, under the section A Marxist Perspective, we are told that Marxism allows the Jews and Christians to have common ground, "This shared vision can serve as a bridge between the two traditions. Liberation theology's return to traditional Jewish ideals should make it possible for both faiths to work together for the first time in areas of social concern. . . .As we have seen in their analysis of society and in trying to understand conflict, liberation theologians frequently utilize the insights of Marxism. For liberation theologians Marxism is essentially an instrument of social analysis; . . . "81

So the dialectic synthesis of Judaism and Christianity is Marxism, (Oh?), does the reader see how they attempt to control both sides of an issue to control the synthesis?

Back then, Australian Carmelite Patrick J. Gearon said, "Efforts are being made today to replace the Church of St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas... with a new Church, the Church of Humanism and Evolution..."82

Jesuit Priest Padre Lupe (short for Guadalupe) aka James Francis Carney writes, "We Christian-Marxists will have to fight side-by-side in Central America with the Marxists who do not believe in God, in order to form a new socialist society...a pure Central American model a Marxist is not dogmatic, but is dialectical. A Christian does not dogmatically condemn anyone, but respects the beliefs of others. A dogmatic anticommunist Christian is not a real Christian; and a dogmatic anti-Christian Marxist is not a real Marxist Neither communist nor socialist... the universe of man is in dialectical evolution towards the Kingdom of God."83

The Nicaraguan revolution was a carefully thought out orchestrated affair.84 The Sandinistas would have had little chance of installing a Marxist government in a country 91.6 % Catholic if the Catholic clergy had not supported revolution and preached to the people that the revolution was a religious matter sanctioned by the church. "Heaven became the earthly paradise of the workers from which captialism is abolished."85 The National Council of Churches gave $305,000 in 1981 alone to the Jesuit staffed CEPAD in Nicaragua to help support the Revolution.

Not only have the Jesuits become communist revolutionaries attempting to bring in a socialist state by violence, they have joined the Masonic Lodges in great numbers. "There were, in addition, revelations that certain circles of the international section of the Masonic Lodge in Europe and Latin America were actively organizing opposition to the Pontiff in Poland; that Vatican prelates--some twenty in all--were formal members of the Italian Lodge. . . "86

The Jesuit influence has meant that the Roman Catholic population of India of 3 million has slipped back into what is Hinduism.

To complete this picture, let us comment on how Vatican II has helped transform the Catholic church into a Masonic-like religion. Three Cathlolic Priests in their co-authored book Finding Grace At The Center (bearing the official Imprimatur approval) advises, "We should not hesitate to take the fruit of the age-old Wisdom of the East and "capture" it for Christ...

Many Christians who take their prayer life seriously have been greatly helped by Yoga, Zen, TM, and similar practices. . .87

The Mason Pope John Paul II has publicly endorsed such syncretism.88 And much of the Catholic church is following suit. Zen Buddhism and Hinduism are being practiced now by many Catholics at church sponsored events.

A local Christian (protestant) went to a retreat put on by Catholic monks. After coming home, he felt very good about his experience, until his brother who is a Zen Buddhist convinced him that what he had practiced doing on the retreat was Zen Buddhism.89 Both of the two main schools (types) of Zen Buddhism teach that the goal of the Zen Buddhist is enlightment--which they call "satori." The founder of Zen got his enlightment by staring at a blank wall for 9 years straight. The Christian concept of sin doesn't even enter the picture. For instance, listen to two Zen teachers describe satori.

"Satori is utterly impersonal... sufficient unto itself, its own authority...without any sense of separateness there is no need of benevolence or love for one's fellow men. When I and my Father are one, why seek that one?"90

"If you want to get to the plain truth, be not concerned with right and wrong. The conflict between right and wrong is the sickness of the mind."91

The love of Buddhism within the Catholic Church can be experienced by reading the weekly articles in the National Catholic Report.


People from some areas can remember how the Protestants in their area would join the Masonic Lodge, and the Catholics would join the Knights of Columbus, and that the two sides were separated by tensions, and animosities.

On Washington's Birthday (how appropriate) in 1967 the two secret fraternal orders held a historical "fraternal summit." The leaders of the Catholic Knights of Columbus and the leaders of the Northern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry discussed the coordination and combination of the two fraternal orders.

The Catholics were represented by Supreme Knight McDevitt, Deputy Supreme Knight Charles Ducey, and Supreme Advocate Harold Lamboley. The Scottish Rite was represented by George M. Newbury, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Northern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite, who was accompanied by the Grand Master of New York, Frank C. Staples, and some other ranking Freemasons.92

This fraternal detente or pact of cooperation is a phenomena of the greater event, the capture of the Catholic Church by Freemasonry.

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