Learned Elders Of Zion

A clique of about 300 Powerful Jewish men has sway over the affairs of the world. This group includes the the Jewish Rockefeller family and the Rothschild family.

The close connections between the House of David and the "Black" Nobility that has ruled over Europe is a topic for another complete book. We can only touch on the subject. The purported lineage of David is guarded by the Prieure de Sion and the lineage of the Black Nobility by the Knights of Malta. The Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion (inducted in 1981) stated that his organization contained Knights of the Order of Malta within its ranks. Indeed, the previous Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion Abbe' Francois Ducard-Bourget was also the Magistral Chaplain of the Knights of Malta. Commenting on the two orders which are protecting two different powerful bloodlines The Messianic Legacy says, "...both Orders could be expected to function in much the same sphere, the twilight underworld where politics, finance, religion and the work of various intelligence agencies converge. Undoubtedly, too, the Knights of Malta and the Prieure de Sion had certain interests and certain objectives in common. Both Orders...were apparently intent on the creation of some sort of United States of Europe. And the history of both Orders, assuming the Prieure's pedigree to be authentic, would have been closely intertwined. Both claim a heritage back to the Crusades..."

By international law, the Knights of Malta are an independent sovereign nation, a principality, although the U.K. which has the Protestant branch of this order called the Order of St. John does not recognize the Order of Malta's passports. At least 30 nations do recognize the Order of Malta's passports.4

Nearly half of the Knights of Malta's 10,000 members belong to Europe's Black Nobility, that is Europe's oldest and most powerful families. The head of the Black Nobility claims descent from the last Roman emperior.5 The Knights of Malta are closely allied with the Vatican, the Masons, and the CIA. That the Prieure de Sion (allied with Scottish & Mizraim Rites) and the Knights of Malta are cooperating peacefully with each other, considering that the bloodlines they represent were once in competition means that an alliance between the House of David and the Black Nobility is solidly in place. Further, the Askenazim Jewish Banking families such as the Rothschilds have allied themselves to all this through marriage and business.

From the historical evidence, this Author believes that Mason/Rosicrucian Napoleon, who conquered Malta from the Knights of Malta and the Papal States along with the Pope, was able to realign those powers in some way with Illuminati goals. Freemasonry itself had been already been subverted by the Sanhendrin and the Illuminati. A Grand Alliance of the various powerful bloodlines, Freemasonry, and the Jewish Sanhedrin occured back in the early 1800s. However, the manipulation of events to centralize their power was a gradual process. For instance, the first passports issued by any state was done under the Masonic rule of France after the French Revolution. Yet, it wasn't until after W.W.I, that the One-World-Power could justify restricting the free travel of the nations with passport requirements.6

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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