Lds Political Control

Many observers have noticed the political that the LDS Mormon Church has and exercises in Utah's politics.

"Of course, in Utah, political ambition and religious ambition were always closely allied. It was difficult to rise to prominent public office without the Church's backing. It was virtually impossible to do so against the Church's opposition. That was a fact of life in Utah that any good o politician understood..."

Even in modern times, even very recently, reports by non-Mormons, called "Gentiles" by the Mormons, continue to tell how much oppressive opposition, pressure, and control the Mormon Church and the Mormon people are exerting on their lives and on their churches in Utah. The oppressiveness has caused some to move.

The U.S. Congress went on record repeatedly condeming the Mormon Church control of Utah's politics. They declared they needed evidence of the seperation of church and state in Utah. Congress dragged their feet in giving Utah statehood.

After statehood the complaints by "gentiles" in Utah continued. And so a charade, an act of deception was foistered on the American people, and most people relaxed, confident that Congress had taken care of the problem. How this was done will be discussed.

The Mormon Church after statehood continued to deny allegations of Church interference in the least in State matters. "The Church does not claim any such right...We disclaim the right to control the political action of the members."9

However, assemblies in LDS churches to discuss and advance the cause of a certain political party continued unrebuked by the Church's higher authorities.10

"Gentiles" did get placed in some of the State's positions, and this was "proof" to the outside world that the Mormon church had no influence on State politics.

However, the outside world did not have the perspective on things that this book gives. The outside world if they noticed a man like James William Cherry sitting on the Supreme Court of Utah would not likely see any connection between this 32 degree Freemason and his Unitarian Church which is involved with the New Age movement and the Mormon Church.11 Is it surprising that we find so many of the "gentiles" in Utah, carrying out policies that the Mormon Church wants?

Joseph L. Rawlins, was portrayed by the Mormon Church as a Gentile, and to its church members as an apostate. This "apostate" is rather suspicious. Notice, that back when Polygamy was an issue between the American people and Congress and the Mormon Church that this apostate stood on the floor in Congress and denied that there was "one syllable of evidence" that

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