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The Media (long controlled by Jewry) has so conditioned almost everyone, that I seriously wonder if it is of any value to attempt to undeceive people—even though I realize the facts are on my side. I could also quote people who were tops in their fields of expertise who can verify various things—but they typically have lost their jobs and have been ignored and are parriahs by Society for simply telling the truth.

A historical view of things is essential to understand where the non-Christian Jewish groups are coming from. Of any group of people, history is very important to the Jewish people. They still remember that day sometime in the late 14th or early 13 th century B.C. when the angel passed over their first-born. 33 centuries and they haven't forgotten.

The concept of a Messiah is bound up in the traditions of the Jews like no other group. The Encyclopedia Judaica, p. 1416, in the art. "Messiah" explains that the Messiah is to be of the House of David, reign in Jerusalem, rebuild the Temple, and reinstitute the Temple sacrifices. This is the official position of the state of Israel.

Let us use a parable to discuss what has historically happened. There was a bride, but she found that she couldn't be faithful. Occasionally she came back to her good husband, but being debauched she was unappreciative of him, and had trouble seeing his worth. Besides there were just too many attractive men around. She was so wrapped up in her adultery and debauchery for so long, that when her husband came to help her out of her problems, she didn't even recognize her husband. She called the police and lied to them to destroy this man. She thought she had destroyed him through the police (but actually hadn't). As a divorced woman, who had gotten rid of her man, she sought to replace her sugar-daddy. A new husband would remove her reproach of being a whorer. But she wants a husband that will be strong, one who is attractive and worthy of her worship, but lets her have her own way in everything. So far no groom has been able to met such a demand. The new man will have to hate her first husband with a passion like she does.

Now the bride in the story is the Jewish nation. The good husband was the Lord. The new husband that she seeks for is the man of perdition that the Jews will worship, who will replace Christ the divorced husband. Christ, who was Messiah, tells the Jews "I have come in My Father's name, and you do not receive Me; if another comes in his own name, him you will receive. "Jn 5:43 Simon the Magician was one of the false messiahs that arose, and interestingly Simon the Magician has some ties with those in Power today. But although Simon and many others—one author lists 25 false messiahs believed in by the Jews in the time period just after Christ Jesus26a have come—none of those early false messiahs ever received much of a following. For the last few hundred years, the Hassidic leaders have been considered to be Messiahs by their followers. The Reformed Jews are now preaching that the Jews themselves are the Messiah— they can save themselves, and so this philosophy lends itself comfortably with the way they are gaining a monopoly of power over the world.

The Jews that examine the Talmud and Zohar see in these authorities the declarations that the

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End of Days Apocalypse

End of Days Apocalypse

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