One of the biggest issues the Jehovah's Witnesses make a big fuss about is the name Jehovah. Christians, they say, are obviously evil for Christians are not promoting the name Jehovah. Although it is true the Bible has a Tetragrammaton, even the Jehovah's Witnesses admit in their literature that Jehovah is not the proper pronounciation, in fact it is known to be a Middle Age invention. What is not widely known is the importance that the word Jehovah has played in Black Magic and Freemasonry.

The word was introduced into Freemasonry, not in a Christian context but in a magical context.

Albert G. Mackey, 33 degree, one of the highest respected Masonic authorities for the Masons states in his Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry, Vol. I, 1871,

"JEHOVAH is, of all the significant words of Masonry, by far the most important. Reghellini very properly calls it 'the basis of our dogma and of our mysteries.'...The history of the introduction of this word into the ritualism of Freemasonry would be highly interesting, were it not so obscure. Being in almost all respects an esoteric symbol... That this name, in its mystical use, was not unknown to the Medieval Freemasons there can be no doubt... It is now conceded, from indisputable evidence, that the holy name was, in the earlier years, and, indeed, up to the middle of the last century, attached to the Third Degree, and then called the Master's Word...Third Degree refers to 'the mystic word, the Tetragrammaton.'"1

What was the esoteric, mystical use of the word Jehovah? It stood for what Medieval Cabalists and other practitioners of magic called their Satanic Holy Trinity.

E.M. Butler an expert on Magic writes in his book Ritual Magic that "...the 'triple name' could stand for ADONAY, ZEBOATH, JEHOVAH or for JEHOVAH, EMMANUEL, ZAMEH (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) or any other of the variant holy names by which the deity was invoked in black magic. With this exception, the invocation, although there is a learned Renaissance flavour about it, follows orthodox lines, and the word valeat instead of salveat represents ... rather subtle attempt to make the invocation blasphemous. It certainly is at odds with 'Jehovah's name forward and backward anagrammatized' (a pithy poetical way of describing the method used by Kabbalists to determine the seventy-two names for God), and also with the abbreviated names of the saints in the circle. It makes nonsense too of the conclusion: "By Jehovah, hell and the holy water which I now sprinkle, and the sign of the Cross, which I now make.' lt would be worse than useless, it would be in the highest degree dangerous, to call on the name of the 'triple deity' who had just been dismissed (however courteously) from the circle."2

The frequent use of the word Jehovah by Joseph Smith, Jr., and Charles T. Russell was the impact of Masonry on their lives. C.T. Russell disliked Christ's name so much he wrote the word Christmas as X-mas in his personal letters.3 Joseph Rutherford, who was involved in the occult, elevated the name. Jehovah even more, and downplayed the name of Christ. There are many solid Scriptural reasons why Jehovah is not the name that Christians are to promote and worship, but that is a topic in itself. The point though is that a balanced view of scripture in no way demands that Joseph Rutherford's worship of the word Jehovah be adopted. The over emphasis these men placed on it, was due to their contact with the occult.


"It was the Kabbalists who emphasized the mystery surrounding the letter JHVH by referring to the name they represented as the 'word of four letter', TETRAGRAMMATON, and this caught on like wild-fire in the magical texts. Few indeed and far between are those modern rituals in which that awe-inspiring name does not occupy the place of honour."4

From a group of JW elders at my house came the advice, "If you will say a prayer using Jehovah's name, and say it with lots of will power, you can count on it working."

Folks, those elders don't know it—but that's Kabbalistic Magic. Unfortunately, not knowing history well, they do not realize who promoted the name Jehovah for centuries— the Magicians of the Kaballist Jews.

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