Items Of Similarity The Tribe Of Manasseh Is The

The first item of similarity between Elizabeth Clare Prophets teachings and Masonry is the belief that the Tribe of Ephraim is Great Britian and the Tribe of Manasseh is America.<#34. Notes from a local CUT meetings.>

In the Masonic book, Mystic Americanism we are told The theme of the entire Bible centers around a hope of a glorious country afar off, in an age that was to come. The crowning event of the allegory of the Twelve Tribes of Israel—the one and one-half tribe of Jewish and the rest Christian origin—culminates in Manasseh (America) and Ephraim (Christ's Kingdom) as sons of Joseph (Great Britian). Most important of all is the story of the Woman (Revelation: 12) who fled into the wilderness (secrecy)' but who is to return and, in a glorious nation, defeat the Dragon by reopening the ancient teachings of the Holy Grail (Illumination of the Soul)."<#35. Mystic Americanism. Quakertown, PA: The Philosophical Pub. Co.> Parentheses are part of the quote.

This and other beliefs of various groups are lumped together under the label British— Israelism. A strain of British-lsraelism appears in Masonry from its inception.<#36.

Hodson, John Milton, William H. Upton, et. al. Masonic History of the Northwest. San Francisco, CA: the History Pub. Co., 1902, p. 71. In the Royal Arch degree in England "the presiding officer is the Prince and heir to the Jewish throne, ZERUBBABEL (being descended in the direct line from King Solomon), and as such represents the King..." In America, after the Amer. Revol. the heir to the Jewish throne JERUBBABEL was replaced in the American Lodges with the High Priest. And the Prophet in the third chair was replaced with a scribe. In England, in the Royal Arch degree ritual mention is made in regards to the Messiah, but no in America. Apparently, the mission was to keep safeguarded the Royal Blood, and apparently that Royal Blood stayed in England. The mission of the Royal Arch degree changed, "it became the ally of the English Government and Church." The British exert power over the Americans.> Considering that Masonry began in the British Isles, and that Masonry has had universal goals from its earliest times, this is not surprising. However, it is not clear to this author why the various Masonic groups work so closely with the Askinazim Jews, and haven't elevated the Sephardic Jews. For instance, the British Royal Family which has been prominant in Freemasonry and believes in British-lsraelism,<#37. Numerous Masonic sources parade the lists of Kings, Princes, etc. that are Masons. The Kings themselves have made public comments publicly endorsing the belief they are the decendants of the House of David.> has been very congenial with Jews. Cecil Rhodes, who believed the One-World-State would be British, included Lord Rothschild on his roundtable. The Mormon leaders, who believe in British-lsraelism, have had close relations with the Jews, and although they should know better, have totally ignored the fact that the Askenazim Jews are not genetically related to the Childen of Israel. They apply prophecy to those Jews because they are supposedly the right seed, and then ignore the historical evidence they never were genetically that seed.<#38. LDS McConkie's writings on prophecy.> Even the Mormon leaders who have access to the world's genealogical records, are pro-Askinazim Jew. Elizabeth Clare Prophet's teachings have been a welter of contradictions. While condeming the Bavarian llluminati in talks, she also has taught about how great Sir Francis Bacon, who she believes started Masonry, is. She points out to her people how the Masonic Temples have the words I AM on them, to support her I AM beliefs.<#39. Notes from a CUT class.>

In 1723, Dr. Abadie, a protestant apologist, put forth the view that the lost ten tribes were the people of the British lsles.<#40. Gaebelein, Dr. A.C. World Prospects, cf. Gaebelein's art. in Our Hope, Jan. 1932 issue.> However the idea predated Abadie by half a century. Oliver Cromwell was convinced that the British were Israelites. He was not only active in Masonry, but was the person who brought the Jews back to England in 1655, after their expulsion. Some contend it was money that motivated Cromwell to bring the Jews to England. Interestingly, it was the discovery of Jews in China by the Jesuits that allowed Cromwell to justify allowing Jews into England. Rabbi ben Israel who lived across the street from Rembrandt in Amsterdam corresponded with Cromwell. (The Rabbi was also responsible for the philosopher Spinoza's education. Spinoza made his own contribution to the moral demise of Western Civilization.) The Rabbi brought out the phamplet "Spes Israelis" (latin for "The Hope of Israel" or in Heb. "Mikveh Israel"). Using a Biblical passage that the Jews were to be found at two ends of the earth, and declaring the recently found Chinese Jews as one end, he argued that Biblically the other end of the earth was...Portugal (well, at first it was Portugal—but then the Rabbi realized

England had more commercial profit potential so he reworded his tract to say...)England. Yes, the Rabbi declared that Biblically the Jews were at both ends of the earth, and since England had no Jews then the British must be Jewish. If Jewish, then how could they forbid other Jews from coming in. Since then, others have built on the Rabbi's idea. The dual marriage of Jacob with his wives Leah and Rachel was referred to as "two bands" (Gen. 32:10). These are the "two sticks" that the Mormons,<#41. The LDS Mormons appeal to the Book of Mormon. 1 Ne. 5:5 and Alma 46:23-24 are used to explain that the America's are for the Tribe of Joseph.> and various Masons believe in. If Britain is Ephraim and the United States is Manasseh,<#42. Edward Hine in 1871 published his theory that Great Britain was Ephraim and America was Manasseh.> how did the United States become Manasseh? The United States began with such settlers as the Pilgrims who were British, therefore Ephraimites. This particular version seems illogical. Another version is that that the sons of Joseph (Great Britian) culminate in Manasseh (America) and Ephraim (Christ's Kingdom). This last idea carries an eerie aura about it to this Author. The symbology of the Tribe of Manasseh is the Olive Branch and the Arrows (associated with Joseph's bow).<#43. Scriptures that are used to illustrate the tie-ins between Manassah's heraldry and scripture are Gen. 4:22-24 (bow and arrows) and Rm 11:24 (which were always pictured as Olive Branches.)> (One common symbol of the Tribe of Dan is the eagle<#44. The best British-lsraelism examination of the heraldry of the Tribes of Israel and British Heraldry is W.H. Bennett, Symbols fo Our Celto-Saxon Heritage. Stanhope Press, Kent, Eng., 1976.> the other is the serpent or snake. The American eagle- that would be Dan- controls the other two tribes' symbols. The best book in showing archeological evidence concerning the fate of the ten tribes of Israel is Missing Links Discovered by E. Raymond Capt. Critics of British-lsraelism owe it to themselves to read this.) One of the symbols of the Tribe of Ephraim is the Unicorn. But the Unicorn according to Alice Bailey stands for the God-man, the Christ-man, the Illumined New Race coming in the New Order. The horn of the Unicorn on the third-eye chakra point indicating illumination by Lucifer. This Author hasn't seen Ephraim's symbols matched with their New Age meaning in the context of the idea that Ephraim is Christ's Kingdom soon-to-be established, but when it is, the "two-sticks"-belief matches itself to the New Agers Millenial belief.

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