Is the WT Society merely a religious faith or is it a

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government as it so often has called itself? It may be the " perfect scam; call one's government a non-political religion -and then who can dare oppose you? But the Witnesses know who rules them. They are told the WT Society is the voice of God (WT 6/15/57, p.370) They are told that rejecting the WT Society is rejecting God. (WT 2/15/76 p.124) They are told the WT Society is their mother.( ) They are told that the

God's sole visible channel is the WT Society and they must be submissive to it. (WT ) They are told to avoid independent thinking, and not to question the WT Society. (WT Jan. 15,1983, pp.26-27) The WT Society is not just any government, it is a very autocratic dictatorial one, but they believe it is the only legitimate government, all others are Satanic.

Tesla Arthur Matthews

My Book of Bible Stories, i978, p. ii5.

9.2 The WATCHTOWER'S Mein Kampf

The title to this chapter is not derived from an actual document called Mein Kampf, but rather because the Watchtower Society's words spell out a sinister future, much in the way Hitler spelled out his plans to wipe out certain undesirables. The coincidence is not coincidence. Hitler founded his Nazi religion on Hindi (New Age) beliefs. This author has repeatedly during the course of his research come across New Agers referring to Hitler as one of them.

The Watchtower Society adveritises themselves as Christians. They don't now directly identify themselves with the New Age Movement.

The Watchlower Society does a good job of portraying their Millenium as a wonderful paradise. Hitler also promised his people a 1,000 year reign.

The Society anticipates a special race in the New Order. This New Age race is to be especially righteous and spiritual.

Allow the Author to digress. There is a certain disquieting flaw in the WT's history that perhaps when taken with some modem recent WT statements produces an uneasiness. Permit the Author to dig up the WT's unrepented and covered up racist past. It indicates an inability of the Society to admit faults. Who is going to keep the Society honest in the New Age if they have been able to hide their racism during this century? At one time the Society was simply racist. Consider the following Watchlower Society messages, which arc but a sampling. "The negro race is supposed to be descended from Ham, whose special degradation is mentioned in Gen. 9:22,25" WT 8/1/1898 A black man whose skin was turning while was hailed in the WT 10/1/1900 as proof that the New Age was about here. The WT 7/15/02 declares Caucasions are more intelligent than others. Russell's Studies in the Scriptures. Vol.6,p.490 advises to keep the races segregated


as New Creatures. On and on the articles went like this. Reformers, such as Martin Luther King, Jr. was to become, were branded satanic. WT 2/1/52 "It is generally believed that the curse which Noah pronounced upon Canaan was the origin of the Black race." The Golden Age 7/24/29 Even up to recent times segregation was practiced. While others were fighting discrimination; the Witnesses were practicing discrimination, yet fighting for the right not to salute the flag and going to jail for it. Their priorities are disquieting.

The Society has never admitted to their racism, or repented of it. In all due fairness, the rank and file JWs are in these times very commendable in their acceptance of racial differences. However, the Governing Body continues to make decisions that reflect a racial bias. Raymond Franz gives an example of that in their decision not to translate the AID Bible encyclopedia into Spanish, because supposedly the Spanish speaking JWs wouldn't use it.

The Society promotes the idea that in the Millenium there will be brotherhood. That is an interesting concept, because it implies tolerence, and acceptance, and love.

For now, let's accept the WT's word that it believes in brotherhood, and that in their Golden Age to come there will be this love, and acceptance, and tolerance. Bear in mind, the WT Society has consistently said that all men resurrected into the New Order will have their same personalities as before.

Most of the resurrected will be all the wicked people throughout history that lived before the JWs began seperating the sheep from the goats. Likewise, those that survive the revolution, the battle of Armageddon will also have only the same personality as they always had. From this is to come a special race.

The Watchlower Society has been brutally frank in their literature about what life will really be like under their rule in the New Age. However, because these items are slipped into articles along with nice garden-like paradise pictures with people smiling and a lot of verbage, few people, if anyone, have really stopped to assimilate the whole picture and digest what they arc really saying.

It's interesting that the Communists and the Nazi have always spelled out publically to their people what was


intended. There seems to be several reasons for this according to political scientists. They have done that while simultaneously painting a rosy picture to other countries. Equally interesting is how most foreignors have tended to prefer to ignore clear statements of evil intentions. In spite of repeated warning by Germans who were scared of Hitler's intentions, the Allies gave him Czechoslovakia. A phenomena for social scientists to study.

Hitler spelled out what he would do in Mein Kampf, but most people choose to ignore it. The WT Society has also prepared its people, while at the same time keeping the illusion going that paradise will be wonderful. Hitler had the Hitler Youth sold on his wonderful predictions for the future. The Society has also maintained an illusion of pacifism which when juxtaposilioned against numerous statements to the contrary when dealing with the last battle, ought to at least raise some eyebrows.

This author would never want to live in the New Age 1984 Orwcllian world that the Watchtower Society describes in their own literature.

This Author has taken a few quotes from older WT material in the following report—but in general most is fairly recent. However, the older material is relevant along with the new in that it hasn't ever been denied, or changed, and today's Governing Body was around when it was published, and finally modern WT literature tells the same story.


The actual quotes documenting each of the following will follow this summary.

According the Watchtower Society the future New Age has this waiting for us. 1. A new mark on the forehead will be required to survive the revolution.(more on what this is about later) 2. A fight between "God's Kingdom" (read WT Soc.) and those now in power breaks out 3. precipitated by an attack on the WT Society 4. God's forces and the world clash. 5. The heavenly Zion is actually in part the WT Society 6. The WT Society is God's government, and speaks for him 7.The JWs fight


in the revolution, 8. along with other revolutionary groups 9. The genocide of all Christians 10. and those without the mark begins. 11. A time of slaughter and pain equal to all the bloodshed in history begins. 12. The Society doesn't give advice to Jehovah's Witnesses on where to hide, or protect themselves. 13. The JWs are to treat this as a time of great joy. 14. Tears are not allowed for any victims. 15. The WT Society survives Armageddon to lead the New Age Society. 16 The Society is God's government now and in the Millenium 17.They are training their loyal people right now to govern during the Millenium. 18. Does the slaughter end with the initial genocide?- no, executions continue during the whole New Age period 19. People in the New Age are afraid 20.The WT Society will serve as judges. 21. Their secret police force will have absolute control and even control over the minds. 22. Instant punishment will be handed out 22. Ambitious people will be killed or brainwashed 23. People will be afraid and not permitted to mourn for victims of the slate 24.The world will be reeducated. 25 They must confess how evil Christianity is. 26. People will learn a 1-world-language. 27.The education will be transforming (read brainwashing) 28. Laws will be taught them. 29. People will work hard 30. They will be slaves 31. History books will disappear- the Bible will no longer be used. Many of today's books can be expected to disappear. 32. Executions will occur for any infraction of disobedience. 33. Big brother will watch everything. 34.Factories will be destroyed and closed. 34.The people will be sent to the countryside to plant. 35.Conveniences will be rarer. 36.Life will be in harmony with new age cycles. 37. Vegitarian and new age health food ideas will be around. 38. Rosicucian and Theosophical ideas about animals will be in force. 39.A Gandhi style of home industry as in India will come into being. 40. Marriage is controlled. 41. All marriages arranged by the government. 42. At first children will be allowed, 43. but they will belong to the state. 44. Then the population will be de -sexed, and 45. the only new people will be those resurrected (this author suggests


possibly test-tube babies from baby factories?) 46. Christ who is Satan's brother will rule invisibly but will never show himself. 47. God will never communicate with the world 48. But his occultic power will be used in the Millenium. 49 People will still be the same people as they are today 50. but they will not be taught anything of Christ's redemption, 51. but they will be perfected through training, the Laws, and executions. 52. But what is really wild is that the JWs have all these visions of the New Order being a lazy garden paradise, while the WT Society say that they will spend the first seven months burying dead bodies. Pass out the gas masks! That certainly is one picture one doesn't get from all their colored pictures, but it is what they warn JWs it will be like in the New Order. 53. People will have to wait to see anyone resurrected, because it will take some time before things are ready for any one to be resurrected.

1. A new mark on the forehead will be required to survive the revolution.

One of the WT Society's methods is to hint at something in their literature in a vague fashion and then later come along and reinterpret it in a more precise manner or even in an unexpected manner. When they teach that a mark on the forehead is absolutely needed they are laying the ground work for their people to accept the New Age Mark of the Beast. On the one hand the Society says the mark is symbolic. But then it says that a persons doesn't automatically acquire the mark simply because he has done all the right things. The mark is symbolic alright. But this author suggests it's symbolic of a sinister empire. Somehow the JW is to receive this, but it isn't acquire by just doing all the right things. An allusion to "standing in line" is made in the United in Worship book.

2.A fight between "God's Kingdom" and those now in

THE WATCHTOWER & THE MASONS power breaks out.

How will there be a war between God's kingdom and the world? "Such wars during the centuries prior to 1914 were mere wars against human nations, human governments; but the wars that the nations, including those of Christendom, were to fight at the consumation of the system of things were to be against God's kingdom and its King Jesus Christ, on the issue of world domination. "A New Heavens and A New Earth. 1953,p.246. Note the fight is between more than just Christ but with "God's kingdom."

3. precipitated by an attack on the WT Society. The final assault on the New World Society will provoke the final battle. A New Heavens & A New Earth. 1953,p.32 This will be a military attack on the Jehovah's Witnesses KJ,1971,p.360

4.God's forces and the world's clash.

What alliance makes up God's Kingdom forces at Armageddon?

"At Armageddon the nations and demon powers invisibly behind them will meet up with the Invincibles, 'kings from the rising of the sun", namely Jehovah God and his Son Jesus Christ." A New Heavens and A New Earth, p.290, para. 7

5.The heavenly Zion is actually in part the WT Society. We read much about a heavenly Zion in WT material. Who is God's woman, the heavenly Zion? "The creating of the new heavens at the Kingdom's birth A.D. 1914 was not accompanied by the creating of the promised new earth, for Jehovah's witnesses on earth were desolated during the world war that then began. According to the appearance of them by 1918 God's woman, the heavenly Zion, their mother, was desolate and a rag-covered captive in the dust at Babylon's feet In 1919 Jehovah...rescued the remaining ones." A New Heavens & A New Earth, p.322

The "heavenly Zion" in this passage is definitively linked to the WT Society leaders here on earth. The "heavenly Zion",

God's woman was captive on earth. It must be then the WT Society that is being referred to or in the least the _THE WTs "MEIN KAMPF"

WT Society and the dead members of the elect that must make up part of the "heavenly Zion." "On earth today the New World society is the only group that is doing true constructive work." Ibid, 328. You mean the WT Society plans to keep on governing after the revolution? "The survivors of Almighty God's victorious war will step out as pioneers into the new earth. Although spread all over the earth according to their pre-Armageddon location, they will promptly operate together as a new-world society in harmony with the theocratic organization already established among them." Ibid. 343344. This sounds like a subtle hint, "promptly report for orders, so that you can work in harmony." "The new heaven is the government of Messiah, The Theocracry, born and in power." WT June 1,1943 Who will rule the New Order? The WT Society. "The NEw World Society on earth really started with the remnant when restored from Babylon in 1919...the new earth can rightly be said to have been founded in this remnant, for the New World society continues on for eternity on earth." A New Heavens & A New Earth, p.338

6.The Watchtower Society is God's government and speaks for him.

7. The JWs fight in the revolution.

Who fights? To protect themselves the Society writes, "Jehovah's woman in heaven brought forth her male child, her theocratic Messianic government Therefore, let all earthly, man-made governments be put on notice that God's kingdom is not established by any seditious, revolutionary movement of Jehovah's witnesses on earth." A New Heavens and A New Earth, p.222 And yet three pages further Rutherford's oft-quoted 1922 Cedar Point Speech is given which instructs JWs "Be faithful and true witnesses for the Lord. Go forward in the fight until every vestige of Babylon lies desolate." See also Babylon the Great! p.464 The only sense that reconciles both these statements is that the true legitimate King has been born, and that his claim to


the throne can't be taken away. But that meanwhile his foot soldiers will be out destroying Christendom until every vestige of Christendom is destroyed.

When the revolution comes people will say, "I thought Christ and the angel were going to do this." The WT Society will point to a long list of statements where they warn that the revolution actually begins with people like the communists. Babylon the Great! p.537 The book Religion. 1940 compares JWs to an army of locust striking terror into Christendom, (see p. 183 ff) When the revolution, or Armaggeddon comes just what will the loyal JWs be doing under orders from their secretive Governing Body? "...they will immediately begin working under the direction of the 'new heavens' of Christ and his 144,000 associate kings and priests to subdue the earth." (Life Does Have a Purpose. WTB&TS, 1977,p.l41) A Resolution was made that the "faithful remnant...are eager to continue in the fight until and through Armageddon..." (Informant. Sept. 1944) "Will some people be executed? There will be Royal Orders "of an executioner against wicked enemies." (Holy Spirit-The Force Behind the Coming New Order!. WTB&TS, 1976, p. 172-173) The other sheep (that is most JWs) must prove their faith during this by their works. (Children. 1941,p307) "Any not desiring to serve Jehovah will be executed, rightly." (Let God Be True, p.269) "Jehovah's D-day of Armageddon may be strictly a military secret... "(WT, Oct. 15,1952,p.614) "It is a combat between God's organization under Christ Jesus and Satan's invisible and visible organization." (The Truth Shall Make You Free. 1943, p.348) Jehu's Chariot of God is God's organization. The WT Society is compared to when Jehu went to slaughter Baal-worshippers. (Children. 1941,p.201) At the St. Louis assembly the Pioneers were greeted, "Well, it should refresh anyone's heart to greet a company of real fighters, that are not only willing to fight, but to fight for the greatest thing that has ever been known or ever will be known, namely, the great Theocratic Government. " (Report of the J.W. Assembly, St. Louis. 1941, WTB&TS, p.43)

8.other revolutionary groups fight at Armageddon.

One of the best examples of this are the WT quotes which declare that Armageddon will be like the French Revolution. Occultic Masonic groups are known to have created the French Revolution. The Society tells us under the title: French Revolution. A Foregleam of Things To Come.

"From autumn 1793, the revolutionary government set up a vast plan for dechristianization. The aim was to build a "new man" who would be rid of vice. The Catholic religion was accused of trying to take advantage of the people's credulity. Some churches were destroyed, while others were turned into barracks. The clergy were forced to quit their vocation...Those who refused were arrested and executed."

"The French Revolution sowed ideas that later grew into both democracies and dictatorships. It also showed what can happen when political powers suddenly turn against organized religion. In this, it may provide a foregleam of things to come.—Revelation 17:16; 18:1-24" (Awake! 12/22/1989, p.28)

Docs this mean the JWs receive help from others? There is no mixing of good and evil forces according to The 1952 Yearbook. Mon. June 16. Nor will the JWs try to get any converts, for it is too late once the battle begins, according to the 1951 Yearbook. Fri., Oct. 12.

Who else will murder the Christians? Military units no longer acting under orders from their original governments, in the manner that the French military in the French revolution killed the clergy. (Awake! Dec. 22, 1989) Secular forces will leave the Christians "completely desolated" (KJ, 1971, p.289.) Christendom will also be destroyed by the U.N. (KJ, 1971, p.367)

The fighting is summed up in that God will "dash them all to pieces at the final war of Armageddon." (1949 Yearbook, Sept.3) and "Christ will strike the enemy with confusion and the various elements of Satan's visible organization will fight and annihilate one another." (This Means Everlasting Life. 1950, p.263) 9.The genocide of all Christians begins. "The so-called 'Christendom', with its demon religion, is in the most reprehensible position of all because 'Christendom's' leaders have fraudulently and blasphemously posed as the representatives of Almighty God..."(Religion. 1940,p.79) "They call themselves shepherds of the flock...The Christian Clergy...That they will die in Armageddon is certain...they will demonstrate that they belong to Satan and are unworthy of life..."(Light, p.215) "Christendom will be completely blotted out. "(1943 Yearbook. July 18) "...all those clinging to the old world will suffer annihilation." (Report 1942 Assembly. WTB&TS, p.8) 11. "The greatest war and trouble that the world has ever known is just ahead." (Golden Age, #278, 5/14/1930) "The fight is on! Now the greatest issue of all ages will be settled by the most tremendous battle ever fought, and there will never be another. Now all four of the war chariots abreast, and all driving furiously, come out from between the "mountains"; and thus is pictured Jehovah's entire militant organization, foursquare and complete rushing into the battle." "...before Jehovah's irresistible forces the enemy shall crumble like a rotten wall." "Jehovah's forces are attacking every part of the enemy stronghold." (Preparation, 1933, p.311)

Is the destruction just to governments?

No. Everyone who supports the world as it is now, and who will not submit to a Big Brother-1984 type government of this New Order will be eliminated.

Under the caption "Beneficial Results" in the WT book True Peace and Security, p. 43 note the question, "What will result from the destruction of the present world system and its supporters? The text then relates that wonderful things will come from the annihilation of anyone committed to the present system.

Who else will be—as they say "cleansed" from the earth?

"God will cleanse the earth of all who ruin it." (You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth, WTB&TS, p. 15) Page 14 continues, "Rather, as happened at the worldwide flood in Noah's day, it will mean the end only of bad people... those serving God will survive... on an earth made clean, they will enjoy freedom from all who want to oppress them." (This author notes that the Scriptures actually say all people are sinners. The idea that some people are good and others are bad is not scriptural. God loves all people. The idea that the earth can be cleansed by eliminating bad people smacks of Nazism and

New Age threats to eliminate Christians.)

12.Quest. 30 "Would it be wise to try to hide during the great time of trouble, and wouldn't it be safer in the country than in the city?" (The cryptic reply-) "I advise you to hide before the time of trouble. "(11th Souvenir Report, Con-Reports, p.20) Although the WT Society has stated it expects many terrible things to happen, they seem to have taken no precautions to elliviate the pain that is to come. The same thing happened in Nazi Germany. The JWs were told simply, "Jehovah will protect you." This attitude is reflected in the following quote, "Those who maintain their integrity toward God and who remain true and faithful to the Theocratic Government will receive protection and salvation from the disasters of Armageddon." (1940 Yearbook, p.215)

13. The JWs are to treat Armageddon as a great time of joy. "a great slaughter...This great carnage at to those who delight themselves in to their hearts and will give them strength to go onward in their work and service which God may yet have for them to do on earth." (1931 Yearbook. Dec.25) "...Allow your mind to dwell upon God's righteous new world. Cultivate a strong desire for it. Keep a clear-cut vision of it before you all the time. Meditate upon it. Picture yourself walking in the midst of its paradisaic beauty. Feel its peace and tranquility. See yourself looking at the ruins of one of the old-world cities and at happy members of the New World Society busily clearing away those ruins." WT July 1, '57 (This sounds to this Author like a New Age visualization.)

14. Tears are not allowed for any victimes. "The present mourning of the people world-wide speaks out plainly its own meaning, but now such mourning will not much longer continue. The battle of Armageddon will destroy and remove completely the cause of mourning, the wicked bearing rule." (The New World, p. 103) "...Jehovah will show her (Christendom) no pity at the end of the system of things." (You May Survive Into Paradise...1955,p.215?)

15. " the smoke of Armageddon's battle clears, Jehovah's visible organization will still be here..." (Let Your Kingdom Come. 1981, p. 176) The WT refers to its present annointed leadership as the "remnant". "It seems probable that some of the remnant may be used for a time after Armageddon in directing the people in the way of the kingdom." "...the people will come to Jehovah's temple, his holy organization,..." (Preparation, 1933, p.329) "The New World society will be still here on earth after Armageddon has purged the earth." (New Heavens & a New Earth, p.330) "The restored remnant of spiritual Israelites dwell at the center or naval of the earth, that is, they are at the center of the New World society." (You May Survive... 1955, p.317)

16. Who will rule the New Order? the Watchtower Society. "The New World society on earth really started with the remnant when restored from Babylon in 1919...the new earth can rightly be said to have been founded in this remnant, for the New World society continues on for eternity on earth." ( , p. 338) "You mean the WT Society plans to keep governing after the revolution? "The survivors of Almighty God's victorious war will step out as pioneers into the new earth. Although spread all over the earth according to their pre-Armageddon location, they will promptly operate together as a new-world society in harmony with the theocratic organization already established among them." ( ,p.343-344) "In the endless time to come there shall not be different governments on earth at the same time, one style of government best suited for one section of the land, and another style for another section.. There will be no self-determination of peoples under the "new heavens", different groups of people having each a distinct and independent form of human government. There will be only ONE GOVERNMENT, indivisible, world-wide, only one central authority...All humankind under them shall be subject to them as unto the King whom they visibly represent:..." What is this government? It is in Brooklyn, NY known as the Watchtower's Governing Body. A very secretive group-so secretive the WT refused to tell this author anything about it, not even how many are on it. This Author didn't need their help to learn this. Anyway this group is slated to lead. On page 133 of the recent publication You Can Live Forever On Planet Earth, a picture is shown of two JWs going door-to-door, the caption reads, "Subjects of God's government must tell others about it." Another tip off that they plan to rule, is that according to their theology, the heavens were cleansed of evil in 1914, yet today God's government rules "In the Midst of Enemies" (You Can Live Forever On Planet Earth, pp. 136-142) God's government must today be on earth, because Christ is safe in heaven, and is not in the midst of enemies.

17."God has been selecting, preparing and training the new government of those who will live on earth in the new system." (The Truth that leads to Eternal Life, p. 73) The WT School of Gilead is training administrators of the Kingdom government, "originally designed for training missionaries...Also receiving training on how to teach for the expanded work during the Millenium." (1952 Yearbook, p.51-52)

18.After the genocide of Christians, and the executions of all who do not have the mark, the New Order will be in process, will the executions stop? "The new heavens of Jesus Christ,...and his 'bride,'...will then be in complete control over the earth. So there is nothing to hinder such children in attaining to a hundred years of age and eternity. And a man who attains to a hundred years of age need not then die as if he had lived his normal span of life Hence if anyone then lived a hundred years and was executed for willful disobedience to the "new heavens" King, he would be dying relatively a mere youth or child in view of the endless eternity he might have lived. If he did die at a hundred years of age, it would not be then because of extreme age and decrepitude."(A New Heavens and a New Earth, pg 332, para 28) "If one then dies either under or at the age of a hundred years, it will be because of the curse that one may bring upon himself because of steady, willful insubordination to the King.' (Ibid, pg.333, para. 29) Note, Big Brother will execute in the New Order, but very quietly. The option of a long life will be offered a New Age citizen in return for his obedience. Indeed the WT Nov. 15,38 p. 1 enunciates, "What will be required of each individual composing that multitude? Obedience. That one word answers the question. God's instructions to his creatures concerning obedience cannot be too strongly emphasized." In the New Order it will be O.K. to execute those who are disobedient, because they will be 100 years old. Hitler, who exterminated millions was relieved of his guilt in part because he believed in reincarnation and that the ones he. exterminated would still see a long life. The WT rationale is similar.

19."...mankind will fear and tremble at all the goodness and prosperity Jehovah shall bring to them." (The Finished Mystery, p.89)

20.In the following quote the parenthesis are the WT's "...and all judges of the earth (the visible representatives on earth of the Theocratic Government)" (WT 11/15/38 Article on God's New Earth.) Russell at various times mentioned the numbers of judges he thought would precide, for instance see his Hell pamphlet, p.26.

21."A spiritual police force will have humanity under absolute control. Every misdeed will be punished as soon as it is determined upon and before it is shall have been put into effect." (The Finished Mystery, p.334) "Any not desiring to serve Jehovah will be executed, rightly." (Let God Be True, p.269)

22. "The trial of these is more favorable because the evil influences will then have been removed, and society and Christ's righteous government will be favorable to righteousness, and faithful obedience will then be rewarded and wrongdoers instantly punished."(Man's Salvation, p.89)

23."There will be no ambitious and stronger ones on earth then to push themselves forward...All suchlike will have been wiped out...This will preclude all ambitious and stronger ones from exercising political propensities and seizing the government or any part of it."(WT June 1,1943)

24."An extensive educational work will be neccessary, therefore, in the course of the thousand-year reign when billions of 'unjust' dead, need instruction in God's law..."(Let God Be True, p.266) "The greatest educational program of all time will be carried forward under the Kingdom organization." (Let Your Kingdom Come, p. 181)

25."The nations of all the earth shall come to the new order of things and cheerfully admit that the teachings of the clergy were chiefly lies and vanity." (The Finished Mystery, p.89)

26. "...the wiping out of language barriers will be accomplished only by the same power of Jehovah God during The Theocratic Government...(Consolation, Nov. 8, 1941, p.26)

27.The effect of the New Order's control on its citizen's minds will be a "transforming effect." (A New Heaven & A New Earth, p.333)

28. Let God Be True, p. 270 speaks of how the people will "need instruction in God's law."

29."All will need to be real workers..."(Let Your Kingdom Come, p. 177)

30. In referring to the New World the WT 1/1/1987 says a "A Jubilee for Millions It is noteworthy that twice in Leviticus chapter 25 the Israelites were reminded that from Jehovah's standpoint they were his 'slaves' whom he had liberated out of Egypt." Already the children are standing and pledging unwavering loyalty & alligience to the WT Theocratic government. "2,000 Children stood and pledged unwavering alligience to the Theocracy at St. Louis Assembly 1941." (Report of the Jehovah's Witnesses Assembly, St. Louis, 1941, WTB&TS, p.52ff.)

31 .Already the WT forbids much secular and religious reading material. Even more literature will disappear in the Millenium. "There is no reason to conclude that the publications which God's visible organization now publishes and distributes amongst the people will be found of use during the thousand years of kingdom reign, not that even the Bible will be used during that time. Those publications are for present-day use to inform the people."(WT 2/15/37 para. 17 p.54) In reference to the reading material of Christendom, they describe it as miserable. So miserable that Christians are "starved" of any spiritual food. (WT 2/15/37, p. 54, para. 17) 32.

3 3. "Then the eyes of those who see will not be closed, and the ears of those who hear will be attentive. (A New Heaven & A New Earth, p.335)

34."Well, since the big city way of life is part of a world wide system of things that does not work, the only remedy is to replace it..."(Awake! p. 10) "Jehovah will shortly destroy the citv..." (His Vengeance. 1930, p.3) "He will teach the great crowd of people who will have lived through

Armageddon how to take care of the earth. These people will learn how to plant the paradise." (From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained, p. 220) The Kingdom Ministry of 12/51 asks "Destruction how long?" and then answers, "Until cities be waste without inhabitant, and houses without man, and the land become utterly waste." —Isa. 6:11,AS." "In view of such expressions of God's viewpoint, a more agricultural way of life will no doubt predominate for the soon-to-be-realized 'new earth.' " (Awake! 1/8/1976 , p.11) A picture in that Awake! article shows factories being destroyed. It sounds to this Author like the clock will be turned back like Pol Pot did in Cambodia.

35."Or, can you imagine the majority of business, industry and city folk willingly reverting to a less production-minded, convience-oriented way of life? Even if political leaders should attempt such innovations, they would be stymied by forces beyond their control. Is the kind of farsighted leadership and power that it would take to make such far-reaching changes anywhere to be found? Superior Direction Needed." (Awake!, p.10, 1/8/1976)

36.Life will be in harmony with "natural cycles". Awake! 1/8/76 p. 10

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