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In searching for a method to organize the details of the Masonic capture of the Catholic Church, the simple expediency of breaking things into subchapters named chronologically after successive Popes has been implemented. When needed these subchapters will be broken down into sections.

For those readers who are unfamiliar with the Catholic Popes the list of Popes since the first Pope to forbid Freemasonry is given with the date they became Pope.

Subchapter 1. Clement XII (1730), Benedict XIV (1740), Clement XIII (1758), Clement XIV (1769), Pius VI (1775), Pius VII (1800)

Subchapter 2. Leo XII (1823), Pius VIII (1829), Gregory XVI (1831), Pius IX (1846)

Subchapter 3. Leo XIII (1878)

Subchapter 4. St. Pius X (1903), Benedict XV (1914), Pius XI (1922), Pius XII (1939)

Subchapter 5. John XXIII (1958)

Subchapter 6. Paul VI (1963)

Subchapter 7. John Paul I (1978)

Subchapter 8. John Paul II (1978)

Subchapter 1. The early years.

Whether the reader is Catholic or not, he will be aware that the Catholic church has always had enemies. That some of these enemies would choose subversion and secret organizations is of no surprise. However, those that were opposed to the Catholic church because of its moral deficiences and corruptions were not the ones that were willing to be totally amoral to fight the Church. It was not the reformers, but those that wanted to destroy all vestiges of Christianity that were the most dangerous.

The Jews had adopted and codified in the Talmud, the worst moral perversions, not even the Catholic Church could tolerate Talmudic Jewish morals. The Talmud instructs the Jews to commit every sin possible against the Goyim (the Gentiles). In numerous obligatory passages it also promotes amongst the Jewish people themselves child rape (Sanhedrin 55a & b, 69b, 76a, Kethuboth lib), sex with animals (Footnote to Sanhendrin 55a), and a host of other practices called "wicked" by Christians. This is why the Catholic Church tried to stamp out the Jews—because they practiced disgusting pervertions that were codified in the Talmud. The Catholic Church very early on felt that one of their bitterest enemies were the Kabalistic Jews, and the Catholic Church from the public beginnings of Masonry felt that her Jewish enemies were behind the lodges.

Likewise, the Protestants Reformers felt most threatened by such people too, not out of racial prejudice, but because they were so destructive to all morals. Calvin and those who ruled Geneva burned Servetus at the stake because he was against what the Church stood for--they weren't burning Catholics, because in the eyes of the Protestants the Catholics weren't challenging the basic tenets of the Scripture.50 Surely there were times that racial prejudice came into affairs, but the mythical image that the Jews were persecuted down through history because of their race, doesn't hold up historically.

Christians are ignorant that the Talmud advises "Even the best of Goim (gentiles) should be killed." (Abhodah Zarah --26b, Tosephoth). The Jewish controlled Media is not going to expose such terrible Jewish racism, but they have put out shows on TV blaming Christians for the Holocaust.

From the beginning the Rosicrucians and Freemasons employed Jewish symbolism and Jewish Kabalistic magic. The theme of the Masons from the beginning was the Rebuilding of Solomon's Temple. The temple in Jerusalem had been destroyed according to Christ's prophecy. The rebuilding of the Jewish Temple was a Jewish hope-that slowly over the years has been adopted by the Christians.

Clement XII in 1738 condemned Freemasonry and asked Catholics to leave it and not join. Ignoring the Pope's edicts, the Catholic Duke of Norfolk served as Grand Master of the English Masons, and the Catholic Viscount Montagu (who was a key player for the Power), and who was head of the English Catholics also served as the Grand Master of England's Masonic Lodges from 1772-77.51

The Masonic Lodges became hot houses for every anti-religious sentiment. Within a few years of the public appearance of the Masonic Lodges, the governments of Europe were teeming with Masons. The Marquis de Pombal, royal adviser in Portugal; the Count de Aranda, royal adviser in Spain; Minister de Tillot and the Due de Choiseul in France, Prince von Kaunitz and Gerard von Swieten at the Habsburg court in Vienna, Austria were some of these prominent Masons in high government positions. They addressed each other as "Brothers of the Pyramid and advocated the overthrow of Christian organizations. "52

On July 21, 1773, the Pope abolished the Order of Jesuits. Interestingly, Frederick the Great of Prussia, one of the most important and dedicated Masons that has lived and a homosexual, protected the Jesuits in order to use their services against the Pope, and the Bourbons. Is it strange then, that soon afterwards, the Illuminati arose in Jesuit areas, yet appeared not to be connected with the Jesuits? Heckethorn and other writers have noted the close connection between Masonic rituals and Jesuit initiations and rites.53

Within a few years the French Revolution, a product of Illumined Masonry, broke the Papacy's control over France. Napoleon, a great Freemason, continued the Revolution in the name of "Liberte, egalite, fraternie" that is "Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity." Napoleon proceeded to completely break the Papacy. He arrested Pope Pius VI. Contrary to the advice of other Masons he allowed him to live, but was slow to replace him with another Pope when he died.

Napoleon permitted Pius VII to become Pope. But Pius VII and him didn't get along, and Pius VII ended up arrested. Napoleon treated him according to Catholic sources "brutally" and forced him to sign away more papal power. When Napoleon saw his position in Europe smashed by the Allied armies, he released the Pope. In 1814 in one Pius VII first acts after release he reinstated the Jesuits.54 During these years of the Pope's captivity, the Masons controlled the Catholic Church. What all they did behind the scenes to the Catholic church would be interesting to know. They did haul the Vatican's archieves to Paris. What is interesting is that they have not revealed whatever great secrets they must have learned from those archieves. It can be assumed that perhaps they kept these secrets for blackmail, or to release when to their maximum benefit. (These are not the only historical secrets that the Freemasons are guarding.)

Charles T. Russell saw the capture of the Pope by Napoleon as the turning point in history. He may be correct.

Apparently, Freemasonry through the Jesuit leadership and other of their men, have had some control or influence over the Catholic Church since that time period. As we will witness in our next subsection, the Catholic Church may have forbidden Freemasonry but the records show that many Catholics, especially revolutionaries from Catholic countries, continued their affiliation with the church after joining Freemasonry in spite of the bans.

Subsection 2. Pius IX, the first verifiable Mason to become Pope.

After the Masons had completely captured the Catholic Church by the 1960s, they were no longer concerned if people would learn that Pius IX had been a Mason. In the New Age, April 1962, p. 17 in an article "A Pontiff FREEMASON" An Official Bulletin of the National Grand Orient of Egypt published in Italian and dated Mar, 187 6 records a document No. 13,715 bearing the great seal of the Grand Lodge Luce Perpetua of Naples: Masonic Lodge Eterna Catena of Palermo: "We Master Masons, dignitaries and officials...certify...we have received in this Lodge in the form prescribed by our rituals, and with entire conformity to our constitution, the Brother Giovanni Ferretti Mastai... in the profane and civil year 1839, on the fifteenth day of the month of August."

The article then goes on to discuss how various Masons and various lodges were aware of his membership. After he was ordained to the Priesthood, he was appointed Apostolic Delegate in the Uruguay, where he appeared in the Masonic Lodges. This was even known to "profane people" (non-Masons). In 1873, in an epistle Pius IX denounced Freemasonry as originating from the devil. Garibaldi, a 33 degree Mason and others had overthrown the government of Italy and installed a Masonic government. Victor Emmanuel had been made King of Italy, and while he ruled he was also the Grand Master of Masons in Italy. After the Pope denounced Freemasonry, a letter signed by King & G.M. Victor Emmanuel was sent out to the Masonic bodies informing them of the Pope's expulsion from the Masons.

Subsection 3. Leo XIII. The best Anti-Masonic Encyclical.

During the administration of this Pope, the Modernist Catholic Movement became active against the traditions of the church. The director Jean-Baptiste Hogan of the Seminary of St. Sulpice in Paris was an important figure in this movement. Various members of this movement were linked to Freemasonry and excommunicated or suspended.

In 1884, Pope Leo XIII sent out the strongest and most comprehensive encyclical against the Freemasons that was ever done. The warning comes across as very sincere. As to whether there was a hidden agenda behind heating up the war of words with the Masons, this Author is not aware of any.

Occasionally, this Author is asked why the Catholics were against the Masons. (By the way this author is not Catholic. ) Pope Leo XIII answered that well with his encyclical.

If any Catholics are reading this, they are reguested to read this message from Pope Leo XIII. Masonry hasn't changed but your Church isn't warning its people any more. Other readers may want to jump over this next part. This condemnation of Freemasonry is so well said that it deserves repeating at least in a condensed form.


To all venerable Patriarchs, Primates, Archbishops, and Bishops in the Catholic world who have grace and communion with the Apostolic See:...The Human Race... divided itself into two different and opposing parties, one of which assiduously combats for truth and virtue, the other for those things which are opposed to virtue and to truth. The one is the Kingdom of God on earth...

"The other is the kingdom of Satan, in whose dominion and power are all who have followed his sad example and that of our first parents.

"...Augustine clearly saw and described, ... "Two loves have made two states: the love of self to the contempt of God has made the earthly, but the love of God to the contempt of self has made the heavenly.

". . .those who follow the evil one seem to conspire and strive all together under the guidance and with the help of that society of men spread all over, and solidly established, which they call FreeMasons.

"...Clement XII. first signalized the danger in 1738, and Benedict XIV. renewed and continued his Constitution. Pius VII. followed them both; and Leo XII., by the Apostolic Constitution-guo graviora- recapitulating the acts and decrees of the above Pontiffs about the matter, validated and confirmed them forever. In the same way spoke Pius VIII., Gregory XVI., and very often Pius IX.

"...The purpose and aim of the Masonic sect having been discovered from plain evidence, from the cognition of causes, its laws, Rites and commentaries having come to light and been made known by the additional depositions of the associated members, this Apostolic See denounced and openly declared that the sect of Masons is established against law and honesty, and is egually a danger to Christianity as well as to society; and... many princes and rulers of States agreed with the Popes, and either denounced Masonry to the Apostolic See or by appropriate laws condemned it as a bad thing in Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Bavaria, Savoy, and other parts of Italy.

"Although in our days these seem to no longer care to hide in darkness, but hold their meetings in the full light and under the eyes of their fellow-men and publish their journals openly, yet they deliberate and preserve the habits and customs of secret societies. Nay there are in them many secrets which are by law carefully concealed not only from the profane, but also from many associated, viz., the last and intimate intentions, the hidden and unknown chiefs, the hidden and secret meetings, the resolutions and methods and means by which they will be carried into execution. Hence the difference of rights and of duties among the members; hence the distinction of orders and grades and the severe discipline by which they are ruled.

"...So, by false appearance, but with the same kind of simulation, the Masons chiefly strive, as once did the Manicheans, to hide and to admit no witnesses but their own. They seek skillfully hiding places, assuming the appearance of literary men or philosophers, associated for the purpose of erudition; they have always ready on their tongues the speech of cultivated urbanity, and proclaim their charity toward the poor; they look for the improvement of the masses, to extend the benefits of social comfort to as many of mankind as possible. Those purposes, though they may be true, yet are not the only ones. Besides, those who are chosen to join the society must promise and swear to obey the leaders and teachers with great respect and trust; to be ready to do whatever is told them, and accept death and the most horrible punishment if they disobey. In fact, some who have betrayed the secrets or disobeyed an order are punished with death so skillfully and so audaciously that the murder escaped the investigations of the police. Therefore, reason and truth show that the society of which we speak is contrary to honesty and natural justice.

"..."A good tree cannot yield bad fruits, nor a bad tree good ones." (Matt, vii.,18) Masonry generates bad fruits mixed with great bitterness. From the evidence above mentioned we find its aim, which is the desire of overthrowing all the religious and social orders introduced by Christianity, and building a new one according to its taste, based on the foundation and laws of naturalism.

"What we have said or will say must be understood of Masonry in general and of all societies, not of the individual members of the same. In their number there may be not a few who, though they are wrong in giving their names to these societies, yet are neither guilty of their crimes nor aware of the final goal which they strive to reach.

"By opening their gates to persons of every creed they promote, in fact, the great modern error of religious indifference and of the parity of all worships, the best way to annihilate every religion, especially the Catholic, which, being the only true one cannot be joined with others without enormous injustice.

"Those who boldly deny His existence are admitted as well as those who, like the Pantheists, admit God but ruin the idea of Him, retaining an absurd caricature of the divine nature, destroying its reality. Now, as soon as this supreme foundation is pulled down and upset, many natural truths must need go down, too, as the free creations of this world, the universal government of Providence, immortality of soul, fixture, and eternal life.

"The only morality which Free-Masons admit, and by which they would like to bring up youth, is that which they call civic and independent, or the one which ignores every religious idea.

"...where it has been freely dominating, having banished Christian education, probity and integrity of manners go down, horrible and monstrous opinions raise their head, and crimes grow with fearful audacity. This is deplored by everybody, and by those who are compelled by evidence and yet would not like to speak so.

"But naturalists and Masons, rejecting divine revelation, deny original sin, and do not acknowledge that our free will is weakened and bent to evil.

"... there have been in the Masonic sect some who openly said and proposed that the multitudes should be urged by all means and artifice into license [promiscuity]...

"For domestic society the doctrine of almost all naturalists is that marriage is only a civil contract, and may be lawfully broken by the will of the contracting parties; the State has power over the matrimonial bond. In the education of the children no religion must be applied, and when grown up every one will select that which he likes.

"...So the nature of marriage will be soon changed and reduced to a temporary union, which can be done and undone at pleasure.

"The sect of the Masons aims unanimously and steadily also at the possession of the education of children."

"...In many places they have gone so far that children's education is all in the hands of laymen: and from moral teaching every idea is banished of those holy and great duties which bind together man and God.

"Now it is well known that Free-Masons approve these maxims, and that they wish to see governments shaped on this pattern and model needs no demonstration. It is a long time, indeed, that they have worked with all their strength and power openly for this,..."

"...the communion and equality of all goods after having swept away from the world every distinction of social goods and conditions.

"...From these few hints it is easy to understand what is the Masonic sect and what it wants. Its tenets contradict so evidently human reason that nothing can be more perverted. The desire of destroying the religion and Church established by God, with the promise of immortal life, to try to revive, after eighteen centuries, the manners and institutions of paganism, is great foolishness and bold impiety. No less horrible or unbearable is it to repudiate the gifts granted through His adversaries. In this foolish and ferocious attempt, one recognizes that untamed hatred and rage of revenge kindled against Jesus Christ in the heart of Satan.

"...The other attempt in which the Masons work so much, viz., to pull down the foundations of morality, and become co-operators of those who, like brutes, would see that become lawful which they like, is nothing but to urge mankind into the most abject and ignominious degradation.

"...That the State ought to profess religious indifference and neglect God in ruling society, as if God did not exist, is a foolishness unknown to the very heathen, who had so deeply rooted in their mind and in their heart, not only the idea of God, but the necessity also of public worship, that they supposed it to be easier to find a city without any foundation that without any God. And really human society...was instituted by God...

"...those who want to free society from any religious duty are not only unjust but unwise and absurd.

"...The turbulent errors which we have mentioned must inspire governments with fear; in fact, suppose the fear of God in life and respect for divine laws to be despised, ...rebellion would be left free to popular passions, and universal revolution and subversion must necessarily come. This subversive revolution is the deliberate aim and open purpose of the numerous communistic and socialistic associations. The Masonic sect has no reason to call itself foreign to their purpose, because Masons promote their designs and have with them common capital principles.

"Free-Masons, insinuating themselves under pretence of friendship into the hearts of Princes, aim to have them powerful aids and accomplices to overcome Christianity... they get great influence in the government of States, resolve yet to shake the foundations of the thrones, and persecute, calumniate, or banish those sovereigns who refuse to rule as they desire.

"By these arts flattering the people, they deceive them. Proclaiming all the time public prosperity and liberty; making multitudes believe that the Church is the cause of the iniquitous servitude and misery in which they are suffering, they deceive people and urge on the masses craving for new things against both powers But the punishment of the proud, who rebel against the order established by the providence of God, is that they find oppression and misery exactly where they expected prosperity according to their desire.

" 'But,' to use the words of St. Augustine, 'they believe, or want to make believe, that the doctrine of Gospel is not useful to society, because they wish that the State shall rest not on the solid foundation of virtue, but on impunity of vice.'

"We entreat and pray you, venerable brethren, who co-operate with us, to root out this poison, which spreads widely among the Nations. It is your duty to defend the glory of God and the salvation of souls...the first thing to do is to strip from the Masonic sect its mask and show it as is, teaching orally and by pastorial letters the people about the frauds used by these societies to flatter and entice, the perversity of its doctrines, and the dishonesty of its works.

"May it grow more and more, this holy congregation [the Church] , from which, among others, can be expected also this precious fruit of bringing minds back to liberty, fraternity, and equality; not those which are the dream of the Masonic sect, but which Jesus Christ brought into this world and Francis revived. The liberty, we say, of the children of God which frees from the servitude of Satan and from the passions, the worst tyrants; the fraternity which emanates from God, the Father and Creator of all; the equality established on justice and charity, which does not destroy among men every difference, but which, from variety of life, offices, and inclinations, makes that accord and harmony which is exacted by nature for the utility and dignity of civil society.

"Inebriated by its prosperous success, Masonry is insolent, and seems to have no more limits to its pertinacity

"Through their patronage and the perseverence of common prayers let us hope that God will condescend to piously help human society threatened by so many dangers Given at Rome...20th of April, 1884... LEO.PP XIII

A number of Masons took this encyclical Humanum Genus as a joke. They have no sense of a fear of God.

Someone who would not take this encyclical as a joke was Father Charles E. Coughlin.55 Father Coughlin preached over the radio until the Power finally forced him off the air. This independent minded Christian did not follow the lemmings rushing over the abyss, but courageously preached sermon after sermon exposing paganism, satanism, capitalism, communism and all these isms related to Freemasonry. This Catholic Father brought his whole energy and intellect to bear on stemming the tide of Satan his temple Freemasonry. As can be expected the full resources of the Power's press were turned against him. The Detroit Free Press ran nine days of front page "yellow journalism" to destroy his reputation. The IRS "leaked" that it was investigating Father Coughlin.56 The national press made much of about Father Coughlin cheating on his income taxes. Actually, the only error found was an error in arithmetic had been made, the Father had overpaid, and the IRS owed Father Coughlin $8.61.57 (See chapter 3.7 for more on the IRS.) Sadly, while he was defending Christ, his leaders were selling his church out.

Subchapter 4. Popes St. Pius X, Benedict XV, and Pius XI

St. Pius X took over in 1903. Catholism had some dangerous cracks within its solid looking walls. The International Financiers had the Church at their mercy. They could infiltrate the Church, spy on the church, etc. but they hadn't moved the church into its role as a major part of the One-World-Religion. Nor had they built up world sympathy for a One-World-Government. The Twentieth Century was to be Christendom's attitude ajustment.

In 1902, Minister Combes, a former Catholic seminarian and Mason, appointed under the concordant, Father Lacroix bishop of Tarantaise. It was St. Pius who summoned Bishop Lacroix to Rome and forced him to resign. Lacroix's will after his death confirmed that he was a Freemason.

Pius XI then proscibed all the ordinations conferred by the Mason bishop be repeated (with conditions). The dissident Leferbrites that have split with mainstream Catholicism trace back their ordinations to that Mason bishop.58 Their leader Leferbre happens to have recently died in 1990.

Pius XI was Pope during the confused state of all the political intrigues of the 1930s. There seem to be more questions than answers when one investigates the One-World-Power and its dealings with the Vatican during the 1930s.

For instance, the Spanish Civil War seems to have been in part contrived by the International Jews and the New Fascist dictators. General Franco and his financial backer, Jaun March, were both Marranos Jews. General Franco was reportedly also a Grand Orient Mason.59 Peter Wyden reports in Passionate Years that Archivist Victor A. Berch, of Brandeis Univ., had found that 40% of the Lincoln Brigade (volunteers fighting against General Franco) were Jewish. Perhaps the only sense of this, is to look at the process and not the details. One overall result of the war, was that the Communists secretly stole the Spanish gold reserve of over a billion dollars in gold, and shipped it to Russia. One of the means of transport was the Soviet ship Komsomol that carried the gold and it arrived in Odessa Nov. 2, 1936. The gold was trucked to Moscow's Precious Metals Deposit, Gohkran.60

The other big result was that Hitler revitalized his military machine, and tested out his new weapons. If the Germans had not been given the opportunity to test their military capabilities, they may have been slower in going to war.

A great amount of political manouvering was taking place. Father Coughlin was trying to warn Catholics of the dangers that were coming, and warning them to vote against Roosevelt. Father Coughlin for years warned people about the Masons. But while he was doing this, Cardinal Pacelli, the Pope's Secretary of State, timed a visit to the U.S. in 1936 that coincided with the elections and gave the appearance of Papal approval of Roosevelt to the Catholic voters. Pacelli was of Jewish blood (according to Dr. Rivera). As readers may remember, Cardinal Pacelli had negotiated with Lenin on behalf of the Pope; this was according to Avro Manhattan with the view of supplanting the Russian Orthodox Church with the Catholic Church.61 When Pope Pius XII (Pacelli) took over 1939, because he was a "compromising man", the Mason Pres. Roosevelt established diplomatic relations with the Vatican, which had been officially ignored since 1867. The Protestants did not disapprove of this move because it was billed by the media as a step to keep Italy out of World War II which had broken out. The first personal ambassador to the Vatican from the U.S. was the millionaire, Episcopalian, and active Freemason Myron C. Taylor (1874-1959) . The New York Times, Nov. 6, 1936 records Myron C. Taylor's views of Mussolini. One of the many praises he gave is Taylor's declaration, "the whole world has been forced to admire the successes of Premier Mussolini in disciplining the nation."

At that point, a bond of cooperation between Masons, and the International Financiers and the Vatican can be seen quietly working in the background of history. Commenting on the parallel policies that the U.S. and the Vatican entered into during these years in W.W. II the former French Ambassodor to the Holy See, Francois Charles Roix in the Revue de Paris, Sept. 1946 said, "few people in Europe were aware of the union which was functioning on a spiritual level between the two forces which were represented in the United States and the Holy See and which...were co-ordinated in each instance that justified joint action."(Emphasis added.)

This book does not have the space to delve into all the politics and cooperation during these years between the Catholic Church and the One-World-Order, including such groups as the CIA, the Knights of Malta, and MI 6. Let it simply suffice here to indicate that there was a lot of activity between the various parties, and a lot of mixing and cooperation. It appears the close relationships were mutually beneficial. Perhaps the Catholic Church in some was naive with who they were dealing with, but that is unlikely considering men like Father Coughlin, and others who were giving warnings.

Subchapter 5. Pope John XXIII

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