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CATERING TO THE JESUITS ? The Sacramento Church Federation of Sacramento, Calif., sends us a copy of a letter written to The San Francisco Call, concerning a certain article printed in one of its issues. As it is not at all bad reading we herewith reproduce it. We venture to believe that The Call did not print it. Editor, "The Call,"

San Francisco, Calif. Dear Sir:

In Jane Doe's " Long, Long Trail" in the May 23 Call, occurs, in a reference to the Y. M. C. A. and the Y. W. C. A., these words: "not too much insistence on the word Christian."

There is a world-wide campaign, inspired, we believe, from Jesuit sources, suggesting the elimination of the name of Christ from both these useful organizations, each born of Protestantism. One hears such suggestions in Edinboro, as well as in San Francisco; in Sydney, in London, as well as in New York. Are you unconsciously echoing their propaganda?

The example of Jesus constitutes the very life of both these institutions. A Christian who took The Christ as his model founded the first "Y." Remove the Christ spirit from the "Y" and it will soon degenerate into an institution ossified with materialism, officered by seekers for soft jobs.

You suggest facilitating contacts among mate-seeking young business folk. Do you know that the most successful San Francisco institution of this land is managed by a Protestant Christian Church, that, as a product of its "beau parlors," as its girls call them, have come scores of happy marriages; that this institution, costing about a quarter of a million, was given to San Francisco business women devoutly by its donor, in the name of The Christ, to be administered by His Church?

On the other nand, partly because of the lack of such mating facilities, as you wisely suggest, society has the problem of the unmarried mothers. Do you know that these in Northern California gravitate for protection to another institution, again founded by a Protestant Christian woman, and managed for many years by another, the daughter of a multimillionaire who in Christ's name, left her life of luxury to care for these poor girls, continuing until she broke down from overwork?

Have you ever dared similarly to criticize a Catholic institution? We venture this question because the Protestant Orphan Asylum of our city was forced, under Jesuit threats to cut off government support, to change its name to "Sacramento Orphanage Farm." Are Protestants found doing such things?

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