converts in the Baptist baptismal facilities.

Baptist churches also opened up and allowed C.T. Russell to preach in them.


Will the Masons who are Baptists protect their flock from the New Age? In answering this, this Author is reminded of how one evening his wife was remarking how the Baptist Senator Mark Hatfield was being shown on television. The news was about a Masonic gathering for the Senator.43 Yes, this prominent Baptist Senator, and there are other Baptist Senators who also are or have been Masons, is a 32 degree Freemason. This Author has it from first hand sources that the Senator attends meetings with witches and other New Age activities. This is just one of many Baptist Masons who are involved with the New Age.

The Masonic influence seems to be the best explanation for the seepage of New Age propoganda into the Baptist churches.

The ancient Hindu occult symbol the Ennegram was introduced and promoted in the U.S. by the representative of The Mother. The Mother is the leader of the New Age community at Auroville, India. Maurice and Hanna Strong, who have connections to the Order, to the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds are the leaders in the U.S. promoting the Mother. Each year, her disciples make pilgrimages back to Auroville for an international meeting.44 The ennegram has spread into many areas of Christendom— but its use is no accident, it has been promoted. Nor has the heavily Masonic Baptist leadership prevented its use by Baptist leadership. Shirley Ann Miller, an ex-occultist who became a Christian writes, "No one really knows where the enneagram came from but it is believed to have originated around the 14th or 15th Century by mystics called the Sufis and the Jesuits."45 Whatever a person believes is its pagan origin, it is now being promoted by Catholic Charismatics, mystics, New Agers, and uninformed Christians.

The Southern Baptist churches have been inviting the New Age author M. Scott Peak, an open promoter of Zen Buddhism, to speak to their congregations. Zen Buddhism, as the reader remembers, has no personal God, but does have plenty of meditation and works, and expects the individual to find his own salvation.46

"Recently in The Baptist Stand, the most widely distributed Baptist publication in the state of Texas, a top official of the Southern Baptist Convention suggested that Baptist churches did not have to worry about losing members to New Age Churches since, There are no New Age

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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