will save man. Satan led Eve astray for his own perverse satisfaction in rebellion to his Creator.

From Gnosticism came the Mystery Religions. The Mystery Religions were called mysteries because they concealed their religious knowledge for only a select few. They were an excellent way for men to use religion for their own selfish ends.

From believing that knowledge saves, and then from searching for that light, men came to worship Lucifer who pretended to be that agent of enlightment. Thus the mystery religions developed an exoteric teaching such as the worship of fire, the sun, sex, light, and snakes to conceal the esoteric teaching of Luciferian worship. The center of the mystery religions was Babylon and from the mystery religions come Hinduism, Egyptian Paganism, Greek mythology, Rabbinic Judaism, and Freemasonry. The names of items were changed and the legends were altered slightly but the various mysteries are like Hollywood scripts, they follow only a few basic patterns. For instance, in the book Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry we see how the various mysteries are equated "...yet we readily recognize in Hiram Abif, one of the Grand Masters of Freemasons, the Osirus of the Egyptians, the Mithras of the Persians, the Bacchus of the Greeks,

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