cars (the Chinese version of the Chevrolet Chevette) that will be sold to the United States. Moon advocates the Internationalist's line for Global Free Trade.

Rev. Moon, who like Joseph Smith, claims to have been visited by angels and Jesus and given the mission to "restore" Christianity. This restoration is to start in the United States and then eventually spread world-wide. And similar also to the Mormon Church is the emphasis on authority and money.

Rev. Moon's church is a good example of how a synthetic religion can be created from scratch, using state of the art mind control, and other religious manipulations. Members are locked into fund-raising and are programmed to fear outsiders. They are told their children are sinless. Rev. Moon and his wife claim to be the first perfect sinless people.

"After World War II, the Rockefellers had secretly acquired substantial holdings in Japan and wanted to see them develop."26

Chase Manhattan (the Rockefeller's bank) was named the lead banker to the South Korean government and acquired Moon's business. The U.S. military government installed the chiefs of South Korean according to Chase Manhattan's advisors. In Oct. 1962 the Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA) an extention of the CIA sent their KCIA chief Kim to meet with his U.S. counterparts. He met CIA director Jone McCone and Lt. Gen. Carroll, head of the Defence Intelligence Agency. Along with Kim was Moon. The most important meeting Kim and Moon had on that trip was with Nelson and David Rockefeller. Both Moon and Nelson hit it off well immediately because both wanted to see a One-World-Government. The Japanese sector of the Rockefeller empire began to covertly finance Moon. The purpose of Rev. Moon's religious anti-communist crusade was to neutralize the patriotic conservative forces opposing the Rockefellers' dream of a New World Order.

A lawyer who worked for the Rockefellers and who confidentially talked said, "David and Nelson Rockefeller were fanatical globalists, and so is Moon. His Unification Church aims to bring Christianity under the same internationalist rule the Rockefellers planned to clamp on the world's nations. Moreover, to reach this goal, the Chase Manhattan crowd had to penetrate and neutralize the patriotic forces of the so-called Republican right wing. If you look closely, that's just what Moon has accomplished."

Sun Myung Moon's Washington Times, the only newspaper Ronald Reagon said he read daily, makes light of The Spotlight's interest in the Bilderberger. Moon's paper would like people to

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