communal living system known in the Church as the United Order or the Law of Consecration." Russian Communism has been consistently portrayed as an enemy by the Mormons and Masons since the 1920s. This pattern of creating two opposing forces such as the Anti-Communists (the FBI, Mormons, Church of Scientology, and Scottish Rite) and the Communists (leftist Labor Unions, Socialists, Russians, Chinese), has been the masterful outworking of the One-World-Power's belief in Hegelian Philosophy. By controlling both sides, the One-World-Power expects to control the outcome, and to be able to direct people's hate and energy as it wills. See note 30 for further study on how Masons and Communists use Hegelian philosophy.


Aren't the New Age Movement's beliefs different than Mormon beliefs? Yes and No. An examination of the listings in the National New Age Yellow Pages shows what the New Age movement entails. It includes the following:

Healing, Astrology, Health foods, Channeling, crystals and gemstones, dreams and revelations, divining, Hinduism and polytheistic beliefs, magic and the occult, and Godhead for aspirants.

Mormonism contains all these elements. The same type of path to godhead that the New Age packages and sells is promised by the Mormon Church.

This helps explain the repeated little connections one sees between New Agers and Mormons. Some examples are:

1. A New Agy type Mormon Fireside where Networking Techniques were taught.34 While "networking" itself is a legitimate concept, it is also possible to trace some Networking ideas back to New Age sources.

2. William J. Schnoebelen in his book Mormonism's Temple of Doom reports how he was a Druidic witch. His witchcraft mentor was head of all the Druidic witches in North America. This head Druidic witch told him that the highest form of witchcraft practiced in North America was practiced in the Mormon temple ceremonies. Schnoebelen joined the LDS church to receive a

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