Freemasonry they cannot all be telling the truth.

Another error typically made by anti-Masons is the assumption that Freemasonry is based on the writings of a single individual. They usually pick Albert Pike as the official "spokesman" of Freemasonry.

Although it clearly violates the Landmarks of Masonry to adopt the religious views of one man as "the" view of the Craft, some Masons have said that Albert Pike speaks for the whole Craft. Thus anti-ma-sons can hardly be faulted for using the strange beliefs of Albert Pike to attack Masonry. We will deal with Pike later on in our study.

Two notable anti-masonic frauds deserve special notice.

The Norton Affair

An orthodox Jew by the name of Jacob Norton petitioned the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts to remove the obvious Christian elements in Freemasonry such as references to St. John, the cross, the Crusades, etc.

The Grand Lodge naturally refused to alter anything in the Rite. In great bitterness, Norton resigned from the Craft and attacked it by making false and misleading statements concerning the history of the Lodge and its teachings.

The amazing thing is that Norton's misinformation was accepted as genuine by subsequent masonic writers such as Rollins, Hughan and Gould. They did not know that they were basing their work on the writings of an anti-mason!19 They were basing their -conclusions on Norton's fantasies. The Luciferian Conspiracy

Of all the attacks against the Craft, none is so vicious as the charge that Masons are a secret cult of Devil worshipers or Satanists and that at some point in the higher degrees they must pass thorough a Lu-

Opening Principles

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