Cecil Rhodes was a Scottish Rite Mason.16 He contributed the land upon which the Bulawayo Lodge No. 2566, Rhodesia built a Masonic Temple.17 He established the Rhodes Scholarships which to no surprise have tended to go to Masons and people sympathetic to his vision of a One-World-State.18 Cecil Rhodes, along with some of his friends like the Rothschilds, founded a secret society based on the King Arthur Legends and his Round Table.19 This group ties into the Pierre de Sion whose key facet is the Holy Grail and its legends which they are the caretakers of. Rhodes and Lord Rothschild in 1891 formed a "Circle of Initiates" known as the Round Table.20

The key to Rhodes' spiritual philosophy are Plato and Aristotle.21 Rhodes' mentor, John Ruskin, was heavily into Plato and Plato's idea of an "ideal state" under a single world rulership.22

The Rhodes Scholarship was designed to bring together scholars, and it was viewed that they would learn the ruling class concepts of Rhodes' One-World-State vision. Rhodes and his friends are responsible for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which expanded internationally and is known in the U.S. as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).23

Rhodes amalgamated the diamond mines in the Kimberley area of southern Africa under the Jewish corporation, the De Beers Consolidated Mines in 1888.24 The Jewish De Beers have a monopoly on essentially the world's diamond market.25 Diamonds are mined in places like South Africa and cut in Amsterdam. Rhodes "was disclosed as instigator of attack upon government of a friendly nation; forced to resign premiership (1896)."26 Rhodes was involved in various political intriques, because he wanted the British to control South Africa for the fabulous financial benefits it would provide. When he died 6 million pounds were left which endowed 170 scholarships for youth from the British Empire and the U.S. to go to Oxford.27 German students have been included off and on also.28

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