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According to Christian researcher Edith Star Miller, once Masonry was open to the public, it was to serve as the screen behind which a host of secret societies, whether theurgic or political, would operate clandestinely. In other words, organizations like the secret Palladium Rite of Masonry find it easier to function secretly behind the screen of regular Masonry. Masonry acts as a clearing house for many of the occult organizations. The center switchboard for the various types of Masonic lodges is the Alpina Lodge in Switzerland.

The Sufi mysticism, which is masonic theosophy, operates in cooperation with Freemasonry. Sufism has "a species of Masonic or Eleusian initiation from lower to higher degrees."119 The Sufi leader to be, who is considered the Messiah by the Sufis, is being helped by a select group which includes several Masons to be revealed as Lord Matreya.(See chapter 1.4)

One researcher of Masonry offered his evaluation, "The masonic Order usually draws its members from the leading merchants, and from the professions, bankers, doctors, and lawyers. They come to their meetings, they dabble in some charity work, and in general, they mark time until the day when they are asked to perform some unusual task for a fellow Mason, or for the national or world order. At that time, they finally realize that the blood oath does have significance, but by that time it is usually too late. They may be asked to support a Masonic candidate for political office, to swing a business deal to a fellow Mason, or. even to commit perjury or some other illegal act for a brother Mason. Even then, they are never offered any confidences; they are merely told what they must do, and they obey."120

Ex-Masons confirm this. They also indicate that some of the more insignificant members may not be in a position to help, and may not be called upon for favors.


In order to explain the connection let us cover the structure of Masonry.

One of the Modern known groups of the Illuminati is also known as the Ancient Order of Oriental Templars (Ordo Templi Orientis) . However, its own esoteric name is Order of To Ov. It's publication was The Equinox. According to The Equinox, Vol. III No. 1, 1919 the

0.T.O. is "a body of initiates in whose hands are concentrated the the wisdom and knowledge of the following bodies:

1. The Gnostic Catholic Church

2. The Order of the Knights of the Holy Ghost

3. The Order of the Illuminati

4. The Order of the Temple (Knights Templar)

5. The Order of the Knights of St. John

6. The Order of the Knights of Malta

7. The Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre

8. The Hidden Church of the Holy Grail

9. The Hermetic Brotherhood of Light

10. The Holy Order of Rose Croix of Heredom

11. The Order of the Holy Royal Arch of Enoch

12. The Antient and Primitive Rite of Masonry (33 degrees)

13. The Rite of Memphis (97 degrees)

14. The Rite of Mizraim (90 degrees)

15. The Antient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Masonry (33 degrees)

16. The Swedenborgian Rite of Masonry [9 degrees]

17. The Order of Martinists [3 degrees]

18. The Order of the Sat Bhai, [14 degrees] and many other orders of equal merit, if of less fame." (End of quote).

It is clear from reading their own publication The Equinox (published from 1909-13) that the O.T.O. has suceeded in placing their people in the leadership positions of those listed Orders and Rites. Aleister Crowley was the leader of the O.T.O. when he was alive. Can the O.T.O.'s literature be taken seriously that it concentrated the esoteric Gnosis of the above groups?

[FIGURE 14 reduced picture of Aleister Crowley in his garb SCAN 7 X 3.5]

33° Scottish Rite Mason Aleister Crowley appears in his masonic OTO garb. Crowley who called himself "the Beast" is imfamous as one of the world's leading Satanists.

Yes, an examination of the leadership of the above groups shows interlocking directories of power; those interlocking directories also interlock with the O.T.O. To belong to the O.T.O. initiates pledge loyalty to "unseen superiors". The O.T.O. was openly Satanic, worshipping Satan, and the Anti-Christ. The Black Mass is performed by them, and their rituals include blood, sacrifices, excrement, horrible sexual acts, etc.

The Masonic pamphlet "The Grand Mystic Temple" describes how the the Scottish Rite Supreme Grand Council in America, the Rite of Mizraim, and the Rite of Memphis allied themselves together. The Rite of Mizraim and Memphis had already been allied prior to this union.

To illustrate the interlocking directories of various rites and orders—some more openly occultic and Satanic than others let us consider the following men. (The following were compiled from Masonic/ Esotoric sources too numerous to footnote.)

ALEISTER CROWLEY (1875-1947) For Crowley's personal description of his initiation to the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite read his book Confessions.)

He was the following: Ancient and Primitive Rite of MemphisPatriarch Grand Administrator General, 96th degree; Scottish Rite, 33rd degree; Rite of Mizraim 90th degree; Order of the Golden Dawn, Ruling Chief or Supreme Magus; Order of Ov Tov, Chief Magus, or Frater, aka Master Therion; Stella Matutina, chief; and other things. Of Jewish ancestry.


He was the following: Scottish Rite, 33rd degree and Grand Master; Alliance Israelite Universelle, part founder and twice later Pres.; Carbonari, member; Order of Mizraim, Supreme Council, 90th degree; Grand Orient, 33 degree and Grand Master; friend of Karl Marx, the Rothschilds, and Maurice Joly; a Jew.

JOHN YARKER (1833-1913)

He was the following: Scottish Rite, 33rd degree; Cerneau Rite, 33rd degree; Ancient and Primitive Rite, Imperial Grand Hierophant 97th degree; Rite of Mizraim, 90th degree, Royal Grand Commander of the Rose Croix and Kadosch, 1868-1874; Sat Bhau of Prag, President and co-sponsor; Hon. Grand Master of Cuba, of Unit. Sup. Grnd. Coun. It., and of Society Alchemica, Grand Warden of Greece, Order of Lamaistique, 5th degree; Grand Chancellor of the Confederated Rites (1882-83); Rite of Swedenborg, Supreme Grand Master; Grand Representative of the Grand Lodge of Germany, 1902-06; Rite of Ishmael, head; Red Branch of Eri, head; York Rite, Knights Templar; Knights Templar Priest, 7th degree; Martinist Order, delegate of the Supreme Council; friend of Henry J. Seymour and William Wynn Wescott; Fratres Lucis (Grand Lamaistic Order of Light), Crown of Kether; Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, IX; Order of Tov Ov (OTO), member.


He was the following: Scottish Rite, 30th degree; Quatuor Coronati Research Lodge, G. Master; Grand Lodge of England, Junior Grand Deacon; Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, secretary-general and Supreme Magus (head); Golden Dawn, head; Rite of Swedenborg, Secretary; Royal Arch, Grand Standard Bearer; OTO, Regent of the Illuminati; supporter of H.P. Blavatsky, friend of Papus, and John Yarker, and Theodore Reuss.


He was the following: Order of Martinism, Grand Master; Rite of Mizraim, Grand Master; Rite of Memphis, Grand Master; Swedenborg Rite, delegate for in France, occult advisor to Russian Czar Nicholas II; friend of the Duchese de Pomar; OTO, member.

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