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c) open drug and pornography market to everyone. Notes.

1. Hall, Manly P. The Secret Destiny of America. Los Angeles, CA: Philosophical Research Society, 1972, pp. 23-24.

2. Interview with Ian Taylor on Free Masonry: From Darkness To Light (video). Jeremiah Films.

3. William Cooper, ex-member of Naval Intelligence CINCPACFLT who had a security clearance of Top Secret, Q, Sensitive Compartmentalized Information. William Cooper has a very interesting story to tell. Whether the listener will agree with him completely or not he is someone worth listening to.

5. Told to author by a descendant of Mary Baker Eddy.

8. Read Holy Blood, Holy Grail and then for further study read the Christian book which is based on that book Guardians of The Grail by J.R. Church.(Oklahoma City,OK: Prophecy Publications, 1989.)

9. Church, op. cit., p. 86 Based on Baigent, Lincoln and Leigh's research.

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15. Keyes, Donald. Earth at Omega: Passage to Planetization. Boston: Brandon Press, 1982, pp. 96,98.

16. One Christian writer writes, "The Fallacy of Conspiracy Theories...We do not have time to trace endless charts and seek to find relationships between earthly political powers It is a fruitless effort in view of Christ's victory over all powers and dominions and thrones." (Eph. 1:21)

This sounds very good, but how much Christian activity is fruitful toward Christ's victory? This Author has been verbally told this same thing as this Christian writer' quote, but I suspect it is only an excuse to justify ignorance and lack of zeal. Those who spout this line have not been out using their time wisely, they sit in front of the T.V. and watch sitcoms and the news, they go to worldly movies, they fritter away their time with 101 little meaningless items of life, they spend inordinate amount of time on hobbies and games. They read the newspapers, they read novels. But they don't have time to study their enemy. Don't let any accuse you of wasting your time reading this book and making you feel guilty or wrong for doing so. You the reader are to be commended. You are reading a "newspaper" that is telling the real story for once from a biblical standpoint. If your friends read the worldly papers, why can't you read a Christian paper such as Be Wise As Serpents? These people who are against studying their enemy are the ones who are placing Satan worshippers into high church positions, they are these people who welcome Jehovah's Witnesses as Christian brothers even though the JWs don't reciprocate, and these people are not defending the faith that was delivered to the Apostolic Church. From personal experience, I know those out in the trenches doing spiritual warfare out of devotion to the Kingdom, have found apathy in the general Christian population. This apathy stems in part due to a total lack of wisdom and knowledge of what is going on.

17. The interested person who wants to maintain America's liberty and standard of living should read The Trade Threat and U.S. Trade Policy by John M. Culbertson which challenges the globalism rhetoric.

18. Khul, Djwhal, "The Restoration of the Mysteries", The Beacon (May, '63) in Corinne Heline. Mystic Masonry and the Bible. La Canada, CA: New Age pub., 1975.

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20. Frattarola, John, art. "America's Best Kept Secret," in Passport, special edition, 1986, p.5.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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