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Brotherhood join Christian churches, which they then proceed to destroy over a period of time. Alice Bailey speaks about channeling Jesus in her book Externalization of the Hierarchy, p. 514, and Kurt Billings speaks now about his years within the Christian churches when he channelled a demon named "Jesus." Other ex-Witches have testified that when they infiltrated Christian churches they used all the Christian language including doing things in "Jesus'" name.

A Council of 13 under their direction gives orders throughout the world to religious groups even "Christian" churches. Because this Council of 13 is so powerful and secretly controls so many of their puppets that run many of the different denominations, it is of vital interest to this book's subject that an examination be done of the people on this Council. Those on the council can either hold the view that true witches are only born to families of witches (indicated by T for Traditionalist) or that anyone can become a witch by training and practice (indicated by an M for Modernist).

THE COUNCIL OF 13 (Druid witches aka Illuminati) (As of Spring, 1978)(This information comes from basically one source, and without further verification should be treated the same as getting an opinion from a doctor—it's always best to have a second opinion.)

Gavin Frost- (M), Chairman of the council, he is working to unite witchcraft and Christianity. He feels that if witchcraft is properly presented people will choose witchcraft. So far his idea seems to be catching on, the churches with large numbers are adopting their programs and ideas. Author of Witches' Bible, co-author of Witchcraft the Way to Serenity and A Witch's Guide to Life. Greenville, N.C.

Dr. Raymond Buckland- (T), former chairman of the council. Was professor of anthropology at Columbia University. President of Witchcraft College in New Hampshire. Known by some as "Lorka". Author of Practical Candle-Burning Rituals, Witchcraft from the Inside, Sax-Wicca Bible The Complete Book of Saxon Witchcraft. Gerald Gardner, the chairman previous to him, selected him.

Mrs. Louise Brown- (M), She holds enormous power within the council. Her husband is Leland Brown who was in charge of the Warhawk computer in Virginia and with the CIA.

Isaac Bonnawitz- (M) This Jewish man is the brains of the council. His IQ is reported to have tested at 205. He drew up plans for the takeover of the world. He has been in charge of the destruction of the Christian churches physically and spiritually. It is reported that approval for contract killings have to come from him. He ghost wrote House Bill 41, the Genocide Act, the Martial Law Act. He was instrumental in creating Dee's Gun Control Center in Atlanta, GA. Former editor of the paper "Nostika" (The Word). Got a degree in Ceremonial Magic from Berkley, Ca. Was living in Berkley, CA.

Sybil Leek- (T) This woman is a very widely read occult author. She has written a long list of books including—Astrology and Love, Astrological Guide to the Presidential Candidates, Pictorial Encyclopedia of Astrology; Phrenology; Numerology; The Complete Art of Witchcraft, Diary of a Witch; Guide to Telepathy; Star Speak Your Body Language from the Stars, and Tree That Conquered the World, plus others. One can see what kind of books the people that want to enslave us are writing.

Tom Hall- (M) He is the leader of the Brotherhood Church of All Worlds. This denomination in witchcraft believes only in a god, no goddess. He has been influential with the Methodist Church. Editor of "The Green Egg". Was living in St. Louis.

Paul Hudson- (T) Personally handpicked by the Rothschilds and apprenticed by Dr. Buckland. Is a Druid witch leaning toward Satanism.

"Lady Rolwin"- (T) ex-wife of Dr. Buckland, now remarried. Was living in NYC. "Alexander"- (T) NYC

Jesse Bell- (T) called "Lady Sheba". Owns with other occultists 90% of Merritt Island, FL where she lives. Author of the pseudo-witchcraft Bible Book of Shadows and Gromorie of Lady Sheba.

Louise Hubner- (T /poses as M) She conducted an occult rite in Hollywood Bowl in which she cast a sexual spell over all Los Angeles County. Either the spell worked or happened to be timed right- records show that rape and related activity did climb immediately after this spell. She wrote a national sydicated astrology column in the U.S. also wrote the book Power through Witchcraft. Lives in LA in Eagle Rock area.

Yvonne Collins- (T) named "Legena (which is Lucifer's Bride). She replaced John Todd on this Grand Druid Council. She attended Jerry Falwell's Thomas Road Baptist Church. She got upset with Falwell and was the one who prompted the Security and Exchange Commission investigation of that church. The investigation created a severe economic hardship for the church.

This group of 13 is said to be under direct control by the Rothschilds. (See chapter 3.3.)

The Masonic Lodges facilitate the growth of witchcraft, satanism, and gnostic religions by

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