prelates and the Moslem Turkish government.

While he served as a cardinal representing the Vatican in France, across Europe the CIA was making payments to the Masonic Lodges to rebuild them.72 The CIA was also making large payments to the Catholic Church. Former CIA agent Victor Marchetti stated:

In the 1950s and the 1960s the CIA gave economic support to many activities promoted by the Catholic Church, from orphanages to the missions. Millions of dollars each year were given to a great number of bishops and monsignors. One of them was Cardinal Giovanni Battista Montini. It is possible that Cardinal Montini did not know where the money was coming from. He may have thought it was coming from friends.73

Cardinal Montini became Pope Paul VI. He was also at some point a Freemason, and an OSS agent.74

Even prior to Roncalli becoming Pope John XXIII, Freemasonry had some powerful men in the Vatican. For instance, Cardinal Sebastino Baggio (his Masonic name Seba, in Lodge #85/2640) was raised into a regular Masonic Lodge on Aug. 14, 1957.75 Various sources also indicate that the Vatican's foreign minister, at times called the Kissinger of the Vatican, Archbishop Msgr. Agostino Casarolli, was initiated into a regular Masonic Lodge on September 28, 1957.

This Author has studied Pope John XXIII to try to understand who he was, and what made him tick. How sold out was he to secret societies, and their ambitions? There are mixed clues, at this point this Author has the opinion, that Pope John XXIII was guided more by a sincere belief that he was helping promote world peace than any sinister motivation or evil agenda. But if this Pope can be said to have had good intentions, some of his close associates at the Vatican don't appear at all so.

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