borrowed his writings which she used as hers. Quimby had gotten his ideas in turn from the Mason Anton Mesmer. When the Mason Mesmer gave a performance in Belfast, Maine of the power of Mesmerism (also called animal magnetism and now called hypnotism), Phineas Quimby became interested and learned Mesmer's technique of hypotism. Both the Mason Lafayette and the Mason Mozart were impressed and promoted Anton Mesmer to their friends.4 Quimby felt religion was making many of his patients sick.5 Mary Baker Eddy picked up on that idea too. One observor summed up the research into Mrs. Eddy borrowing Quimby's writings, "If it had not been for P. P. Quimbey there would have been no Mrs. Eddy and if it had not been for Mrs. Eddy we should never have known of Quimby."6

Two people that did without doubt have great influence on her were her father and her much beloved husband who died. Her father was very interested into Metaphysical religion, and her husband was a Freemason and an Oddfellow. As an Oddfellow he got into Witchcraft. The Freemasons took care of her as a widow, and after that kindness she was very close to them her entire life. She had material published in the Freemason's Monthly Magazine.

From the very beginnings, she took the Masonic Knights Templar logo and used it on her publications. She altered it slightly and it has become a copyrighted trademark of the Christian Scientists. An early form of the Knights Templar logo used by her appeared on her book Unity of Good and it appears below.

Mary Baker Eddy explained her fall and her healing in her classic book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Four years later after this testimony was published, she managed to round up 26 others and organize a church in Boston.

This church was later designated as the Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist. It was "designed to commemorate the word and works of our Master, which should reinstate primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing."

Here again is the Masonic concept of revolving (revolution) back to a primitive purity. Her concepts also were Gnostic. They held that salvation could come only through knowledge and that sickness, sin, and disease would disappear in proportion to one's understanding that God is All. She believed in another Gnostic tenet, that matter was opposed by God. Her positive thinking is called New Thought. New Thought ranges from outright Hinduism to the more subtly occultic beliefs of positive thinking by the Freemason Norman Vincent Peale. However, Peale's New Thought is not new. Emerson was one of the men that made New Thought famous. Emerson was closely associated with Freemasonry, and borrowed and studied Hinduism. Mary Baker Eddy and Emerson believed every man is a center of "God-consciousness", and is to recognize his complete unity with the whole.

Christ is a divine idea, not eternal, but merely a "reflection of God." Further Christian Science tells us that man is divine, because he is part of God.

The official organ of the Scottish Rite, the New Age Magazine in May, 1923 contained an article of the highest praise for Mary Baker Eddy. In line with Masonic duplicity and secrecy, the article doesn't contain her name, but it is obvious from the article's description who is being honored. It said, "But it remained for the latter years of the 19th century to witness what many believe to be one of the greatest 'Declarations of Independence' of all history, and which promises to result in the final breaking down of the bars to truth and the rending of the chains of man's greatest enslavement—his supine submission to material laws.

"One evening at the close of an autumn day in the year 1866, a spiritually-minded New England gentlewoman (she was the wife of a true Mason) sat in a lonely rock-ribbed crypt on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, near a little village in Massachusetts... she had fitted herself for the great part she was destined to play in the drama of world events. She was inspired by the same God that directed the enlightened thoughts of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses... In such a moment of at-one-ment with infinite intelligence, this woman wrote what many deep thinkers are coming to regard as the greatest "Declaration of Independence" ever revealed to the inhabitants of this planet.

"Our children's children and all future generations will speak and write of this present twentieth century period as "The Days of the Great Revolution,"—the last Religious Rennaissance—the time of the signing (the adoption) of Man's Declaration of Spiritual

Independence and his freedom from the (so-called) laws of matter. And those children of our children, in looking over the record, will be proud of the Masonic recognition of, connection with, and active contributions to, this great event."

With such a close affiliation in doctrine and friendships with Freemasons, it is no surprise that Freemasons have played a big role in Christian Science. Channing was one of the men responsible for the founding of Christian Science, and was a Freemason.9 Since that time, if one examines the Mother Church in Boston we find that Archibald McLellan (1857-1917) who was a leading Freemason was director of the Mother Church and editor -in-chief of the Christian

Science Monitor.10 Albert F. Gilmore, president of the Mother Church in 1922-23 was a

Freemason,11 and his successor Charles E. Heitman, president of the mother church from 192312

24 was a Freemason. Since 1956, the first reader and a church official at the Mother Church

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