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Hell Really Exists

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SECRET RULING BODIES OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER (believe it or not) A diagram of how the United States policy is created is in chapter 3.6. A diagram of how Christian religions are directed is in chapter 2.1.

level 1- Elders of Sion. An inner core of Jewish world rulers numbering 13 who are dedicated to Lucifer, and his alien demons. It can be theorized that there is an inner core to this. This group includes the Rothschilds, and some other "Jews" who believe they are gods and who have worshipped Satan for generations. If we were as rich and powerful as the Rothschilds we might also think we were gods. And in addition to their power of wealth are the witchcraft powers they have attained. The Bilderbergers is an extension of this. This group will make the final decision on who is selected of the various candidates to be the world's King-Priest ruler that the public will worship.

level 2- There is a top circle or Round Table of nine members of the Bilderbergers. Next is a policy committee of 13. The next level are the 3 inner core groups of the Bilderbergers. Each of the 3 inner core groups number 13, and are made up of members of the Prieure de Sion, Illuminated Masons, the "Black" Nobility, leading Satanists, and men of power. Some are in the leadership of the Catholic Church. Their policy committee meets yearly under the polar cap via submarine to give the USSR its yearly directives. (Of course they have thousands of other communication links with their men in the Kremlin.) The names of one powerful group is given in chapter 2.10. Offices for the Bilderberger committees are maintained in Switzerland and at least once a year a general secret meeting is arranged where delegates are invited and prearranged topics are discussed.

level 3- Majesty 12, this is the Inner group that directs the U.S. Other major western nations have an equivalent group of rulers. MJ-12 consists of:

6 members of the executive committee of the JASON Group which is a group of intelligent men that began with the Manhattan project. 6 members of the executive committee of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)- these men are known as "the wise men", they are also all members of the Jason Society, which is a branch of the Masonic Order of the Quest.

6 other key people-heads of the FBI, CIA, etc. usually also Masons and CFR people.

(Majesty 12 has been variously named by those in the U.S. government in the know as 5412 Committee or Special Group (Eisenhower & Kennedy Admin.), 303 Committee (Johnson Admin.), 40 Committee (Nixon, Ford, & Carter Admin.), PI-40 (Reagon Admin.). It has been seen in some intelligence messages as MAJIC.)

level 4- Covert groups like the Mafia, and a host of tens of thousands of public organizations. These are directed through a host of channels including the CFR. (It is worthy of note that the CFR ties in with Masonry, particularly the Grand Orient.) The Mafia, which was empowered by Illuminated Masonry, works closely with the CIA, the Vatican, and the Freemasons to militantly control local situations. They are able to deliver local elections. Pres. Kennedy turned on the Mafia, and was attempting to attack their leadership, after they delivered the Presidential election to him.

Recommended for further study:

Occult Theocracy by Edith Star Miller (Lady Queensborough) This book should be in every Christian minister's library. It was the forerunner of this book Be Wise As Serpents. It was Miller's wish that someone would continue where she had left off. Her book covers over 100 secret and occult groups that are coordinating their activities and are offshoots from one another. Her book was printed after she died for private circulation. Had she lived longer she may have been able to guard against a few minor errors that occured when they printed her manuscript. She concludes her book on pg. 665, "The work is far from being completed. It claims, in fact, to be only an attempt in the direction of inexhaustible research work upon the coordination of the aims of all societies whether political or occult. It is hoped that others, and may they be many, will begin work where this book ends for--"The harvest is great indeed but the labourers are few." This book is difficult to obtain, but can be obtain from the publisher of Be Wise As Serpents.

Fire In The Minds of Men by James H. Billington. This great historian was a member of the CFR. I say great because he wrote an expose that the Power let slip through their censorship. After it was published they tried to suppress it, and were successful in limiting its availability and visibility. The book covers the details of how secret occult societies have been behind all the revolutionary forces since the American Revolution. The book is written for scholars by a scholar.

Francis Bacon's Personal Life-Story by Alfred Dodd. This remarkable book is part of Alfred Dodd's intensive life-long research into the person of Francis Bacon. The book is divided into two volumnes--The Age of Elizabeth (Vol. 1) and The Age of James (Vol. 2). Alfred Dodd died before Vol. 2 could be printed. Both parts were finally printed together years later in 1986. The book gives many details concerning Bacon's involvement with the Rosicrucians and the formation of Freemasonry. This excellent book has been suppressed by the Power for some reason.

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