Utah had practiced polygamy.

In 1966, the LDS Church was still having to issue statements denying influence in Utah politics, yet even to this day the firm conviction remains with many "Gentiles" who live in Utah that this type of denial is not true. They notice the rumors that circulate through the LDS

Churches about which candidate the Church is in favor of. It is understandable how such rumors could be circulated with or without the Church's responsibility, so the LDS Church can not be blamed unless there are actually people who are able to state that the origins of some of these voting rumors are known by them to start with someone in the hierarchy.

In early Utah, at a time when political tension was high between Gentiles and Mormons in Utah, the election of the first "Gentile" Utah state governor helped to diffuse the tension. His name was Simon Bamburger.

Looking beyond the surface, it is noteworthy that none other than the most prolific Mormon writer who defended the Mormon religion, B.H. Roberts, nominated Simon Bamburger at the state Democratic convention.13

Simon Bamburger was a great man for the Mormon Church. He diffused tension, detracted attention form the Church's power, and dispelled the bad publicity of the image of LDS control in Utah. He also carried out a program in public office that was extremely pro-Mormon. He could get away with a pro-Mormon attitude because he wasn't Mormon. Gov. Bamburger opposed anything that opposed the Mormon Church, whether it was anti-Mormon information or anti-Mormon legislation. Simon Bamburger was a Freemason, and he was also a high ranking member of B'nai B'rith.14 He was Jewish and had recently immigrated from Germany.


According to the geneologies put out by the Mormon leadership, who happen to be all related, they are descendents of the Merovingian Dynasty. The Merovingian Dynasty is supposedly the House of David and the blood line through which the new Christ is to come.

Merovee was the first Merovingian king. His son's Clovis I was the second Merovingian king. The tomb of Clovis I contained hundreds of small minature solid gold bees. The bee was the Merovingian symbol. The Merovingian bloodline went into the Hapsburgs. When Napoleon married the Hapsburg Marie Louise they had sown onto their coronation robes the Merovingian gold bees.

The bee is the state symbol of Utah, and a widely used Mormon symbol, such as with their Deseret Industries.

The Mormon Church leadership ties in very tightly with the New World Order and may very well play a significant leadership role.


The CIA and FBI have many ties to the Mormon Church. This is well known in Utah, because these agencies do so much recruiting in Utah. The CIA and FBI also besides having many Mormon agents, have a high percent of Masons within their ranks.

For instance, the participation of the Robert R. Mullen Co., which is the company which handles the Mormon church's international public relations, is a CIA front.15 According to testimony before Congress, some of the planning for the Watergate burglary took place in Mullen Co.'s offices, and members of its staff knew ahead of time of the breakin.16

The book Mormon Spies, Hughes And the CIA investigates the close connections and

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