Bolshevik claws...Do not abandon us, the isolated bulwark in the Far East."

During the late 1930s, the Japanese took in Jewish Refugees from Germany, about 30,000 of them which were settled in Shanghai, China, in the hopes that a. by giving them refuge the Judeo-Masonic world Power would in thanks leave Japan alone, and b. that by settling them in China they could create a buffer state between their empire and the Chinese.20a

Before W.W. II, Japan had been impervious to foreign secret societies. This was due to their monolithic religious-political system that allowed the Japanese to import Western technology and retain their culture and political system intact. China on the other hand had been a seedbed for secret societies, especially since the Manchus took over in 1644 and secret societies had formed to oppose them. European meddling into Chinese affairs had been extensive too. Japanese perceptions that they and the Germans were allied against the Judeo-Masonic Secret Societies of Europe was not exaggeration. Japanese Institutions prior to W.W. II's defeat could only be challenged in secret, because Japanese Institutions had the concensus of the people. And there had been attempts to establish secret revolutionary societies.

The Mason Douglas MacArthur had dictatorial powers over Japan after W.W. II from 1945 to 1951. He single handedly masterminded the restructuring of Japan after W.W.II. For an good introduction to MacArthur read An American Ceasar. The Japanese have joined Masonic Lodges since W.W. II, but the largest group of Masons in Japan has always been Americans. Japan has at least 25 lodges and 5,000 Masons, with about 1/10 of these Japanese nationals. Interestingly, English and Japanese Masons can not visit each other's lodges, or be masonically associated.

After restructuring Japan, MacArthur was also given command of UN forces in Korea. MacArthur apparently was too independent minded to allow the One-World-Order to have their way and to allow the Chinese to score against the Americans. The Korean War was not designed to serve as victory for America by the One-World-Order. The war had other purposes. MacArthur however, when he saw the large concentrations of Chinese troops massing to attack the Americans wanted to bomb them, and prevent their attack. Unfortunately for American lives, he was not allowed to and was removed from command for persisting to request for permission to bomb. Even someone as brilliant and great as MacArthur was expected to toe the One-World-Party agenda, and was canned instantly when he didn't.

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