agent James McCord. Other CIA agents were involved like Richard Ober, who was an important leaker of news to the press about Watergate.14

7. The details of how Haig and Kissinger, CFR men, arranged for Nixon to be removed can be read in Epperson's The Unseen Hand, pp.420-421. A recent book that is based on seven years research Silent Coup by Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin tells the story of how Richard Nixon was forced to resign through the help of a military spy ring. The book has new information about important people overlooked in the older versions of what happened. (The book is available through Liberty Library, 300 Independence Ave., SE Wash., D.C.

8. After Ford became President, he made Nelson Rockefeller his Vice-President. If the New World Order had wanted Rockefeller as President then Nelson could have been appointed Vice-President rather than Ford, because they knew Nixon was going to fall.

9. A number of men in military intelligence are aware that a military coup took place that ousted Richard Nixon, because they heard orders that instructed military personnel to no longer take orders from the White House or "Top Hat" which was a code word for the White House. The interested person in this particular point should get Milton William Cooper's book Behold A Pale Horse and read chapter 11.

There you have it, plenty of people with evidence that Nixon was given the hachet by the New World Order—by a military coup that the public hasn't even known about. The minds of the Power are such, it is likely they never even cared what Nixon, the man they had put into the White House, went through to see his reputation (which they had created) destroyed. Nixon wisely did not allow them to do to him what had happened to Forrestal.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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