campaign funds from big business. Consequently, until big business in Japan is solidly in the One-World-Camp the specialists in both the "economic ministries" (MITI & Finance Ministry) and the Foreign Investment Council are going to continue making it difficult for foreign investment into Japan. Each application is handled on a case-by-case basis, and for those who are interested in the process for major, minor, and automatic validations should read Chap. VI of the proceeding reference.


In this section, we will examine the One-World-Power's control over Asia.

The One-World-Order maintains its power through a number of channels. For instance, in Iran prior to the Iranian Revolution the CIA ran the country through its agent the Shah, through the Secret SAVAK which they trained and developed, and through the many Mullahs who they paid regularly to support the Shah and to keep the populace's religious devotion in support of their regime.

When Pres. Jimmy Carter failed to give the Moslem clergy the pay raise they felt they could bargain for, the Moslem clergy overthrew the Shah. The Moslem clergy knew the people better than the CIA, and knew that they would support their revolution.

Iran is just one of several Asian countries where the CIA is heavily involved with the secret police to keep a government in power. The Korean CIA works hand in hand with the U.S. CIA. The Indonesian Secret Police, one of the most brutal police forces in Asia, works intimately with the CIA. The leaders of the CIA are the ones who tie back into the One-World-Power. They are members of the International Bankers, Masons, the elite Power families and the like all committed to the One-World-Order.

For recruits, they like to choose Mormons, because Mormons are the perfect Masonic servants. They have been raised in a theology that is Masonic. They have been taught obedience to authority. They are clean cut, not prone to alcoholism, or drugs and have no religious scruples about the dirty work that must be done, because they are convinced that communism and atheism, et al. are dangerous. (Bear in mind, Mormons in Nazi Germany fought for Hitler right along side the Catholics and Lutherans. Having raised this as an issue with Mormon missionaries repeatedly, I have yet to encounter a Mormon that has seen anything wrong with the German Mormons being given official church approval to fight for Hitler.)

Mormons, generally after their mission, perhaps sometimes during a missionary mission overseas, are recruited by the CIA. Likewise, although the Peace Corps officials have protested, their volunteers are likewise recruited by the CIA. The Masonic Lodge working through their people in the CIA and British Intelligence have a good worldwide intelligence gathering capability.

As the reader is beginning to picture, the One-World-Order uses proxies, and native agents within the Asian countries to complete the vast lower levels of their chain of command.

Masonic Lodges are found in most Asian countries, including Bangladesh, Brunei, Burma, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Phillipines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore.

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