Theodore Roosevelt.Prog. William Howard Taft.R. M 0

Eugene Victor Debs

Philander Chase Knox $ William Jennings Bryan $

Thomas Riley Marshall ^

Hiram Warren Johnson,Pro. James Schoolcraft Sherman (votes transf. to N.M. Butler after death.) Emil Seidel

Robert Lansing

Franklin MacVeagh

William Gibbs McAdoo

Henry Lewis Stimson 61 £

Lindley Miller Garrison

Hugh Lenox Scott

Newton Diehl Baker

George Woodward Wickersham

James Clark McReynolds

Thomas Watt Gregory

Frank Harris Hitchcock

Albert Sidney Burleson

George von Lengerke Meyer 8

Josephus Daniels

Walter Lowrie Fisher

Franklin Knight Lane

James Wilson

David Franklin Houston

Charles Nagel

William Cox Redfield

Charles Nagel

William Bauchop Wilson

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