statements by leading Jews this century show their expectation to rule the world. Their strongest claim to Palestine is that Abraham's children were promised it. God has allowed these people who with their false claims (the descendents of the Khazars) to take over the Holy Land. This is one indication for those who follow Scriptural prophecy to realize that these false "Children of Abraham" can not give us a real messiah.

Whoever rules the world will have to get Jewish approval. The Jews have always gravitated toward spheres of activity that gave them control. As this Author has researched who is in financial control of things, it is clear that a limited number of Jews are in control. Masons are placed in many important positions. Many researchers have talked about a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy. At first this Author approached the subject thinking that these people were racists and must be biased in their findings. And probably some were biased and racists. Unfortunately they were correct. The Jews do have a monopoly to run this country, and many other countries. And anyone can find that out if they are unbiased and willing to look at the facts. The B'nai B'rith and other Jewish groups have put out a stream of lies concerning this. The author of the book Octopus does an expose on the many lies the B'nai B'rith is guilty of as they unshamedly lie to cover up the extent of Jewish power.

Perhaps there is no other way to than to just provide the reader with some names. You may have been told differently by the press. For instance, Clarence Dillon of Dillon Reed was born Clarence Lapowski, Dillon Reed. The Du Ponts are part Jewish- See Winkler, John H., The DuPont Dynasty, p.120.

PARTIAL LIST OF POWERFUL U.S. JEWISH BANKERS THIS CENTURY: Julius Adler, Frank Altshul, Harold L. Bache, Jules Semon Bache, Paul Baerwald, Edgar Sigmund Baruc, Edgar H. Bauman, Edwin M. Berolzheimer, Jacob Blaustein, Samuel Matthew Bomzon, Benj. J. Buttenweiser, Wm. B. Cardozo, Saul Cohn, Clarence Dillon, Victor Emmanuel, Max Epstein, Maurice Falk, Harold E. Foreman, S.H. Golden, Mendel Gottesman, Maurice Gusman, J.J. Hanauer, Rudolf Hecht, Adolph Held, Walter E. Heller, Isaias Warren Hellman, John D. Hertz, David Melville Heyman, Sidney Hillman, Max L. Holtz, Henry R. Ickeheimer, Gilbert Wolff Kahn, Otto Kahn, David Kass, Robert Lee Kempner, Sigmund Klee, Arthur S. Kleeman, Henry H. Kohn, Philip Lehman, Herbert H. Lehman, Jacob Leichtman, Jerome Lewine,Sr., Walter Lichtenstein, Carl M. Loeb, Howard Adler Loeb, M.J. Mandelbaum, Jacob Markel, Otto Marx, Dewitt Millhauser, Arthur J. Morris, Geo. Wash. Naumburg, Jacob Kiefer Newman, C.Y. Palitz, Eugene Hugo Paul, Hardwig Peres, Carl Howard Pforzheimer, George Pick, Jos Pulvermacher, Harold Chas. Richard, Chas. Richter, L.N. Rosenbaum, Louis F. Rothschild, Melville Nelson Rothschild, Alfred H. Sachs, Walter E. Sachs, Jos. W. Salus, Karl Schenck, Henry Leo Schenk, John M. Schiff, Mortimer Schiff, Max J. Schneider, Eustace Seligman, Joseph Singer, Jos. Jacob Slonim, Phineas Sondheim, Herbert Teller Spiesberger, James Speyer, Fred M. Stein, David Becker Stern, William Stern, Robert Eli Strauss, Lewis L. Strauss, S.A. Telsey, Rufus M. Ullman, Clarence E. Unterberg, the Rockefellers, Frederick M. Warburg, James Paul Warburg, Paul Felix Warburg, Paul M. Warburg, Maurice Wertheim, Sidney James Weinberg.

These Powerful Jewish Bankers consistently seem to enjoy hiring or working with Freemasons. Although the Freemasons who are into Banking are not as powerful, and if they are gentiles are in positions where they answer to Jewish bosses, it is interesting to see a partial list of Mason Bankers too.


John S. Africa, John C. Ainsworth, Francisco P. Alvarado, William R. Angell, J. Hugo Aronson, James P. Baxter, S. Clark Beise, Char. J. Bell, R. Livington Beeckman, Oliver H.P. Belmont, James G. Blaine, James Bruce, Augustus L. Chetlain, H. Earl Cook, William W. Corcoran, Will. C. Costello, Frank Craig, Daniel H. Crissinger, Arthur S. Crites, Ed. H. Cunningham, Harry Darby, James E. Davidson, David W. Davis, Edwin L. Davis, James E. Day, Edward I. Edwards, Arthur B. Eisenhower, Louis L. Emmerson, Author H. Geissler, Albert G. Godall, William C. Gordon, Charles B. Hall, Louis B. Hanna, Maple T. Harl, Everett B. Harris, Overton Harris, Byrd E. Henderson, James F. Hinkle, Marion S. Kennedy, Jr., R. Lee Lockwood, Phineas C. Lounsbury, Andrew W. Mellon, Richard B. Mellon, Edwin T. Meredith, Frank Phillips, Henry B. Qui -by, Charles N. Rix, Andrew W. Robertson, Frank H. Thompson, Frank M. Totton, John Wanamaker, William H. Wheat.

Whether it is business, commerce, the Federal Reserve, the Communist Party, the Auto/ Transportation Industry, Steel, Rubber, Diamonds, Communications, the Media, Liquor and Tobacco you will find Jewish leadership and control. Under them, but near the top of things you will find Masons. (See Appendix for a list of Jews in U.N. leadership positions in 1951. As you will notice the Jewish Zionists, who are but a small percentage of the earth's population dominated the leadership of all areas of the United Nations.)

If the Greeks were totally dominating all sectors of American life and publicly stating they believed in a One-World-Government I would be exposing the Greeks in this section. I have no personal prejudice towards the Jews, I have defended them enough times. However, I would be liar not to tell you that the Jews with the Masons control this nation. And I advocate forgiveness toward them when at some point, Lord Willing, the pendelum will swing, and people will want revenge.

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